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Report From Hulk Hogan Promoting WrestleMania on Huffington Post Live
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 03.24.2014

Credit: PWInsider

As we noted earlier today, Hogan appearing on Huffington Post Live. He said that the process of him to return to the company started a few years ago when he saw HHH at a Toys R Us charity event in NYC. He said HHH came up to him and asked, "When are you coming home?" Hogan said he didn't think Vince wanted him back but HHH told him that Vince would love to see Hogan come home. Hogan said what was weird because TNA's then-PR guy Mike Weber was right next to him.

Hogan was asked about his time with TNA. He said they were cool and stood by him during all his back surgeries. He said that his contract expired on a Monday and the next Saturday, he was in NYC signing at a Comicon and he received a text from HHH checking in. Hogan said that he told him he was officially unemployed and planning his next move and it went from there.

Hogan said that the timing for a return was great. He said Vince McMahon is great to people personally, but if you cross the line with him on a business-level, you are done. Hogan admitted that he did cross the line with Vince in the past and said, "Honestly, I didn't know the boundaries. There's personal and there's business." He said he didn't understand how things work as well as much as he did now. He said that if anyone crossed a line in their relationship, it was him.

Hogan said that he hasn't wrestled in two years since he wrestled Sting at Bound for Glory and "I didn't do much" and teased that you can never say never in WWE. He said that he had a lot of fun in the ring with The Wyatt Family last week. Hogan did say we'd never see him do a legdrop again.

They brought Jimmy Hart on to push the Network. The Ultimate Warrior was brought up. Hogan said that they don't really talk but he's excited to see him go into the WWE Hall of Fame. He said they were cool and Warrior was cool with his kids back in the day. He said that they were cool until there was a lawsuit over videotapes and once Hogan gave a deposition, that was it.

Hart was asked about his favorite people to manage other than Hogan and he talked about Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Valiant and a few others. Hogan went into work mode and tried to claim Jerry Lawler went over the line when he "spiked" Andy Kaufman's neck.

During the appearance, they aired a clip of Hogan on the show a few years ago about the sex tape that leaked out where he defended Bubba the Love Sponge and said he didn't think he had leaked it. They then asked him about it, noting that his "best friend" was indeed the person who leaked it. Hogan said it was TMZ who called him and told him that Bubba was responsible. Hogan said it was the hardest he had ever been kicked but he forgives. He said he doesn't have time for hate. When he was asked if they have spoken since, Hogan said he didn't call him when he found out and "can't talk about…you know, legal settings…" Hogan said that he's at a point in his life where he thinks, "What now" not "So what?"

Hogan said he's been married to his new wife for four years and they've been together for seven. Hogan said that his kids are "solid" and doing what they need to do. He said that the cool part is that Nick Hogan is DJing now. He said Nick and Brooke both live in the same building in apartments next to each other and are still trying music.

Hogan was asked by a caller who he'd like to see come back. Hogan said if he had a wish, it would be Steve Austin. He said that he'd "like to drag Cena" around for a half hour but Hogan vs. Austin would be special.

Hogan said that he doesn't know how to explain it, but when he's in the ring, he's in the moment with that energy and it's the ultimate high. He said that's what he misses the most about not wrestling.


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