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More Detailed ROH Flyin' High Results 3.22.14 - Dayton, Ohio
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 03.23.2014

Credit: Trent Van Drisse & PWInsider

ROH made its return to the Montgomery County Fairgrounds Coliseum in Dayton, Ohio last night with a show titled "Flyin' High", and my Wife and I were there. It was a good show for the most part, and most of the seats set up appeared to be "occupied", along with people standing on the sides. Not a super hot crowd, but they kept making noise at the "right times" all night. This was taped for television with Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino the announcers. Scarlett Bordeaux was the ring announcer. They announced a return to Cincinnati on Friday, July 18th.

A. Moose & Cheeseburger beat Will Fererra & Davey Vega

Moose is a former NFL'er, and the crowd took to him right away. He has some potential.

Kevin Kelly announced the Briscoe Brothers were having travel issues, but would arrive in time for the main event.

1. Decade(Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer & Roderick Strong) w/Adam Page beat Tadarius Thomas, ACH & Caprice Coleman

Jacobs' tights were hideous. Not a great match, but it was fun. A surprising amount of big dives given this was the opener, but then again look who was in there on the babyface side. A double team Flapjack type move by Jacobs & Whitmer on ACH garnered Decade the victory.

Decade, and especially Whitmer, were carping a lot of Steve Corino after this match, and later in the evening. This is leading to something, and Corino got a babyface reaction here anyhow.

Adam Cole came out and he said he wanted to beat up both of the Briscoes by himself right now. Out came Michael Bennett & Marie dressed up as the Briscoes, complete with long beards. Eventually the real Briscoes ran in thru the crowd to end this malarkey, which set up the main event for tonight.

Next came two very bizarre legit injuries right in a row. We were sitting right against the guard rail on the entrance ramp, awesome spot by the way, and suddenly just one row up and three seats over from us a very obese man had his plastic chair break, and he hit the ground flat, with his head bouncing off the ground somewhat. It looked bad for a bit as he wasn't moving at all. It was "fat man down" for sure. He eventually got up, and they got him a large reinforced metal folding chair, and gave him free ROH merch.

Meanwhile very shortly after this, something flew into Kevin Kelly's eye at ringside, think it was something that flew off the mat in front of him, not something a fan threw or anything, and he had to run to the back, and missed calling much of the next match. He did return, with his eye looking legit red and watery, and I saw him getting a picture taken of the eye shortly before coming back to the desk. Two very peculiar incidents in a row there, both right in front of us.

2. RD Evans w/Veda Scott & a bald Black sign guy beat The Romantic Touch, Kyle O'Reilly & Silas Young in a four corners survival match

Midway through the match Silas Young started whipping Evans with a large leather strap, and thus was ejected from the contest. Truth Martini came out and met Young going up the ramp, so it looks like a new relationship being formed there. O'Reilly had Romantic Touch in an arm bar submission, but Evans swooped in with a jackknife pin on Touch during this to win it, so #Thestreakcontinues! Very slick looking and creative finish.

3. Michael Elgin beat Cedric Alexander

Elgin held Alexander up in a delayed suplex for a full minute. A long and rather physical match. It was good, but I felt it kind of dragged a few times. They badly wanted us to think Alexander had a real chance to win here. Towards that end, there was an awesome flash roll up for an extremely near fall by Alexander down the stretch, as Elgin was hitting his finishing sequence. Elgin then landed his buckle bomb/spinning power bomb finisher to win it.


4. Kevin Steen beat Bobby Fish w/Kyle O'Reilly by DQ

Steen does look somewhat thinner/more toned. This was short, and they basically did nothing. O'Reilly ran in and attacked Steen for the DQ on Fish after Steen blew his nose on them. RD Evans, of all people, made the save for Steen, brandishing a multi-colored suitcase.

After much discussion it was finally decided a tag team right now was in order, so.....

5. Kevin Steen & RD Evans w/Veda Scott beat ReDRagon(Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly by DQ

Veda Scott came to ringside, very concerned that Evans was putting "The streak" on the line here in impromptu fashion. Speaking of fashion, the outfit Evans wore tonight...Straight out of the Bee Gee's 70's closet, I think....Steen hit the Package Piledriver on Fish, and threw Evans on top for the cover, but O'Reilly ran in with a chair for another DQ on ReDRagon. So, "Thestreakcontinues"! Now allegedly up to 67-0!

6. Tomasso Ciampa beat Matt Taven to retain the ROH TV title

This one got off to a torrid fast start, but the crowd was more quiet here, though not bored with it. The crowd did take to chanting "Twinkie" during this match every time hefty ref Todd Sinclair made a count. Truth Martini came out, with a reluctant Selezia in tow, but she did low blow Taven, which allowed Ciampa to hit "Project Ciampa" for the win and TV title retention, in this the only title match of the evening. Martini then dissed Selezia after the match, clearly just using her for the moment. Looks like Ciampa and Taven may meet again soon. Nothing was settled here.

Scarlett announced Dayton advanced tonight in the NCAA tourny, which of course got a big pop.

7. AJ Styles beat Chris Hero by submission

I bought tickets to this event long before this match was announced, so I was thrilled when it was. This is what I was looking forward to the most, and it delivered. It took them a few minutes to get in sync with each other, but once they did, it was off to the races. Some very stiff strikes, especially kicks, by Hero in this one. Styles finally caught Hero in the Calf Killer for the submission victory. Interesting no attempt at all from Styles for the Styles Clash. Easily the match of the night.

Hero cut a hometown promo after the match, even giving out his childhood address in Dayton, and pointing out his mother in the audience. Jimmy Jacobs came out and said Hero wasn't welcome back in ROH, and the rest of Decade attacked him. BJ Whitmer was again barking heavily at Steve Corino here.

8. The Briscoe Brothers beat Adam Cole & Michael Bennett w/Maria

Bennett & Maria were still sporting the Briscoe look, sans the long beards. The crowd was quiet early, hard to follow Styles vs Hero, but they got into it when some hot brawling on the outside occurred. Bennett eventually put Mark Briscoe thru a table on floor with a wicked looking side slam off the apron, taking himself out in the process. This left Cole and Jay alone to battle it out, and great back and forth action ensued from both men. Jay finally managed to hit the Jay-Driller to win it. This of course sets up their ladder war at Super Card of Honor in New Orleans for all the marbles.

Predictable finish here, but predictable in a good way, real good stuff. Michael Elgin came out and said he wanted the winner of Adam Cole vs Jay Briscoe.


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