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WWE House Show Report 1.12.14: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Posted by Larry Csonka on 01.13.2014

Credit Patric Laprade and f4wonline.com:

Before the show started they showed on the big screen a promotional video of Bo Dallas.

Brad Maddox announced that a triple-threat elimination tag team match will start the show with the winner facing the Rhodes Brothers for the titles later on tonight.

Ryback & Curtis Axel d Prime Time Players and 3MB w/ Heath Slater

Chants of "feed me more" so Ryback took the mic and said that he didn't use that in 7 months.

The match was ok at best. Cool spot when O'Neil sling shot McIntyre into Axel's crotch. Soon after, 3MB got eliminated by PTP. Ryback ended up winning the match with the Shell Schoked.

Bo Dallas d Zack Ryder

He did the old " I'm happy to be in Toronto" adding that he would not defend the title tonight.

I don't know if the match was supposed to be with Sami Zayn, but with his knee injury, it wasn't gonna happen.

Dallas took most of the match until Ryder's comeback. Dallas tried a pin with his feet in the ropes but the referee saw it. As soon as Dallas stopped arguing with the ref, Ryder pinned him with his Rough Ryder.

People reacted way more to Ryder in the sense they knew the "whoo whoo whoo" and stuff. Many people around me were asking who was Dallas. But to his credit, he was able to get some booed from the crowd and after he lost and taunted the crowd with his belt, the crowd sent him home with a "Na na na hey hey goodbye", Montreal style.

Bella Twins d Aksana & Alicia Fox

Fans live voted for a tag match instead of a dance-off contest.

The heels said they were then leaving. The Bellas attacked them on the outside with a non-synchronized baseball slide.

Cool spot as the four of them were wrestling on the mat, the referee laid down so all 4 Divas would roll on him as they were battling. He then went to the corner, jumped on the second rope and asked for his pop, which he got! Don't know who was the ref, a small asian guy.

Nikki pinned Aksana with the Rack Attack. Although Nikki has improved too, Brie improved a lot more. Among things, she did two beautiful dropkicks. I don't know what it says on their respective boyfriend/trainer.

They showed a video promo of Randy Orton not saying much except that he became the Unified champion.

Alberto Del Rio b Sin Cara

Del Rio did a long promo talking about Royal Rumble and Batista. So I guess we're gonna see that program happens.

Del Rio was cheered more than I'd thought. Good spots when Cara ducked a drop kick and Del Rio went straight to the outside without touching the apron and another one where ADR double stomped Cara in the corner.

Del Rio won with his cross arm breaker. So I guess Cara's push is really over.

Big Show d Kane

Both Kane and Big Show got the best reactions so far from an entrance standpoint.

It's weird to look at Kane wrestling in his Kane gimmick but without the mask and the gloves.

Pretty much what you would expect between the two. After Kane choke slammed Show from the third rope, Kane went for a chair but Show punched him for the pin.

After the match, Maddox came to talk to Kane and asked Show to leave the ring which he didn't do. After several attempts, Maddox asked Show if he was speaking French and called Show stupid and imbecile but in French. Show punched him as well.

Fernando w/Diego & El Torito d Antonio Cesaro w/Zeb Colter

Colter cut a promo saying he was in Toronto. I know, he must not have listened to Bo's promo. He then said he received a text message from Jack Swagger saying he wasn't here because he hates Montreal. Of course, he did not mention the DUI which prevails him from getting in the country!

Cesaro did the giant swing, 18 rotations. Fernando and Diego switched while El Torito was on the ringside getting both Cesaro and Colter's attention and Diego small packaged Cesaro for the win.

After the match, Colter said that because of the fans' reaction they would never set foot here again. To his defence, Cesaro is still winning less in Montreal! It lead to another "Na na na hey hey goodbye" chant.

Rhodes Brothers d Ryback & Curtis Axel to keep their titles

Very good reaction for Goldust with 2 "Goldust" chant before the match even started.

Good match. Goldust took the heat most of the match. Good hot tag to Cody. Crowd was really into it. Moonsault from Cody on Axel. Axel reversed the pin and tried to hold the tights, for two. Finally, Cody got the pin with the Cross Rhodes on Axel.

John Cena d Randy Orton by DQ

Orton, the Unified champion, came in first. Isn't there a rule that says the champion comes to the ring last? Does it still apply in 2014?

Chimel even announced Orton first in the ring, which I have no words to describe. I can get the pop for the entrances, but the champion should be announced last.

During the match, as the crowd was chanting "Cena sucks", Orton took the mic and said they shouldn't chant that, they should chant for him.

Usual Cena-Orton match until the finish sequence.

Ref bump, STF, Orton knocked Cena with the belt, two count. Attitude Adjustment, two count. RKO, another two count. The crowd is going crazy. Cena goes for another AA, but Orton low blowed him and got DQ'ed.

After the match, Orton told the crowd they had no respect for him and went back in the ring to finish Cena even more. Cena ducked the kick and did the AA to send the crowd home happy.

Big let down for the crowd. The kids popped when they announced Cena as the winner but the adults thought it was a lousy finish. I get the part where they want to protect Cena, but a clean finish, even for an Orton win would have been a lot better. Especially if you're gonna send your people home happy at the end.

Cena got the reaction of the night, and by far. With an afternoon show, lots of kids so it was expected.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

Kane got more reaction than ADR and Ryback but was cheered way too much for a heel.

Johnny Ace was at the control table were the music system is (which is not behind the curtain here and everyone can see it).


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