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Second WWE House Show Report 5.15.14 - Newcastle, England
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 05.15.2014

Credit: Charlotte Blanckley & PW.net

The night started with Justin Roberts announcing Daniel Bryan's injury. He said we had twenty minutes to get a refund if we wanted one. He was interrupted by Randy Orton, who called out Roman Reigns. They started to throw punches but were interrupted by Rybaxel and their new hats! Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins followed. Brad Maddox came out and announced a tag match for Rybaxel and Ambrose and Rollins to start right away, and Reigns and Orton in a street fight main event.

1. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel. Entertaining match with Ambrose and Ryback doing the brunt of the work and Rollins and Axel tagging in for an exciting finish. Ambrose and Ryback are just as interesting to watch when they are on the apron. Ryback cracked a few jokes and Ambrose danced a lot for some reason... Rollins and Ambrose's synchronized dive through the second rope looks perfect in person. The crowd was pretty dead throughout apart from one 'this is awesome' chant towards the end.

2. Rusev (w/Lana) defeated Sin Cara. Lana came out and gave her Putin speech, which fell flat on a crowd that was made up of mainly eight year-old John Cena fans. Notably, she did not introduce him as 'the Bulgarian brute' and his Titantron video heavily featured the Russian flag so, yeah, I think along with removing his first name, we're also pretending he's Russian now. The match was over fairly quickly. Sin Cara tapped out to the Accolade.

3. Paige, Cameron, and Naomi beat Tamina, Rosa Mendes, and Layla. Paige was introduced as being from Norwich to a big pop. For some reason, the fact Layla is also English wasn't mentioned and she came out to Tamina's music. The match was pretty messy and dull until Tamina and Paige tagged in. Paige pinned Tamina for the win and the Funkadactyls joined her to celebrate. They coaxed Paige into doing the running man for about five seconds, then she left them to it. Throughout the match, Paige had to work really hard to get the crowd behind it, starting a 'Funk-A-Dactyls' chant herself.

4. Adrian Neville defeated Bo Dallas to retain the NXT Championship. Bo Dallas came out and said that Adrian Neville had Bo-lieved as a child that one day he would defend the NXT Championship in his home town of Newcastle. Bo said sorry to Mamma Neville, who he knew was at the show, because he was going to pin her boy. Neville came out to the biggest pop of the night. There were chants of 'Neville's a Geordie' and 'Aye, Aye, Aye' went round. Neville pulled off an incredible Red Arrow to pin Bo and win. Neville definitely won over some new fans tonight whereas people seemed confused as to why we were booing Bo.

5. Big Show defeated Kane in a cage match. It was only a small steel cage that was basically the same height as them so it didn't look that impressive. Still a solid match that Big Show won by leaving the cage. The crowd responded with a 'yes' chant and Kane grabbed both refs by the throat, Maddox ran out to stop him and ended up being choke slammed himself.

Throughout the night we had been voting for either a match or a dance off between Fandango and Mark Henry. Dance off won, I assume it always does. Fandango went first and did his usual thing. Mark Henry moonwalked to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" whilst wearing one sparkly white glove, it was pretty funny! He went into the splits and Fandango stomped him. Mark Henry beat him down pretty quickly and got a little girl out of the crowd to dance in the ring with him. The crowd was definitely warming up by this point.

6. Bad News Barrett defeated Rob Van Dam, Big E, and Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) in a four-way to retain the Intercontinental Title. Swagger and Colter came out first to mock England and Newcastle, saying they weren't as good as Sunderland. Swagger had a Newcastle shirt that he stomped on. When he took his jacket off his wrestling attire was trunks and a top that looked like one of those American flag crop tops they sell to girls in primark. It was an interesting look. Fairly entertaining match with RVD and BNB getting the biggest pops, Swagger being booed, and no one really caring about Big E.

7. Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton in a Street Fight. Very entertaining match, both men attacked each other with sticks and Reigns getting out a table, he went to spear Orton through it but missed and went through himself. Just as my brother said "wait, if it's no disqualification, why don't Dean and Seth come out?" Rybaxel came out and started attacking Reigns. They were followed shortly after by Rollins and Ambrose who brought a chair. Rollins and Ambrose cleared the ring, leaving Reigns to Superman punch Orton and pin him for the win. The Shield celebrated to huge cheers from the crowd.

Notes: Although the crowd took an awful long time to warm up due to it mainly seeming to be full of people who'd only come for Bryan or Cena (Cena was never meant to be on in Newcastle), once the crowd warmed up the atmosphere was far better, and I didn't really miss Bryan. The night belonged to The Shield, who all proved themselves to be main eventers and more than capable of filling the fan favourite spots of Punk and Bryan.


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