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Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.10.2014

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Championship Roll Call:
Undisputed WWE World Champion: Randy Orton
US Champion: Dean Ambrose
IC Champion: Big E. Langston
Unified Diva's Champion: AJ Lee
WWE World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws

411's WWE Raw Report 2.10.14

  • Tonight's show is in memory of Frank Bullock.

  • Betty White is here as the guest star of Raw. Big Show escorts her out, and she gets a Betty White chant. She says she can't possibly tell us how thrilled she is to be here tonight, and Show asks what they will do tonight, and she says kick some ass.

  • Triple H and Stephanie, the Authority, make their way out. They glad hand with Betty and then head to the ring. They are here to fix some confusion from last week. They had said that they would reconsider Daniel Bryan as the face of the WWE if he defeated Randy Orton. Key word, consider. But they are also considering Cesaro, Sheamus, Christian and even Cena.

    This leads to Randy Orton hitting the ring, and Stephanie is not happy about his interruption, and recommends he head back to the locker room. Orton says he has been thinking and has decided to apologies to Hunter and Stephanie. He admits to being childish and selfish, and to get what he wants, he has to give them what they want, and tonight he starts this all when he defeats John Cena. Stephanie wants to know how they can trust him, and asks where it comes from. Orton says it comes from the heart, and as the crowd chants for Bryan, Stephanie asks if this is about the pressure of the Daniel Bryan thing getting to him. Six months ago, in this very building, he because the WWE Champion and became the face of the WWE. He wants to be the face of the WWE in and out of the ring. He wants all of the appearances, he wants all the merchandise, he wants it all; and no one in the locker room can do what he can, he is the face of the WWE, certainly not Batista.

    Daniel Bryan now makes his way to the ring. Bryan asks Orton if he really thinks that he is the heart and soul of the WWE, and then basically calls him the asshole of the WWE. Stephanie is angry about the interruption, and from now on, all appointments need to be made through the Director of Operations, Kane. Bryan says Kane is not here, and last week, he failed in helping Orton, and Bryan beat him. Bryan now wants a match with Kane, right here tonight. Stephanie says Bryan did attack Kane first, but since they do not approve of his actions, he is on administrative leave for a week, and they placed a firmly written letter of reprimand in his file. Bryan then calls them a combination of arrogance and stupidity. Orton sticks up for the Authority, kissing their ass. Bryan then brings up the fact that Orton really likes Stephanie, like the time he handcuffed Triple H to the ropes and kissed her in front of him. Triple H then says Daniel Bryan will face no one tonight, they will do what is best for business, and that is what is best for Daniel Bryan. They are giving him a well-deserved night off, enjoy. The NO chants start, and Bryan argues with Triple H, but that is that and they all leave…

     photo authoritah_zpse8048595.png

  • Mark Henry returns tonight.

  • Highlights of Bray Wyatt defeating Goldust on Smackdown.

    The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan) vs. Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Rey Mysterio

    Rowan and Cody to begin. Clubbing shots to the back by Rowan, Cody battles back, drops down and hits the uppercut and then a dropkick. Tag to Goldust, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Rowan. Rights by Rowan in the corner, misses a clothesline and rights by Goldust follow. Rowan tosses Goldust to his corner, tags in Harper. Harper misses a clothesline, Goldust hits a right to fight back. To the second rope and a RANA by Goldust. Tag to Cody, missile dropkick to Harper. Harper to the floor, Cody grabs Rey and slides him to the floor, where he splashes Harper.

    ~Commercial Break~

    Rowan works a neck crank on Goldust, Goldust works to his feet and fights back. Rowan takes Goldust to the corner; Harper tags in and then whips Rowan into Goldust. Clothesline by Harper and a cover for 2. Harper lays the boots to Goldust, tags in Bray and mounted rights to Goldust follow. They trade rights now, and a clothesline by Bray connects. Tag back to Rowan, and a knee drop gets a cover for 2. Rowan whips Goldust to the corner, tries it again but Goldust out with the back elbow and both men are down. They work to their feet, Goldust jumps for a tag, caught and stopped. Goldust sends Rowan to the floor, and looks for the tag. Harper tags in, stops the tag, but runs into the snap slam. Goldust tags in Rey, boot to Harper and then the head scissors. Rey up top, seated senton connects. A tornado DDT by Rey gets 2 as Bray makes the save. Rey knocks Bray and Harper into the ropes. 619 to Harper as Bray moves, and then pulls Rey to the floor. Cody dives to the floor and takes out Bray. Rowan slams him to the barricade, and Goldust hits the cannon ball dove. Rey in with Harper, looks for the 619, but Bray blind tags in and murders Rey with sister Abigail for the win!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wyatt Family @ 11:00 via pin

