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World Wrestling Council Results 1.19.14
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 01.31.2014

Credit: Jose Perez & PWInsider

The World Wrestling Council held their last house show/TV taping last Sunday 1/19/14 at the "Pepin Cestero Arena" in Bayamon, PR. The following are the quick results and some information about the angles that took place to start the new storylines that will carry them into their next big event "La Hora De La Verdad" (Moment of Truth).

  • Samuel Adams defeated Cyrus.

  • David Montes defeated Richard Ramos.

  • AJ Castillo became the new WWC Jr Heavyweight champion after he defeated Syler Andrews.

  • "Face of Fear" ASH defeated "Tough Man" Andy Leavine.

  • Mike Mendoza defeated El Diabólico. After the match, El Diabólico attacked Mendoza with a belt. This has been a very intriguing feud with some good matches. It looks like we will get at least one more match in this one.

  • Chicano & Xix Xavant retained the WWC World Tag Team titles after they defeated Thunder & Lightning. There was a controversial finish to the match. The ref counted the pin, but Lightning was covering Xavant and Chicano was covering Thunder. The referee determined that Chicano and Thunder were the legal men in the ring and declared Chicano & Xavant winners. T&L were not happy with the decision and attacked the champions, taking the down with individual spears.

  • Gilbert becomes the new WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight champion after defeating Apolo in another controversial finish. During the ref's count, Apolo had his boot on the ropes but Chaparro, who had interferred at different instances during the match, pushed it off the rope as the ref finish the pin. In an angle taped for TV, the commissioners decided to return the belt to Apolo in the locker room due to Chaparro's interference.

  • T.N.T. recaptured the WWC Universal title after he defeated Mighty Ursus. The end of the match happens when Ursus holds T.N.T. for his manager, Ortega, to throw powder on his face, but T.N.T. gets out of the way and Ursus receives the powder himself. He then turns only to receive the "pain killer" sidekick from T.N.T. for the pin. After the match, Ursus pushed his manager and argued with him. He then returns to the locker room, leaving Ortega in the ring by himself.

  • Carlito Caribbean Cool defeated Invader #1 via DQ due to ASH's interference. Carlito then starts to brawl with ASH in the ring. Invader decides to head back to the locker room, only to find T.N.T. waiting for him at the entranceway. They both return to the ring and as he is followed by T.N.T. Once in the ring T.N.T. & Carlito agree to charge the heels but T.N.T. hits the "pain killer" sidekick on Carlito out of nowhere and joins Invader and ASH attacking Carlito. A few babyfaces try to make the save only to be beaten down. All of the sudden Carlos Colon Sr. comes out to make the sabe, but is manhandled by ASH, Invader and T.N.T. Carlito throws himself on top of his father to prevent the beating to continue but cannot do it for long. Out from the crowd Rey Gonzalez comes to make the save and he clears the ring using what it looked like a walking stick. After the heels clear the ring, the crowd starts chanting for Carlito and Gonzalez to once again unite. Colon Sr. also asked them to unite, but Carlito told him he does not trust him.

    This show was a very good show with some good wrestling and hard work. I have been very critical in the last 4 or 5 months about the direction of the company and how they are utilizing their talent. I am happy to say that I can see improvement in their product, but still things that need to continue to work on.


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