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Another Live Report From WrestleMania 30
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.07.2014

Credit: Gary Thomas and: prowrestling.net:

I attended WrestleMania 30 live, at nearly 29 years old this was not only my first WrestleMania, but my first WWE live event period. I can say if you get the chance to go to a WrestleMania, take it, it is quite the experience. I thought I might compile a list of things I noticed from my seat. I took notes as the show progressed (with random time stamps).

I really liked the set (the parts I could see), especially the long ramp with the LED panels on the sides.

5:27: The Real Americans made their entrance, for the pre-show Tag Title match. They received a pretty good reaction. I think they were easily the crowd favorites to win this match.

When the Usos hit their double splash though, the crowd, the crowd popped big for the win.

After the match when Zeb tried to get the Real Americans to shake hands their was a sizable "No!" chant. Then a huge pop for the Cesaro Swing.

6:05: Hulk Hogan entered to a massive reaction from the crowd. They seemed pretty into Hogan, until he said "Silverdome."

6:09: The glass shattered and the crowds reaction eclipsed anything they had done previously. Austin got a good laugh at Hogan's expense with the "Silverdome" comment.

6:13: The Rock's entrance got a good reaction, maybe a little less intense than Hogan's. Which makes sense as he has been around more often. Their was a mixed reaction for the hug in the ring. Rock also got a laugh for Hogan's gaff, which ended up turning an embarrassing moment into something memorable.

6:24: The WWE staff began setting up Triple H's throne on the stage.

6:28: Stephanie McMahon got huge boos.

Triple H got a decent reaction for the removal of his golden armor. I though it was cool that the LED strips on the ramp had "If you want peace, prepare for war" displayed, though it is not a phrase I can remember Triple H using before.

6:33: Massive pop for Daniel Bryan. Most of the fans in the lower seats were participating in the the Yes chant, not so much for the ones higher up.

Bryan's DDT from the apron to the floor looked ugly. Then, I felt the arm-breaker/slam on the table from Section 636.

6:48: Bryan got a good reaction for reaching the ropes while in the cross-face.

6:51: Triple H surprised everyone by busting out a Tiger Suplex.

6:55: I just noticed that Daniel Bryan's boots/kick-pads looked kind of fuzzy. Weird.

7:01: HUGE Pop when Bryan got the three count after the running knee. Then Triple H got a lot of boos for his post match attack.

7:06: For some reason the New Age Outlaws still got a baby-face reaction when they made their entrance. This reaction did not last.

I thought that this match should just have been three spears and a pin during the Shield's entrance. I was then surprised when the Shield basically squashed the heels. The crowd really responded to the double powerbomb.

All the Battle Royal guys, made their way out during the legend's backstage segment. I found it odd that only Big Show and Sheamus got entrances.

There was a little bit of Fandango-ing when he eliminated Big E. Then, Sheamus winded himself when he counted to 30(I think) with his chest strikes to Fandango.

Kofi Kingston going over the corner and landing on the steps was cool. If he had landed on his feet though it would have been awesome.

There was a great reaction when Cesaro lifted the Big Show, and walked him over to the ropes. That man is stronger than he has any right to be.

Bray Wyatt made his entrance as a clear fan favorite. The arena clapped along to the entrance music.

Cena got the usually mix of boos and cheers for his entrance.

The crowd had an interesting mixed response when Bray Wyatt used the crab walk to stop the 5-knuckle shuffle.

8:00-The crowd popped for Wyatt kicking out of the Attitude Adjustment. They really wanted Wyatt to win.

As the match went on Cena seemed to win over his detractors, the "Let's Go Cena" chants kept up sporadically, but the "Cena Sucks" never got back to the level of his entrance or the beginning of the match.

8:05: When Cena actually made the cover for the win there was a more positive reaction overall. I really liked the story they told in this match with Cena struggling with doubt, and then having to stop himself from going too far. If only the build to the match had supported this story.

The crowd seemed impressed by caskets lined up on the stage for Undertaker's entrance

There was a palpable sense of anticipation for Undertaker and Lesnar to lock-up.

I don't think anyone bought into the first finishers they traded.

It is odd hearing a child chant for the Hell's Gate.

The crowd bought into the fall when Lesnar caught Undertaker out of Old-School and hit the F-5.

The actually finish was completely anti-climatic and sucked all of the energy out of the crowd. I along with many other stared mouth-agape for a few seconds. There is no way that was the planned finish.

The crowd rained crap on the Divas match.

Why did so many of the women start napping at ringside? Was it a protest for the Undertaker finish?

I really liked the way that AJ Lee tricked the ref into thinking her opponent tapped out.

Roddy Piper got a pretty good pop.

My section was covering its ears in anticipation of Batista's pyro, it was strange when it didn't happen.

Bryan got a great response again.

Randy Orton got cheers from the ladies and boos from the men.

The Powerbomb/RKO through the table was scary.

There was a huge pop when Daniel Bryan got off the stretcher.

My heart skipped a beat when Orton RKO'd Batista and he kicked out at 3 9/10ths. After the Undertaker finish all the rules were off.

Great reaction to the running knee to Batista, then a huge pop when he tapped to the Yes! Lock.

Bryan continued to celebrate as the crowd was covered in glitter and confetti.

Notes: I thought this was a pretty good show. The experience of being there live is unparalleled, especially at the beginning when everyone is excited and energetic.

The finish of the Undertaker match absolutely deflated the crowd and made everything after feel strange. If that was an abrupt finish due to injury, then I hope the Undertaker is OK, but there had to be another way.

Daniel Bryan's victory got the crowd back a little but it could have been even better. However it was nice to see WWE stick to a story that had a totally obvious outcome, and needed to be told.

If I get another chance to go to a WrestleMania I will certainly be going. It was an overall positive experience. Being there live makes it easier to get caught-up in the moment, and stop looking at things through the eyes of a smart fan.


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