  • Bray says that many have come before him, but have all failed. The Shield will fall, right in time for his next game to begin. Follow the buzzards.

  • We get a look at Roman Reigns' performance in the Royal Rumble.

  • Renee Young interviews the Shield about their match with the Wyatt Family at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Reigns says actions speak louder than words. Rollins says they speak in absolutes, and Ambrose says they will eliminate them at the chamber PPV. Young asks Ambrose about not defending the US Title. He asks if he has to pull contenders out of thin air. Reigns calls him on it, and Ambrose says he will hold an open challenge tonight for the title to prove himself.

  • The divas meet with Betty White, and Vickie Guerrero appears and introduces herself. Natalya puts over White's TV show, and the Outlaws then appear. Hey heard someone may play a prank on her, and say they are there to protect her. They offer to take her for tea and she leaves with them.

  • We get footage from Cena vs. Orton at Breaking Point 2009.

  • The Real Americans battle Christian and Sheamus later tonight.

    Santino w/Emma vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

    Lock up to begin, takedown by Santino and he celebrates. To the corner, a whip by Fandango and then slams Santino to the corner. Rights by Fandango, Santino then does the failed kip up and Fandango keeps beating him down. The Miz arrives at commentary, and complains that he is not on the show so that Santino and Fandango can have a match. He leaves and Santino hits a belly to back suplex. Hip toss by Santino, tries the head butt, but eats the knees of Fandango. Fandango up top, Santino up to stop that, knocked back down and Fandango hit the top rope leg drop for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Fandango @ 2:00 via pin

  • Byron Saxton is now a main roster interviewer. He is with Sheamus, and asks him about the Chamber match. Sheamus is excited to be back in WWE, and while he has been friends and enemies with Christian, he respects him. He is excited to tag with him tonight, and maybe when business is done, maybe they can go for a pint. Sheamus says the chamber is the last chance to headline WrestleMania, and it doesn't matter who is in his way, he will kick their teeth in to win the WWE Title.

  • We get an inset interview with Christian, discussing wanting to be WWE Champion and the face of the WWE.

  • Colter is upset with the non-Americans in the ring. They disappear for months, and lick their wounds, and then they sneak back across the border and get rewarded with a chance to win the WWE Title. Cesaro says at the chamber, he will become the first Real American WWE Champion. WE THE PEOPLE.

    Sheamus and Christian vs. The Real Americans (Cesaro and Swagger) w/Zeb Colter

    Colter tells Cesaro to start the match, which doesn't make Swagger happy. Lock up to begin, Cesaro takes Christian to the mat. A gutwrech suplex follows, and then a tag to Swagger. Christian fights back, rolls up Swagger for 2. Off the ropes, Swagger stops the sunset flip try and tosses Christian to the corner. Misses the charge, eats a boot and a second rope missile dropkick by Christian. Sheamus tags in, clubbing blows to Swagger and then a suplex connects and a cover gets 2. Swagger with a knee to the gut of Sheamus, tag to Cesaro. Punches in the corner by Cesaro, looks for the hip toss, countered and a clothesline by Sheamus gets 2. Kick to the back by Sheamus, and a neck breaker follows. Sheamus covers for 2. Tag to Christian, off the ropes with a shot to the arm. Christian works the arm, quick tag to Sheamus and he takes Cesaro to the corner. Uppercuts by Cesaro, then by Sheamus. They trade shots, to the corner and repeated uppercuts connects for Cesaro. Sheamus fires up, rights connect, but Cesaro tosses him to the floor. Swagger attacks, allowing Cesaro to hit a big boot and send Sheamus back down to the floor.

