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Another Live Report From Last Night’s Raw
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.11.2014

Credit Julie Netchaev and prowrestling.net:

Before anything started, they had what seemed like two Wrestlemania 29 videos. One just had quick clips with the theme playing in the background and the only time we saw C.M. Punk was when he had his back to the camera. All we saw basically was the hoodie. In the longer video every single match and all the Hall of Fame inductees were shown in several clips for each part of the show and they completely took out the Punk vs. Taker match, which I really didn't like. If they didn't want Punk chants as a result of people seeing him on screen I think they could have aired a network video instead of acting as if the match never happened.

The CM Punk chanting started up right away when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon got in the ring. Randy Orton had a bit of a mixed reaction until he was actually in the ring and then at least where I was it turned into boos. That and a mix of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Yes chants, especially when Orton paused a few times. In fact I think they may have been part of the reason he stopped. It was hard to tell if the irritation on his face was part of the promo, the crowd or both. I'm sure the reaction to Bryan doesn't need any further explanation from me.

I decided that during the Sheamus and Christian vs. Real Americans match that the only one that had anything close to a heel reaction was Jack Swagger. People were going crazy for Antonio Cesaro and the section I was in was loaded with "Cesaro Section" signs. At first, I thought it was halfway across until I notice a minute later the signs actually made it the length of the section and started from a row that was about halfway down toward the floor section. I'm not sure who brought them all but I guess it was a case of take one and pass it down and those signs were up the whole match. Since I was on the aisle I could hear our section and the one to my right clearly and Cesaro had more chants than anyone else. When people got tired of yelling his name it would switch to We the People chants. I did feel a little bad for Christian. There wasn't much of a reaction near us when he came out but there was a loud response when the Sheamus theme started up and he was cheered loudly when he won.

The U.S. Title match was something. Before the match started people were on their chairs going crazy waiting on the Shield. At SummerSlam I got great pictures of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns coming down the aisle right next to me, but this time we were one section over. I've never seen so many people on top of their chairs at one time. I've heard all three guys in interviews being asked about the people in the crowd touching them and noticed some guy in the front row got up and instead of patting them on the back like most people, he got Dean Ambrose on his backside. He tried to repeat it with Rollins but he managed weakly tap Reigns on his low back, although Reigns does almost step over as opposed to the other two. To each their own, but I just couldn't help but laugh at the site and thought there's something you don't see every day. That and it was comical that he seemed careful not to do anything to annoy Reigns who looked twice the guys size.

I think everyone saw Mark Henry making his return here as soon as the announcement was made about the open challenge. People were happy to see him back. I am guessing there was a commercial break here somewhere because all of a sudden Rollins had a microphone in hand and yelled out CM Who? which stirred up the Punk chants. He then told everyone we should be cheering Ambrose for several reasons which included that every guy in the crowd wanted to be like Ambrose and all the women wanted to take Ambrose home with them tonight. At that point several women seemed to stop the Punk chants long enough to yell their agreement with Rollins on that point which was funny.

Once he turned around and started taunting Henry though everyone went back to yelling CM Punk until I'm guessing a break ended because Rollins had his microphone cut off mid sentence. So if there was a break in the match and you came back to CM Punk chants it had nothing to do with the match, it was actually a response to Rollins. After the match the crowd went crazy during the Wyatt Shield stand off from the moment Reigns went back over the barrier. On a side note when they were across the ring from each other a boy behind me yelled at the top of his lungs Come on Shield kick their ass. I don't think he was over 10 years old but it got a bit of a laugh out of everyone except his parents. The crowd wasn't happy when the Wyatt's backed away but I figured that would happen as part of the build to the pay per view.

About the only thing I can say on the Divas match was Brie Bella tripped before she could jump to her sister's back and ended up face planting into Aksana. I can't remember which of the two was in at that point.

Kane's pyro woke everyone back up. Since he was supposed to be on "leave" no one expected it. I guess he still has to follow them around to schedule appointments with Hunter and Steph. Not entirely sure what the point of that exchange was other than to advance something with Kane and Bryan later on and to try and keep the crowd from chanting over the Cena vs. Orton match if they thought Bryan wouldn't be seen again.

Although Cena had his typical mixed reaction, I had to laugh at the number of men in my view with Cena shirts, and one with the arm band around his head who later cheered him like crazy. I also didn't hear the typical "Let's go Cena/Cena sucks" chants going because the crowd changed it to "Let's Go Cena, CM Punk" instead. Orton found a group he was looking for behind the announcers and was going back and forth with them every chance he had. It got very loud toward the end with the false finishes until Cena won.

The dark match was the Wyatt family vs. Cena, Bryan and Batista. I had some trouble seeing the start of the match because a lot of people had packed the aisle to leave until the lights went out and the Wyatts came on screen. After they came down to the ring the actual match was finally announced so then everyone was trying to get back to their seats. Cena tagged in Bryan and he went through his offense with all of the Wyatts from his kicks to diving through the ropes and hitting Rowan on the outside. Bray ended up flattening Bryan with a clothesline and as Bray went to tag out after a two count, Bryan got to his corner and tagged in Batista. He got some offense over Harper and it looked like he was setting up for a Batista Bomb when Bray and Rowan jumped in the ring and attacked Batista causing the DQ.


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