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Hulk Hogan Discusses The WWE Network, WrestleMania, More
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.27.2014

Credit Dave Whitaker and Pwinsider.com

Hulk Hogan was on ESPN2's SportsNation Wednesday. He was on for two segments Max Kellerman asked who was bigger in wrestling than Hogan. Hogan said Andre The Giant. When Kellerman mentioned Hogan slamming Andre, he rsponded that was a long time ago. Hogan mentioned being in the ring with John Cena and Arnold Schwartzenegger and said it (Hulkamania) was running wilder than ever.

Kellerman asked if Hogan was ready for the questions, Hogan asked Kellerman if he was ready for Wrestlemania. Asked if he had any advice for Lebron James (James and Miami were getting ready to take on Indiana) Hogan said James should go back to his roots and believe in himself. When a few fans booed, Hogan said "I slammed Andre the Giant and I'll slam this entire audience" which got a big cheer.

Kellerman said the poll question of SportsNation was tonight's game a big one, yes or no. Hogan proceeded to rip off his T-shirt to reveal a a white T-Shirt with "Yes" written in green letters shirt. He began doing the "yes" motion and fans chanted yes. During the three cheers section, Marcellus Wiley asked if Hogan had ever tried another sport, Hogan mentioned baseball. He said he was a Yankees fan. Kellerman asked if Hogan thought the Yankees would "do it" *I'm guessing he meant make the playoffs* in Derek Jeter's final year, he said "oh yeah."

They did "Five Questions" with Hogan after the break. First one was what brought him back to WWE. Hogan mentioned it being the 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania and how Mr. T helped get the entertainment thing going during WM 1 and now T is being inducted into the Hall of Fame. He mentioned how during all those years Hogan was referred to as "immortal" and with the WWE network, he was. Because generations could sit together and watch his matches. So it was a perfect time for him to come back.

His best moment in 30 years? Breaking the indoor attendance record and slamming Andre. Hogan said Andre usually was around 600 pounds despite being announced at 500. What current wrestler would he like to talke on? John Cena. Hogan said he loved Cena but sort of accused him of gimmick infringment with Cena's "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" being a rip-off of "training, prayers, vitamins." When Kellerman joked about a heel turn, Hogan said "I've been known to turn on a dime."

What physical toll did wrestling take on him? Hogan prefaced his answer by responding to those who call the sport fake. He admitted that endings were pre-determined but said the toll on him was two knee replacements, two hip replacements, and nine back surgeries. Wiley asked what the criteria was on who would win the matches. Hogan mentioned the storylines and said it depended on the political atmosphere and "what's best for business."

When Kellerman said storylines had to be written for Hulk to win during the peak of Hulkamania because of how over he was Hogan said yes but it was a different time. He said there weren't guys like Rock around. When Kellerman brought up Jimmy Snuka and Sgt. Slaughter, Hogan said they'd send him in one direction, Snuka and Slaughter in another. Hogan said they'd wrestle 400 times a year and that's why knees and backs would give out.

When Kellerman said it sounded like football injuries, Hogan said football players wouldn't survive it. When Wiley challenged him, Hogan said he took it back and said Steve McMichael did a great job and also mentioned Kevin Green as having done well. Interestingly, he called Karl Malone was the best athlete to come in for a short period of time saying "he through me around like a rag doll." He called Dennis Rodman "the best entertainer" to cross over from another sport.

On the NFL outlawing goalpost dunks after touchdowns. Hogan said "If that knucklehead (referring to Jimmy Grahm) hadn't bent the goalpost, we wouldn't have an issue." They played a video of Hogan giving a hype speech for the New England Patriots posted on Hogan's Facebook page. Kellerman wanted to know how Hogan continued to bring the same level of energy. When asked if he was still a Pats fan, Hogan said no.

He really came off as a bandwagon fan saying that he supported Tampa Bay because he lived there and because of what Tony Dungee and Jon Gruden did, he was a Cowboys fan briefly when his daughter Brooke was engaged to one, then was a Patriots fan because of how Brady was doing but said he may become a Seattle fan because of their success this year. Hogan kept saying during this part "I'm lost." Wiley told him to go home to Tampa since they had a new coach.

Hogan was asked about his NCAA basketball national championship pick. After talking about who was in it, Hogan (who was wearing another Hulk says T-Shirt) rips it off to reveal a Florida shrit and said he was thinking about going back to Florida. Kellerman and Wiley clapped as fans chanted "Hogan" to end the appearance.


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