    ~Commercial Break~

    Sheamus hits the Irish curse back breaker on Cesaro, and both men are down. Looking for a tag, Sheamus tags in Christian. To the corner, sidekick by Christian, sunset flip follows for 2. Slap by Christian, to the floor, right by Christian follows. To the second rope, back spinning elbow connects for Christian. Killswitch countered, and then Christian runs into the pop up uppercut by Cesaro for 2. Tag to Swagger, lays the boots to Christian. Catapult into the bottom rope by Swagger, and a cover gets 2. Front facelock by Swagger, gimmick infringement as he gator rolls a bit, and Christian works to his feet. Rights by Christian, off the ropes and a boot to Swagger. Looks for a tag, but Swagger stops that and drags him to his corner. Swagger bomb, and then Cesaro leaps over him into the double stomp on Christian, covers for 2. Cesaro lays the boots to Christian, Christian with rights to Swagger, Cesaro cuts him off and gets the giant swing! Crowd chants along, they love Cesaro. Christian rolls to the floor after the swing, and Colter talks some trash to him. Christian makes his way back into the ring before the count of 10, and Cesaro immediately covers for 2. Cesaro catapults Christian into a Swagger powerslam and covers for 2. Tag back to Cesaro, misses a corner splash and Christian then tosses Swagger to the floor. Swagger and Sheamus both get tagged in, Sheamus runs wild with the clotheslines and high knee. Finlay roll connects for 2. Clubbing shots in the ropes to Swagger, Sheamus then picks up Swagger and hits a powerslam. Sets for the brogue kick, but Cesaro in to make the save. Sheamus fires back, tosses him and gets the clubbing blows. Swagger makes the save and grabs the Patriot lock. Christian breaks that up with the high cross. Dives onto the floor onto Cesaro. BROGUE KICK to Swagger and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus and Christian @ 15:00 via pin

  • Sheamus and Christian celebrate as Colter shows his anger to Swagger.

  • Renee Young is with John Cena. Cena says he and Orton have dominated WWE for a decade, but the WWE Universe is proving that we are in store for great change. The Network debuts in two weeks, but the WWE Universe has shown support for new stars like Daniel Bryan and others. Tonight is an important one, but tonight is about the future. Tonight he closes his feud with Orton when he beats him in the middle of the ring.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Del Rio on the attack right away, Ziggler uses his speed, hits the dropkick and then repeated elbow drops. Commentary makes the usual Lawler/Heart joke during it, and Ziggler covers for 2. Ziggler hits the fameasser out of nowhere, but only gets 2. Del Rio back, hits divorce court on the arm, superkicks Ziggler and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Alberto Del Rio @ 2:00 via pin

  • Del Rio applies the arm bar after the match, and Batista's music makes the save. Batista spears Del Rio and they go to the floor. Batista tosses Del Rio into the steps, and then starts to dismantle the announce table. He then slams Del Rio into the barricade, picks him up and hits the Batista bomb through the table.

  • The Bella Twins talk about the WWE Network.

  • Batista walks, and Triple H catches up with him. He is glad to have him back, but can't have him attacking Del Rio like he did. Batista says Del Rio deserved it. Triple H says things have changed, and if something goes bad, it comes back on him, and he has to do what's best for business. Batista says Del Rio is his business, and the Hs make Batista vs. Del for the Elimination Chamber PPV. Batista says things have really changed.

  • The Ultimate Warrior and Jake Roberts are set to be part of the WWE's 2014 Hall of Fame class. Joining them will be Lita.

     photo ab208f8f-75b7-47c8-af9a-a5565ace70a7_zps46bd1370.jpg

  • Betty White hangs with the New Age Outlaws, who are "protecting her". Road Dogg tries to serve her his special blend of tea. Billy distracts her as Road Dogg puts some drops into her drink. She asks for Lemon in her tea, and does the old switch-a-roo. Billy drinks the tainted tea.

  • The Outlaws have joined the commentary team.

