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Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.05.2014

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Championship Roll Call:

 photo tna_impact_zps5e9008cd.jpeg


  • Welcome!

  • Match times are not exact.

  • Have fun tonight.

  • We get highlights from last week's show.

  • Kenny King looks for Samoa Joe backstage.

  • MVP and Lashley also look for Samoa Joe.

  • Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. Joe says there is an MVP that is looking for him. So he will make it easy to find him, so he is here in the ring, and they can meet to figure a few things out. MVP, King and Lashley make their way to the ring. King says that this is getting old. MVP is the director of wrestling operations, and some tough guy always comes out here like a whining woman. Joe cuts him off and tells MVP that King should be kissing his ass. MVP says if Joe has something to say then say it, because time is money. Joe calls him a lying, tyrant, scumbag. Joe trusted MVP, he vouched for him because MVP promised a new day. Joe says that power has corrupted MVP completely. MVP says that Joe threw a tantrum and went home, and didn't show for the gauntlet, and that Joe never did his job. Joe says tonight he should face the three of them to set the balances right. MVP says Joe is not that stupid.

    Austin Aries now makes his way to the ring. Aries says MVP seems to be stalling, because he wants no piece of Joe, because his tail is between his legs. Aries says MVP only fights when the deck is stacked in his favor. MVP says Joe is in breach of his contract. Aries says that MVP has to power to do what he wants, so MVP says since they want to fight; Joe can have a match tonight. If he wins, he will be reinstated to the roster. Tonight he can fight Austin Aries. If Aries loses, Aries is done with TNA. The same goes for Joe. MVP says they have a lot on the line, and wishes them luck.

  • Magnus checks on Bram, who says he is always ready. Magnus says Bram has never dealt with someone like Willow. Jeff became Willow after losing to Magnus. Bram said he was proud of Magnus then, but he became last and lost his edge. The old Magnus would still be the champion, but where is that guy? Bram says if the old Magnus doesn't return that it allows more opportunity for him.

    Bram vs. Willow w/Umbrella

    And here we go. Rights by Willow to begin, a spin kick follows and then a corner slap by Willow. To he floor and Bram slams Willow to the barricade, back into the ring and rights by Bram follow, and then a cover for 2. Bram lays the boots to Willow, to the corner and Willow hits and drops to the mat. Willow fires back, hits the jawbreaker and then the dropkick. The corner dropkick follows and Bram rolls to the floor. Willow follows, but Bram slams him to the steps. Back into the ring they go, to the corner and a head scissors by Willow sends Bram to the floor. Baseball slide by Willow and then a cannonball attack off the apron connects. Willow moves the steps, charges and hits poetry in motion on Bram. Willow slams Bram to the steps, Willow back into the ring and slingshots to the steps but eats steel as Bram moved out of the way. Bram grabs a pry bar from under the ring, brings it into the ring but Magnus makes the save and stops Bram. Magnus takes the pry bar and then attacks Willow with it for the DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Willow @ 5:00 via DQ

  • Magnus just beats the shit out of Willow as Bram watches on with joy. Bram tells Magnus to finish off Willow, so Magnus hits him in the back of the head and then lays the boots to him. Bram is very happy with Magnus.

  • MVP meets with the wolves, who are in his office, with their feet on his table. They call MVP a wolf in sheep's clothing, but MVP says they owe him. He signed them, gave them the shot and they won the tag titles. MVP tries to stir the pot between them and books Edwards vs. Richards. If they do not wrestle tonight, he'll strip them of the tag team titles.

  • Mr. Anderson is dressed like a wild west sheriff backstage and drinking beer. Yup.

    Eddie Edwards vs. Davey Richards

    Richards is still taped up. Kenny King comes out to watch the match. Lock up, Richards with a takedown and then into a series of mat counters and they stand. Richards sells the ribs. Test of strength, to the corner they go and a monkey flip by Richards. Some pinning combos follow, bridge up and Richards is down due to the ribs bothering him. King is on the mic and pissed about how they are performing, he wants to see wolves with teeth. He says if they don't fight the tag titles will go back to the BroMans. Lock up, off the ropes and a roll up by Richards for 2. Richards works a modified surfboard, and then countered by Edwards into the same hold. Roll up by Edwards for 2. Arm drag by Edwards, counter by Richards and then Richards to the corner. Counter, and into an arm bar by Richards. Edwards transitions into the single leg crab, but Richards is able to roll him up for 2. More counters, Richards' ribs are bothering him and Edwards gets a roll up for 2.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Eddie Edwards @ 5:00 via pin

  • Kenny King says that this is not what they wanted to see, and someone needs to get punched in the face. They then attack King and send him packing.

  • Dixie Carter meets with MVP and is not sure he has things under control. MVP tells her to sit back and watch, because either Joe or Aries will get fired.

