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Complete ROH TV Taping Results (SPOILERS)
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.22.2014

Credit: Stuart Carapola and Pwinsider.com:


-Raymond Rowe and Hanson defeated a team with a workout nut gimmick whose name I didn't catch. Rowe and Hanson make a hell of an imposing team, think like Dark City Fight Club tough. Michael Elgin came out after the match and said that the word respect gets thrown around a lot, but they both earned his respect with their performances in the Top Prospect Tournament and the 12th Anniversary Show. He tells them that he has their back, and since Adam Cole has so many guys watching his back, he needs Rowe and Hanson watching his back as well. He promises that it's only a matter oftime until he's the ROH World Champion.

-Kevin Steen comes out and said that he wanted to make sure Cliff Compton didn't walk out of the ring last night, but he did after everything he did to him. He tells Cliff to come out to the ring, but Homicide and Eddie Kingston come out instead and tell Steen to join him because he got screwed over by Sinclair the same way they did. Steen respectfully declines, so Eddie goes after him and they wind up at a standoff when a cavalcade of referees run out to separate them. Nigel McGuinness tells them that they can have a fight if they want one, and to pick which one of them will fight Steen right now.

-Kevin Steen beat Homicide by DQ when Eddie Kingston interfered. Kingston and Homicide worked Steen over 2-on-1 until Cliff Compton ran out of the crowd and chased them off with a chair. He turned to face Steen and told him "you're welcome" before tossing the chair and heading back out through the crowd.

-Nigel McGuinness comes out to announce who will challenge Adam Cole for the ROH World Title at Supercard Of Honor in New Orleans, but he's interrupted by Jay Briscoe, who comes out and says that there are two guys claiming the ROH World Title and, since he was never defeated for the title and also pinned the guy currently recognized as the champion in Texas, he demands to face Cole in New Orleans. Nigel agrees and says that Briscoe and Cole will face off with both title belts hung above the ring in Ladder War V. Adam Cole comes out to confront Briscoe, and Mike Bennett comes out of the crowd to sneak attack Jay and start a 2-on-1 beatdown. Mark Briscoe runs out with a chair to make the save.

-Tommaso Ciampa defeated Jay Lethal to retain the TV Title. This was a really good, hard fought match that played off their history when Lethal was defending the title against Ciampa. Truth Martini cam to ringside and got into a scuffle with Matt Taven, who was on commentary, and the referee got distracted trying to get them out of the ring and didn't see Lethal cradle Ciamnpa and have him pinned for seven or eight seconds. Ciampa rolled through by the time the ref turned around and hit Project Ciampa for the win. Lethal blew his stack after the loss, screaming at Ciampa and the referee and (very) grudgingly shaking Ciampa's hand before leaving the ring, kicking the barricade on his way out.


-The Decade defeated Andrew Everett and Adrenaline Rush in a competitive six man tag. Everett got a good chance to stand out here by nearly pinning Strong off a shooting star press before Strong put him away with the vertical suplex backbreaker. All six men got a standing ovation afterward.

-RD Evans defeated the Romantic Touch by countout. I couldn't quite catch what caused the Touch to get counted out, but I'm guessing it must have been something romantic involving Veda Scott because she acted all grossed out when she got in the ring afterward, and the Touch was smoking a cigarette while walking to the back. RD Evans proclaims the virtues of the new streak and promises to beat every wrestling in ROH until he's the only real man left standing. Silas Young comes out of the back and chases Evans and his entourage off, then tears up Evans' 41-0 sign.

-Cedric Alexander defeated Adam Page in a really athletic match, and they took some sick bumps in this one before Alexander put Page away with a pop up backbreaker. Roderick Strong came out afterward and got in Page's face about something, then walked off and left Page in the ring looking disappointed.

-Jay and Mark Briscoe defeated Adam Cole and Mike Bennett. Solid tag team match, it's good to see the Briscoes still work as a team from time to time. Mark was in crazy spot mode, hitting a couple of dives and then taking a spear through the timekeeper's table from Bennett. The last two or three minutes was Jay and Cole going at it until Jay pinned Cole clean with the Jay Driller. Great way to put some heat on Cole going into their title match in New Orleans.


-Silas Young won a four way match that included Matt Taven, Caprice Coleman, and a fourth gentleman whose name I didn't catch. All four men were going at it at the end when Silas rolled Coleman up and put his feet on the ropes for the win.

-reDRagon defeated Brutal Bob Evans and Cheeseburger with Chasing The Dragon. Hanson and Raymond Rowe came out to the entranceway to watch the match, and had a staredown with reDRagon after the match.

-The show closed with AJ Styles and Michael Elgin tearing it up in a killer match that went to a time limit draw. They wanted to restart the match, but Adam Cole ran in and cleaned both their clocks with the title belt before that could happen. Jay Briscoe and Kevin Steen came out to try and corner Cole, but he escaped through the crowd. Steen got a microphone and put each of the other three men over before telling them that the title is coming back to him. Briscoe got the microphone and thanked the fans for supporting the company to wrap up the show.


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