    The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel

    Axel and Jey to begin. Off the ropes, counter and jabs by Jey. Mocks Road Dogg with a dance and takes down Axel. Jimmy tags in, corner forearm to Axel. Axel manages to escape the attack, connects with a dropkick and takes Jimmy to the corner. Road Dogg is trying to dodge a tag title defense against the Usos. Gunn also starts to feel sick at ringside. Ryback in control in the ring, tag to Axel and rights to Jimmy. Jimmy back with rights and chops, off the ropes and a running knee by Axel connects. Tag to Ryback, he lays the boots to Jimmy. He gets the Goldberg chants, and works over Jimmy in the corner. Sets him up top, clubbing shots to the back, Ryback follows and elbows by Jimmy and he knocks Ryback to the mat. Corkscrew moonsault to Ryback by Jimmy and BOTH men are down. Tags to Jey and Axel. He runs wild with clotheslines and kicks. Kicks to the leg of Axel, who does the Hennig sell. Corner DVD into a Samoan Drop by Jey, and Ryback makes the save. Ryback gets tosses to the floor (catching his arm oddly in the ropes, could be bad), superkick to Axel and then Jet with the dove onto Ryback and made a tag on the way out. Jimmy with the top rope splash and that is enough for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Usos @ 4:00 via pin

  • The Outlaws look to answer the challenge of the Usos, but instead Billy Gunn grabs his ass and runs to the back. See he drank the tainted tea. He has to shit. Vince McMahon knows comedy.

    US Title Open Challenge Match: Dean Ambrose © w/Rollins and Reigns vs. Mark Henry

    Lock up to begin and Henry tosses Ambrose down to the mat. Lock up again, and more of the same. Ambrose bails to the floor, gets a pep talk, and is back in. He tries to run, and starts to lay in the kicks to the injured arm of Henry. The ref backs off Ambrose, he tries to charge in and eats a boot by Henry. Henry slams him to the corner, and then posts Ambrose shoulder first into the post. Ambrose tries to fight back, looking to rip off the brace from Henry's arm. He does and wraps the arm in the ropes, but then breaks and gets tossed to the floor by Henry...

    ~Commercial Break~

    Ambrose in control, hits a single arm DDT and then into an arm breaker. Henry fights to his feet, escapes and as Ambrose heads up top, Henry catches him and tosses him to the mat. Clotheslines by Henry, and then connects with the strolling powerslam. Charge sinto the corner, boot by Ambrose, tries for the implant bulldog, but Henry counters and hits the world's strongest slam. Rollins in for the save and the DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Mark Henry @ 8:00 via DQ

  • Henry cleans house on the Shield, sending them to the floor. Henry follows, but Reigns recovers and drops him with the spear. Ambrose celebrates as if he actually won something.

  • The Wyatts appear on the tron. Bray says they're here, and here they come to the ring. They stop short of the ring, and the Shield are still in the crowd, just by the ring. They hop the barricade, and look to get into the ring. The Wyatts inch closer to the ring, and they stare down across. The Shield gets on the apron, and then so do the Wyatts. Reigns is first into the ring, Bray teases getting in and backs off his troops. The Shield stands ready in the ring, Bray dares them to make a move and the segment ends.

  • Black History Month video package on Bobo Brazil.

    AJ Lee, Aksana and Alicia Fox w/Tamina vs. Cameron, Nikki and Brie Bella w/Eva Marie

    AJ and Nikki to begin, lock up and Nikki tosses AJ to the mat. AJ with a cheap shot when the ref broke them up, she talks trash and Nikki with a basement dropkick and cover for 2. Nikki powers up AJ, looks for a powerslam, countered and AJ to the floor. Aksana tags in, Nikki slams her down and does the worm. Tag to Brie, and she tries a poetry in motion and about crashes and burns. Aksana with the spinebuster, and a cover for 2. knees to the gut by Aksana, tag to Fox and she gets a cover for 2. Off the ropes, counter by Brie into a roll up for 2. Back elbow by Fox, and she tries to choke out Brie with the necktie. Fox breaks, knocks Nikki to the mat, but Brie battles back and gets the tag to Cameron. Thesz press to Fox, rights follow. Charging, something or other by Cameron A head scissors follows. A dropkick follow and Fox kicks out at 2. Rights to Fox, off the ropes and a knee by Fox. Tag to Aksana, boot to Cameron, to the corner. Boot by Cameron, and sticks Aksana with the DDT and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Cameron, Nikki and Brie Bella @ 5:00 via pin

  • We get a new promo for Alexander Rusev, with Lana.

