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Matt Hardy Speaks on Calling the Shots in His Career, What WWE and TNA Need to Do to Improve, His Thoughts on the Wrestling Industry, and More
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 12.28.2013

- Philly.com recently released an interview with Matt Hardy where he talked about how much happier he is now that he's able to make his own decisions on his career. Below are some highlights.

Hardy on why he's so happy now: "I don't think I've ever been this happy in my life. I control my schedule. I still get to do a to of great events and shows.

Hardy on being his own boss: "The biggest thing to me is that it allows me to have a lifestyle. Once you sign a contract with one of the big companies, they kind of control every aspect of you as far what you put out there via social media or what you say or your opinions. In many ways you have to become a company man. Now, I can be my own boss and to be a true independent contractor. I can say whatever I want. I can voice my opinion whenever I want to. I just feel like I have a life and kind of stepped out of the wrestling bubble. Ever since my brother [Jeff Hardy] and I were teenagers, we were wrestling and we started in WWE at a very young age. So we kind of grew up in that wrestling bubble and now stepping away from that it really gives you a fond appreciation of how great life really is."

Hardy on WWE and TNA's products: "I think WWE and TNA need to continue to do a sophisticated product," Hardy said. "I think we're in such a golden age of television right now. Television programming right now, especially drama series have gone through a renaissance. Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Mad Men, whatever shows it may be there is all this great television on out there," he added. "WWE and TNA both have to say is, ‘We don't compete with wrestling. We compete with these great drama series and what we have to do when we're telling our stories is that we cannot insult our fans' intelligence. We have to tell sophisticated stories, have continuity and make sense.'"

Hardy's thoughts on the wrestling industry and how it needs to evolve: "I hope the wrestling industry continues to strive and thrive because I know there are a lot of young guys out there that are working so hard and busting their butts to make a living, make a name for themselves and carve a spot for them on one of the main rosters. I think wrestling has to evolve into a more serious programming that doesn't insult the viewer's intelligence and I cannot stress that enough," he added. "I think it's going to take that and a brand new star doing a brand new thing, whatever it may be, to catch on fire and actually make the wrestling white-hot again."


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