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The Kliq Remembers the Infamous Madison Square Garden 'Curtain Call'
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.17.2014

- Most people who are wrestling fans are pretty well aware that when you mention "Curtain Call" in terms of the industry, you aren't just talking about any random final bow. 1996 saw the infamous Kliq--Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels and Triple H--break kayfabe after a match at Madison Square Garden to embrace each other in the ring just before Hall and Nash headed to WCW. The event was incredibly controversial at the time and resulted in Triple H getting heavily depushed as punishment. Now, WWE.com has an interview with Nash, Hall and Michaels, as well as fellow Kliq member Sean Waltman, about the incident.

When asked if it was planned ahead of time, Michaels said, "It was talked about in Europe then it was never talked about again. We had done a European tour, then we came back and had this last run. For us, not that we needed a reason to celebrate something, but everything was the last time we'll be doing this, the last time we'll be doing that...Then, that night, as best as I can recall, it was Hunter coming up and going, 'Hey, are we doing that thing we talked about?' I don't think anybody remembered it."

Hall shared his memories of the moment itself, noting, "I remember standing in the ring and we're all there together. It was unheard of, but the people appreciated it. I remember looking at Kev, we're all hugging and I remember thinking we all made it."

Nash added, "I remember and I think we may have even said it in the ring that night that we weren't disbanding The Kliq...We're going to go down south and take over Ford Motor Company. You guys run GM and we'll run the automobile industry."

Michaels shared one interesting note, considering the reaction and the punishment of Triple H after. He said, "I remember Vince came up to me after and said, 'Did that mean a lot to you?' I said, 'Yes it did.' 'Then it meant a lot to me.' And he was fine. It was fine that night...It was not a big deal until it became a big deal. It didn't become a big deal to us until it became a big deal to Vince."

You can check out the article, which is a great read, at the above link.


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