  • We get a recap of the show's opening segment.

  • Citizen Kane is now here and makes his way out to the ring. Short administrative leave. Kane says that he has been placed on leave, and he accepts the punishment, because he acted on his own, and it was ill advised. Daniel Bryan now makes his way out. He charges the ring and they brawl. Knees by Bryan, but Kane shoves him off and knocks him to the mat. Kane looks for the chokeslam, but Bryan escapes and sends Kane to the floor. Suicide dive by Bryan and he lays in the boots to Kane. Bryan hits the running knee and sends Kane into the crowd. He returns to the ring and leads the crowd in YES chants.

  • On Smackdown, The Usos and the Rhodes Brothers battle Ryback, Curtis Axel and The New Age Outlaws.

    Non-Title Match: Randy Orton © vs. John Cena

    And here we go with the main event of the evening. Lock up to begin, and Orton works Cena to the mat. Cena back to his feet, off the ropes and a hip toss by Cena and a cover for 1. Orton rolls to the floor, takes a powder and is back in. Headlock takedown by Cena, Orton tries to get to the ropes, then to his feet. Off the ropes, counters and Cena with another hip toss and cover for 2. Orton rolls to the floor once again. Orton circles the ring, back in and he kicks Cena in the gut and then lays in mounted rights. Cena fires back with rights, to the corner and Cena with the bulldog and cover for 2. Off the ropes, reversal and a back elbow by Orton. Orton then stomps on the legs of Cena, then to the back of his head, and covers for 2. Suplex by Orton, countered, and Cena connects with a suplex. Cena misses the corner charge, and is down. Orton stomps on the shoulder, Cena rolls to the floor. Orton slams Cena off of the repaired announce table, and then hits a back suplex onto the barricade. Orton rolls him back into the ring, and covers for 2. Clubbing rights to the chest by Orton, stomps on Cena and poses….

    ~Commercial Break~

    Orton is beating down Cena in the corner, but Cena battles back and hits a body slam. They trade rights, off the ropes and the shoulder blocks by Cena. Tries another, Orton ducks and Cena crashes and burns to the floor. Cena tries to make his way in, Orton suplexes him back in and covers for 2. Orton into the chinlock, grounding Cena. Cena fights to his feet, escapes and looks for the AA, Orton counters and hits a DDT, but it's only good enough for 2. Orton stomp time, shades of Ronnie Garvin. Orton poses, Cena with a roll up for 2. Shoulder blocks by Cena, proto bomb, you can't see me all connect. AA try again, but Orton counters into the 3.0 back breaker and covers for 2. Orton looks for the hangman's DDT, countered and Cena tosses him to the floor. Orton back in, charges Cena, caught and Cena gets him up for the AA, countered and Orton gets the snap slam and covers for 2. Cena rolls to the apron by the corner, Orton follows and slams Cena to the corner. Orton up the ropes now, and pulls Cena up for a possible superplex. Cena fights, and tosses Orton to the mat, but Orton back over and crotches Cena. Orton now tries for the hangman's DDT and gets it out of the corner. Orton poses and mocks the crowd, and sets for the RKO. Cena fights and locks in the STF. Orton fights for and gets the ropes. Dropkick by Orton stops Cena's momentum, and both men are down. The ref counts, Orton to his feet first and Cena is still down. Orton stares at the WrestleMania sign, points (DRINK) and looks for the concussion kick, misses, AA try by Cena, but Orton counters and hits the RKO and covers 1…2…NO! Orton is pissed. Cena back up, hits the AA and Orton kicks out at 2! Cena checks with the ref that it was only 2, and picks up Orton and takes him to the corner. Cena sets Orton on the top rope, climbs as well looking for the Super AA. Orton fights, escapes to the mat, but charges into a boot by Cena. Cena up top, top rope fameasser connects. AA follows, 1…2…3.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: John Cena @ 21:00 via pin

    Keep refreshing the page for the latest results!


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