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WWE House Show Results 3.21.14: Bridgeport, CT
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.22.2014

Credit Stephen Signore and f4wonline.com

Sheamus vs. Del Rio- Sheamus came out to a huge ovation. Del Rio had major heat. Typical match between these two with Sheamus delivering the Brogue Kick for the win.

  • Darren Young vs. Cesaro- crowd was dead for most of this match until Cesaro did the spin. Young got zero crowd reaction. Cesaro won.

  • Alicia Fox vs. Aksana- ZZZZZZ. The fans had a chance to vote via Twitter for a dance off or a match. Match surprisingly won. Aksana lulled the crowd to sleep with a series of headlocks. Alicia Fox won with a flurry of offensive moves, but I'm not sure anyone cared.

  • Sandow vs. Henry- A rematch of Bad Santa/Good Santa. Sandow built up heat earlier in the night on the big screen. Came out to the loudest heat of the night. There were some Henry chants. They both played to the crowd pretty good. Henry won with the World's Strongest Slam.

  • Wyatts vs. The Shield- Shield received a hero's welcome. Face pop for sure! They played to the fans at the top of the steps before working their way to the ring. Wyatts got a mixed reaction. Limited action in the first five minutes, with Ambrose taking most of the bumps. Then chaos ensued with the typical flurry of moves you've seen with these two groups in recent memory. Eventually Reigns delivered the spear to (can't remember exactly if it was Rowan or Harper), but nevertheless they won. Shield soaked up the ovation for several minutes afterward, tagging hands and even did an encore play to the crowd at the top of the ramp. Crowd was eating it up!

  • Intermission

  • Bad News Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston- Bad News came out and cut a pretty dull promo. He won with the Bull Hammer. Actually dominated most of the match.

  • Triple Threat Tag Title Match: Rybaxel/Rhodes/Usos- Crowd had very little interest in the match until the very end when the Usos did their signature leap over the top rope onto the other teams. Ryback was trying to draw heat but it wasn't really taking. There was dissension between the face teams. The Usos won. Shook hands with the Rhodes while Rybaxel was on their way up the ramp.

  • Orton vs. Cena in a cage: Took forever to get the cage up. Lukewarm reaction to Orton, obvious face pop for Cena. Not many boos. Same old same old with these two. Orton won. Went back in with a chair but Cena snagged it from him and beat him down to send the kiddies home happy.


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