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Matt Striker Talks About WWE's Commentary Style, WWE's ECW, More
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 05.26.2014

- Here is a new interview (with highlights) from Matt Striker on the In Your Head Wrestling show:

On people yelling in your ear while doing commentary: "Again, this has always been brought up; people say they've heard guys like Mick Foley or Tazz say this or that. You have to understand; those guys had a much different relationship with Vince (McMahon) than I did. Mick Foley made millions of dollars with Vince; I'm sure they spoke to each other differently than Vince would speak to me. I can say that I never was straight-up yelled at in my ear. Did Vince give passionate direction? Sure, but you have to understand what the man wants. If Vince comes in your ear and says "Talk to me about how strong Sheamus is" and you just repeat what Vince says "Well, Sheamus is really strong" of course he's going to get angry. But if you go into a story about how strong Sheamus is, because Mark Henry noticed that Sheamus bench-pressed as much as he did in the gym earlier today, well now you're giving it some depth. And I think that once Vince realized that I understood what he was looking for, he kind of left me to my own devices, as bad as some of my devices may have been in hindsight."

On WWE's version of ECW and working with the original ECW guys: "Yeah, my thoughts were again, "Oh cool, I'm a part of something." Looking back, ECW really gave me a vehicle to get a little bit of quality television time and ECW also got me to WrestleMania. When else would Matt Striker get an opportunity to go to WrestleMania? I was real fortunate for that, and some of the matches that we had I'm real proud of. The matches with guys like Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Stevie Richards, Danny Doring, and Guido, they weren't wrestling matches; those were fights. You fight those guys, and you end up either becoming really close friends with them, or you can't stand the sight of their face."


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