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Another Fan Report From Monday’s WWE Raw Show
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.04.2014

Credit Kyle Garner and prowrestling.net:

I sat a few rows back from the announcers table. The crowd was actually pretty into both of the Superstars matches that were taped. My section was really behind Paige and Big E during their respective matches. This was kind of the theme for the night, with the faces being mostly cheered and the heels mostly booed, but the crowd seemed pretty hot going into the show.

Evolution got a pretty good reaction. When Batista announced that he quit, it seemed like the entire arena popped pretty well. I don't know how it played out on television, but it definitely got a pretty good in arena reaction, with some people either chanting yes, yes, yes, cheering, or singing the nah nah nah song towards him. The fake wave at the end were a pretty good touch.

An excellent, hard-hitting match between Sheamus and RVD vs Barrett and Cesaro. RVD was massively over, and Sheamus actually received more boos that cheers from where I was sitting.

The Damian Sandow skit went over big in Indianapolis. When he announced LeBron James was the greatest player in the NBA currently, MASSIVE heat from my home state! I loved the skit and the live crowd really reacted towards him.

It was kind of annoying that they kept playing the beginning of the show to the audience. Once or twice was one thing, but it just felt like they were kind of shoving it down our throats for some reason.

The Stephanie McMahon and John Cena segment was pretty nice. Steph came out to major heat, while Cena received his usual mixed reaction. The jab about Stephanie's breast enlargement got a decent reaction from the crowd.

I don't know how it came off to the television audience, but the show kind of dragged on and on and felt like it lasted for hours and hours. When Adam Rose came out, I thought that was the match before the main event, but it was actually near the middle of the show! The show just felt like it was moving at a snails pace.

Dolph Ziggler received a very good reaction! Lots of "Lets go Ziggler" chants. Del Rio getting the win wasn't received very well.

The Shield came out to a very great reaction as well! When Randy Orton and Triple H came out and Triple H had the sledgehammer I knew something was up. Seth Rollins got the chair and blindsided his partners was met with absolute shock from the audience. It was awesome to see the various reactions on the people's faces. "You sold out" chant finally broke out as Rollins exited the ring to go with Orton and Hunter.

After Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose finally made their way to the back, Cena came out and then the Wyatt family came back to the ring. Bray led the sang along while Cena sang as well. The Wyatts came and ganged up on Cena but Cena prevailed and delivered the AA to Wyatt to get the win.

Like I said, it seemed like the show moved at a very slow pace, but I had a great time at the event. I can say that I was present when the Shield made their debut at Survivor Series 2012 in Indianapolis, and I was there when the Shield appears to have been broken up and no more for now. The heel turn from Rollins completely caught everyone in the arena off-guard.

Biggest Pops
Batista quitting
The Usos
Stephanie McMahon
Damian Sandow
Rollins Turn


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