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WWE News: Kofi Kingston Possibly Injured, Lesnar vs. Undertaker Cost Betting Websites Big-Time
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.07.2014

- Kofi Kingston was is believed to have been injured during his Superstars match. Kofi needed to be helped to the back.

- A new article on FOX Sports notes that several sports betting sites lost big money on the Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker match. Several people bet on Lesnar and he was such a clear underdog that it paid out heavily. Bovada manager Kevin Bradley said that they took around 1,000 wagers on the bout and that eight times more people bet on Lesnar.

- Here is another report of problems with the crowd at WrestleMania via WrestleZone:

This is Jesus Gonzales, my girlfriend and I TRIED to stay at WrestleMania last night. But like the crowd mob that was mentioned earlier, we were in the same area trying to get to section 111. We were stuck in between 113 & 111 for over 40 minutes in a standstill line. There was pushing and shoving. I can only describe it as an upward escalator with people walking downward, while the people were still trying to go up. It was chaotic & ultimately frustrating.

There were kids, with tears in their eyes out of fear. I've been to 2 other Wrestlemanias, so to say this wasn't expected is an understatement. I've never experienced so much hassle to get to my seats.

There were at one point, EMTs with bikes, making their way through the crowd to tend to someone. Concessions on carts selling food making their way through the standstill lines as well.

At one point, I had a small group of children tap me on the shoulder with food in hand, ask me if we could move so that they can get to their already seated parents. Tears & fear in the children's eyes. At that point my girlfriend & I, FORCED a lane to get to the section the children needed to get to. Along with another gentleman right behind us helping the children.

We were able to get to our seats at the beginning of entrances for the preshow, but had to search for our seats, as there were no ushers to help you find your seats. We had to search & ask fans what row & section they were in, as the lights had already begun to dim.

My girlfriend was too short to see, not anyone's fault there. As she started to watch the big screens instead of the ring, all I could think of was, "Do I really want to exit this arena with over 70,000 people, if it was extremely hectic with just a portion of us trying to get seated?"

We made the decision based on safety to leave the arena & watch back at the hotel on the Network. The Superdome was clearly unorganized & it was the worst wrestling experience I've ever had. It won't stop me from going to Dallas for 32 however, because the odds of this happening again I feel are slim. I would've loved to had stayed and watched live, but I couldn't risk her health & safety. Especially, since she was already having a slight panic attack, due to the standstill lines with everyone hovering over her. It was elbow to elbow, back to back, with NOWHERE to move to. By far, worse than anyone's nightmare. It was tighter than 6 circus clowns inside of a Hot Wheel!


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