  • Highlights of the Brittany/Madison Rayne angle from last week.

  • Brittany meets with Rayne backstage and apologizes for last week. She says she is there for Rayne if she needs her. Rayne says she wants Brittany to do nothing. Rayne says Brittany did not listen last week, so she needs to listen this week. Brittany is obsessed.

  • Jessie and Ion are looking at pics on the phone, and Robbie is now there. Robbie's freaked out about the Menagerie. He's afraid of the clown. For his third birthday party he wanted a DJ, but got a clown, and it still bothers him to this day.

  • MVP meets with Brian Hebner, and says that Hebner is refereeing the Joe vs. Aries match. He wants a winner and a loser, no double DQs or double pins or anything like that. Hebner agrees.

  • Joe discusses his issues with MVP. Al he ever wanted was the one on one title shot, but he never got it. He vouched for MVP, he stood up for him, and he knows he made a mistake. Aries says they are similar men, but he saw MVP for what he was right away. But now they are both being punished. They agree that they do not like it, but Aries has respect for Joe, but will do whatever he has to do to keep his job. Joe plans to do the same.

  • The BroMans and DJ Zema are in the ring. Ion says Robbie is acting weird, and Robbie says this is all about the Menagerie. He says they don't speak French, and he is afraid of clowns. Jessie tries to calm him down and that people love clowns. Jessie says that Knux and the group of freaks have no clue who they are dealing with.

    The Menagerie is introduced now, and here come the Freak, Knux, Rebel, Crazy Steve and the wacky stilt walking guys. Robbie is freaked out, and asks Knux who he thinks he is. Knux says that they are the Menagerie, and they are just like them, only they have Rebel. Jessie says they could have Rebel if they wanted, and then Crazy Steve scares Robbie. Ion and Steve have a horn off. The Freak grabs Ion and press slams him over his head, and Knux then tosses Robbie to the floor. He then tosses Jessie out as well. The Freak then tosses Ion onto them on the floor. The Menagerie then does Menagerie things.

  • Eric Young meets with Brian Hebner and tells him that he needs to do the right thing. Bully Ray is also there and says MVP is trying to bully him, but Hebner says he has a family to support and that he will do the right thing to put food on the table. Young and Bully agree to do what they have to do as well.

  • We see Gunner playing "Go Fish" with Samuel Shaw in the asylum.

    LOSER LEAVES TNA: Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries

    Young and Bully are watching on from backstage. Lock up, off the ropes and they collide mid-ring. Side headlock takedown by Aries, escape and then Joe with the atomic drop. A boot follows, but misses the backsplash. Aries looks to take control, rights by Joe in the corner, but Aries avoids the face wash. Chops by Joe in the corner, a whip to the other corner, boot by Aries. Joe shakes it off, looks for the muscle buster, stopped, tries again and Aries slips out and rolls up Joe for 2. They exchange strikes mid-ring, off the ropes and a forearm by Aries. Joe blocks another, looks for the choke but Aries with elbows as he drives Joe to the corner stops that. Aries looks for the brainbuster, but Joe tosses Aries across the ring. Charging back elbow by Joe, followed by an Enziguri in the corner. Joe sets Aries up top, but Aries is able to stun gun Joe off the ropes. Back in and more forearms by Aries. Chops follow, and then Aries runs into an STJoe, nope, countered into an arm drag. Front chancery by Aries, but Eric Young runs out to stop the ref from seeing a possible tap. Joe then gets the clutch, and Young pulls him out again. Hebner says he has a family to feed, and Bully Ray is now out. Bully says he is sorry and knocks out Hebner.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 6:00

  • Young says this is bigger than Hebner, and this is what he had to do. MVP and crew appear, and he says he can fire them all. Bully says that MVP has a God complex. Bully says that MVP is ruining this place, and then calls him a piece of crap. If he wants to make a match and a fight, Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe vs. MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King and EC3. Eric Young then proposes that this be a first blood tag team match. MVP is not pleased, but Kenny King agrees for his team.

  • Mr. Anderson continues to act like a drunken sheriff backstage.

  • Christy Hemme announces "James Storm," and his old music hits and here is Mr. Anderson. Anderson says there is a new sheriff in town, a drunk, redneck, hillbilly that likes beer. He asks Hemme if she likes beer and says, "sorry about my damn breath". He keeps repeating that he likes beer and then James Storm actually makes his way out to the ring. Storm is not amused, and Anderson belches at him. Storm says you do not drink with a man and then reveal that you are not actually drinking real beer. Anderson thought it was funny. Storm says that Anderson pissed him off, and now he is here to go another round with Anderson. Storm says that his time is better then the time of the people here. Storm is closed for business tonight. Anderson says his bar is open 24/7 and serves up 102 brands of ass whippin. They end up brawling ringside, Storm tosses a drink into Anderson's face and repeatedly slams him to the steps. He then chokes him out with the ring skirt. Storm then lays out Anderson with a superkick. Storm says if Anderson wants to be a cowboy, fine, they can fight at Slammiversary.

