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Resistance Pro ‘The Battle Rages On’ Results 3.22.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.22.2014

- Resistance Pro sent out the following today…
THANK YOU: to all the fans, friends, faculty, and staff that came out to Saint Francis de Sales High School in Chicago to make THE BATTLE RAGES ON... on Friday March 21st, 2014 a truly memorable event! Here's what went down:

Heavyweight Champion JOCEPHUS (w/EVE) came to the ring with a "guitar wizard" and played a new rendition of his shocking popular "Come With Me" song to the disbelief of the live crowd. Part Jim Morrison, part Jim Jones, and totally uncomfortable yet oddly captivating. Near the end of the performance, Executive Producer and manager of DA SOUL TOUCHAZ, C-RED came out to put an end to the delusional performance.

After being physically threatened by the intimidating EVE, RED walked right in to a chokeslam from the Heavyweight Champion. As DA SOUL TOUCHAZ tended to their fallen manager, JOCEPHUS and his crew exited stealthily backstage.

1) "The Southern Savior" JOHN SKYLER made his return to R-Pro after a lengthy absence and had a show stealing bout with the ever-popular "The Muay Thai Warrior" COBRA. Fans who had never witnessed live pro wrestling were in utter shock at the incredible athleticism both men put on display, and those familiar with these men were treated to a true clinic of high-flying derring do. After more dives than a Guy Fierri TV marathon, SKYLER emerged victorious to the dismay of the electrified crowd.

2) In a Fatal Four Way bout for the Saint Francis de Sales House Cup, SUGE D defeated "Big C" CHRIS CASTRO, "Marvelous" MATT KNICKS, and RAPHAEL KING. There was definitely some dissension between TWO STAR HEROES partners KNICKS and CASTRO which ultimately led to SUGE pinning KNICKS. After the match, SUGE grabbed the mic from ZACH THOMPSON and asked WARDEN MYERS when he and EPIC were going to be freed as they were promised a few years back. WARDEN MYERS let the crowd know that he is a man of his word and at DON'T TREAD on April 25th, if SUGE emerges victorious in his match, he will be freed. The catch is the match is against his LOCK UP partner and best friend EPIC, and if he loses, he'll have to serve not only the rest of his sentence, but the remainder of EPIC's as well!

3) In the latest chapter of their ongoing saga, Lance Storm Wrestling Academy graduate JAKE O'NEILL was challenged by his former manservant SCOTTY "The Kid" YOUNG after winning the "Pick Your Poison, Pal!" Battle Royal last month. The evenly matched competitors took it to each other tooth-and-nail as the crowd watched from the edges of their seats. In the end, the crafty O'NEILL earned the victory and further bragging rights in this heated rivalry.

4) In the first-ever 5-on-5 "Captain Falls" match for the RESISTANCE Pro Women's Championship, TEAM MICKIE (MICKIE "Moose" KNUCKLES, CAMRON STAR, DEVYN NICOLE, LUCY MENDEZ, and ERYN) challenged TEAM D'ARCY (Women's Champion D'ARCY DIXON, THUNDERKITTY, PALOMA STARR, ANGEL DUST, and AMAZING MARIA). Lots of fast-paced action in this elimination bout which saw TEAM MICKIE gain a 5-to-2 advantage against their opponents! Samuel J. Thompson Memorial Tournament winner PALOMA STARR rose to the occasion defeating three of her rival team members before ultimately being pinned! It was then down to D'ARCY DIXON vs. LUCY MENDEZ and MICKIE KNUCKLES. After eliminating the ever dangerous MENDEZ, DIXON and KNUCKLES tore in to each other with their trademark ferocity. Despite the Women's Championship being at stake, KNCUKLES decided to brandish a steel folding chair against her opponent and was therefore disqualified by the referee. We'd find out later on that this rivalry is about to come to a head VERY shortly...

5) After belittling the history and tradition of St. Francis de Sales (and getting legitimately attacked by a faculty member for his remarks), "The Ego" ROBERT ANTHONY took on the ever-popular (and incredibly chiseled) "The Boss" BOBBY LASHLEY in a brawl that went all over the arena! Tables, chairs, and bodies were flying everywhere as the two longtime opponents went at it to the delight of the excited crowd. Despite his best attempts at outmaneuvering the "The Boss", EGO finally fell to the amazing brute force and wrestling prowess that is BOBBY LASHLEY!

6) ERIC ST. VAUGHN rapped the newly improved BODY MAGIC to the ring and introduced their two newest members. Teaming with "The Male Model" ASHTON VUITTON that evening would be the incredibly muscular addition "The Inspiration" BRADY PIERCE. And the new "First Lady" of BODY MAGIC is the twerkin', jerkin' jewel RAY LYN. Strengthening their numbers did not translate in to winning the Tag Team Championship that night as DA SOUL TOUCHAZ ("Hot Chocolate" ACID JAZ and "The Urban American Dream" WILLIE "Da Bomb" RICHARDSON) proved yet again why they are the best team around. The crowd roared with approval when the referee counted "three" and BODY MAGIC was sent back to the gym to regroup.

7) Fast rising star "Mr. M-80" MARSHE ROCKETT challenged Heavyweight Champion JOCEPHUS (w/EVE) in one of the most surprising and exhilarating bouts of the evening. ROCKETT controlled most of the match leaving the Champion shocked and scurrying to regroup. As Head Referee ROBERT KING struggled to maintain order, his twin brother JUSTIN came out of the crowd and inserted himself in the fracas! This allowed EVE to become involved by distracting ROCKETT to walk in to JOCEPHUS' finisher. The match ended with ALL of DA SOUL TOUCHAZ, COBRA, JUSTIN and ROBERT KING arguing in the ring and the Champion to walk triumphantly back to the dressing room away from the chaos he was involved in!

RESISTANCE Pro returns on Friday April 25th to The Barn at Arabian Knights in Willowbrook, IL with DON'T TREAD! Tickets for this ALL AGES SHOW which is also a TV TAPING are on sale NOW at RESISTANCEpro.com! Matches already announced include:

First Blood Match for the RESISTANCE Pro Women's Championship:

Fight for Freedom - Winner released from prison:


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