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Complete Impact Wrestling Spoilers For Next Week
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 01.30.2014

Credit: JJ Galbraith, Daniel Mossie & PW.net

1. Austin Aries beat Zema Ion to retain the X Division Title. Half the bars in the arena were shut due to a mix up over the taping intervals. JJ says he's not sure if that's all he missed and that Aries is the guy he wanted to see. "The things we do for beer!" he wrote.

Curry Man stood in the ring. Bully Ray came out pushing the coffin again. He told Curry he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Curry got the crowd going, charged at Bully, and met a big boot! Bully piledrove him after screaming out Mr. Anderson's name, then dragged him out of the ring and put him in the coffin...

Loud yes chants as we set up for Monsters Ball. Christy tells us the fight has already started backstage.

2. Abyss beat Eric Young in a Monster's Ball match. A surprisingly enjoyable Monsters Ball - but not before EY unmasked him before the Black Hole Slam to reveal, erm, Joseph Park. Park looked in the mirror post match and appeared distraught. There were a couple of cool spots here with a chair in the corner then a table on the outside, and Abyss/Park's arms were bloody pin cushions...

MVP came out. I guess there's no copyright on that name, as JB is using it. He said he's been away living life on his terms. He said that got him into trouble previously, but he learned actions have consequences. He said people are tired of seeing self-absorbed, egotistical owners. He said he loves wrestling and is a wrestler and can't stand aside watching it get run down. He says he's investing his money in TNA to make a change. Hypes up the TNA talent and fan base, says mismanagement has held it back.

MVP was interrupted by Rockstar Spud. MVP called him Dixie's lapdog. He said he's going to be a fair owner. Spud says it'd be fair if he introduced himself to Dixie. Spud invites MVP backstage to her "throne". MVP reminded Spud that he hasn't forgotten how to use his fists. He said he was booking Magnus vs. Kurt Angle in a non-title match...

Christy Hemme even changed her outfit between tapings. They think of everything, don't they?!

3. Kurt Angle beat Magnus by DQ in a non-title match. Magnus was DQ'd after EC3 prevented him tapping out to the ankle lock. Angle and EC3 brawled on the outside before EC3 hits him on the knee a couple of times with a chair. EC3 continued to work it over in the ring. The referee threw up the X sign and a stretcher was brought out for Kurt...

Bobby Roode vs Samoa Joe was announced by Christy as being a number one contenders match. There was nothing in-ring leading to this, so it was probably something taped backstage...

4. Samoa Joe beat Bobby Roode to become No. 1 contender (again). Joe made Roode tap out. Clean again! A decent little match. It looks like Joe's being pushed hard based on the evidence of tonight. The arena is rapidly emptying as we're about 20 minutes away from the last train back into the city...

Dixie Carter came out with Rockstar Spud. There were major boos for her. She said tonight isn't just about her, but another special person. She introduced MVP. Spud gave MVP the thumbs up and went to open the ropes for him. Dixie welcomed him to TNA. She said they have a lot to talk about and commended him on the great idea he had for them to come out and share their vision for the future.

Dixie hypes Magnus and all his accomplishments. It was hard to hear Dixie because of the jeering. She said if people follow her lead then everyone will be successful. She said in 11 years she has dealt with good investors and bad investors. MVP said he wants to talk about changes. He said that Dixie's mismanagement has almost brought TNA to its knees. He said he isn't here to be a butler and Dixie's reign of terror is over. He said he will be a very hands on investor and the party is over. MVP and Dixie had a staredown in what was likely the closing moment for television.

In what may have been the post show, MVP hit a couple of his moves on Spud. It was hard to tell whether that will make it on TV...


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