  • More with Gunner and Shaw. Gunner brings Shaw his sketchbook. Gunner promises that he did not look at the book, but asks for permission to look because Shaw's doctor said that drawing was a part of therapy. Shaw agrees to this.

  • Back from commercial and Gunner asks Shaw about his sketches. Shaw loves his mom because she's the best cook. He also feels as if he is in Hemme's shadow. Gunner then finds a partial image of himself, and Shaw says he is not done with it. Gunner suggests he could go ahead and finish it up, for him.

  • Back from commercial and Gunner asks Shaw about his sketches. Shaw loves his mom because she's the best cook. He also feels as if he is in Hemme's shadow. Gunner then finds a partial image of himself, and Shaw says he is not done with it. Gunner suggests he could go ahead and finish it up, for him.

    Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love © w/Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne

    Love stalls on the floor, Rayne chases and finally catches Love. Forearms follow. To the corner, and then slams Love to the opposite corner. Corner back splash and dropkick by Rayne both connect. Love with a back elbow, but Rayne with the drop toehold and a cover for 2. Neck breaker to the knee by Rayne, Sky distracts Rayne, and Love then dropkicks her to the floor. Brittany is now out to check on Rayne and keep Sky away. Love to the floor, Rayne slams her to the apron. Rayne then yells at Brittany, and as she enters the ring, Love connects with a charging knee strike. Love connects with a body slam, distracted by Brittany, allowing Rayne to get a roll up for 2. To the corner, Love eats a back elbow, Rayne with a kick and then connects with clotheslines. Northern lights suplex by Rayne gets 2. Rayne then hits the skull fucker on Love, Sky has the hairspray and blinds Rayne as Brittany watches on. Love rolls up Rayne for the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Angelina Love @ 5:00 via pin

  • Brittany walks off looking like a sad panda.

  • MVP and crew meets with EC3, and tell him not to ruin things tonight.

  • Rayne confronts Brittany about not helping her. Brittany says she did exactly what Rayne told her to do, nothing. Burn bitch.

  • We get the ring intros for the main event.

    FIRST BLOOD MATCH: Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe vs. MVP, Bobby Lashley, Kenny King and Ethan Carter III

    Aries and King to begin things. They talk trash and Aries fires away with some chops. Avoids a kick and looks for a submission, but Carter breaks it up. Tag to EY, side headlock and rights to Carter. To the corner, and head butts by EY follow. A dropkick follows, and then EY looks to tag in Bully, does and Carter runs from him. Bully waits on MVP now, who tags himself in. They talk trash, trade rights and then try to clothesline each other. Stalemate, so Bully kicks MVP in the face. MVP fights back, drives Bully to his corner and tags in King. Bully fights back with a high backdrop on King, and then tags in Joe. Joe in with jabs to King, to the corner and King runs to his corner and tags in Lashley. They lock up and we head to a commercial…

    ~commercial break~

    Back from the commercial as Joe lands an Enziguri to Lashley. Tag to EY, elbows to Lashley follow. More rights to Lashley, off the ropes but Lashley with a back body drop on EY. He slams EY to his corner and takes control back, tagging in MVP. Off the ropes, shot to the gut and then a knee by MVP. Mounted rights follow, tag to Lashley and they continue to pummel away at EY. Lashley continues the offense in his corner, tags in Carter, who also delivers rights to EY. Back to his corner they go, King tags in and the beat down continues. King connects with a flying elbow into the corner, tags in MVP and they double team EY and continue to just beat him down. MVP works over EY in the corner, tags Lashley back in and the world champion is being destroyed by Team MVP. Carter tags back in, mocks EY a bit and then slams him face first to the corner. Carter now scratches at the forehead of EY, but EY battles out with a belly to back suplex and now looks for a tag. Carter tries to stop him, EY kicks him away and tags in Joe. Joe runs wild on Carter, hits the snap slam and then Lashley spears Joe. EY flies in on Lashley and take shim down with the missile dropkick. Everyone takes turns running in, Bully and Aries work over King and then Aries with a dive to the floor onto King and MVP. Carter back in with Bully, Carter misses a corner dive and Bully gets the chain. He wraps it around his fist and nails Carter. Carter is bleeding a little bit, so it is over.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bully Ray, Eric Young, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe @ 15:00 via first blood

  • MVP and crew back off up the ramp as Carter is left in the ring.

  • The faces celebrate in the ring.

  • Backstage, MVP's team beats the shit out of EC3. Dixie is there to break it up and says that MVP has crossed a line. Carter says they now have a war, and that each and everyone of them will pay. "Get ready to bleed".

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

    Keep refreshing the page for the latest results!


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