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WWE House Show Results 6.07.14: Madison, WI
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.08.2014

Credit Jeff W and f4wonline.com:

Tag Team Championship Match
The Usos vs. Harper and Rowan
: Uso's are really over and they had a funny little on screen promo/intro to the show basically welcoming everyone. Haper and Rowan just appeared in the ring after the little intro to the Wyatt theme. The Uso's go over with a small package.

Heath Slater vs. Adam Rose
: Adam Rose wins and people seem to like him.

R-Truth vs. Rusev
: Lana did her usual stuff with Putin and Russia to get the heel heat. She cut down Madison as well and it worked pretty good. Truth got in very little offense and Rusev went over with his camel clutch The Accolade.

Divas Tag Match
Aksana & Rosa Mendez vs. Nikki Bella & Eva Marie
: Fans had an opportunity to vote for a tag match or a dance off and fans seemed to really want the tag match. That was clearly winning in the voting when it started but at one point they took the graphic down for like one minute and the numbers flipped to like 65% for the dance off which was sketchy because no one was cheering for it and the crowd of about 2000 were the only ones that knew about the vote. In the end Nikki and Eva went over for the win.

United States Championship Match
The Miz vs. Sheamus
: I'm not a fan of The Miz at all but he came out and cut a really great promo about how he is so in demand and had to take the call for the Marine 4 and that he is so dedicated because he just got off set and still came to Madison because he knew who everyone paid to see. He got some good heat and was really believable and it was one of the best things I've heard from him in awhile. He and Sheamus had a very strong match, probably the longest of the night, and they went back and forth with each other until Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick to win and retain.

6-man Tag Match
3MB (McIntyre, Mahal & Hornswaggle) vs. Los Matadores & El Torrito
: This was fairly entertaining for the younger crowd and they had Torrito do some fun stuff with Hornswaggle. Hornswaggle came out with the wig and in the end they pulled the wig off of him and the Matadores got the win.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Big E vs. Bad News Barrett
: A very solid match where both guys got in some good stuff. Big E got a little more offense but put over Barrett in the end and took the Bull Hammer. There was a nice spot where Big E went for his big splash and as he came off the ropes the second time Barrett countered quickly with Wasteland.

Main Event - No Hold's Barred
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
: The entire family came to the ring so it was clear that the Uso's were going to come back out to get rid of Harper and Rowan and they did later on but early in the match it seemed that something went wrong for Cena. I'm not sure what but he was down and being attended too very early on in the match for an extended period of time. The ref was also communicating with Bray so it seemed legit. At one point Cena ran at Bray and it appeared to be a planned deceptive move because the odds were stacked against him but then he went down again and Bray just waited while he talked to doctors at ringside. They were clearly stalling and did this at least twice. Whether an injury was the reason or not Bray beat up Cena for quite awhile and Cena didn't even get up. There were working for a table spot but had trouble with the first table because the leg actually broke and it wouldn't stay up but they got a couple chairs, the ringside stairs, a single section of the barricade and another table all incorporated into the match. It was pretty rough actually and was perhaps more serious than something I'd expect for a house show. Cena had his couple usual spots where he looked healthy but otherwise delivered little offense and appeared to be legitimately banged up or something. If he was playing up a beating from Bray two minutes into the match it sure didn't make sense. Anyway, kudos to both guys as the match ended up being solid and in the end Cena went over. I was ringside and Cena came my way and had one eye closed and appeared to be a little out of it and squinting in pain. It seemed to be more than the usual acting because he gave his headband to one kid and left. Usually he would go around ringside and shake some hands and play the company man and he bailed real quick. He could have played me but it seemed legit. Hopefully it's not a concussion.

Thoughts: The most notable thing this evening was the amount of guys not on the card. I know its a Saturday house show in a smaller market and I didn't expect to see Bryan and other top tier guys but I thought there would be more matches and more guys present, even if it meant more younger talent just for the sake of gaining experience. The show we did get was still very enjoyable but when you start writing down names of guys not there its actually unbelievable. Perhaps many of these guys just aren't doing house shows anymore. I don't follow that like I used to and maybe this has been the norm but it was unexpected. I was bummed that Cesaro wasn't there and coming off a major angle with The Shield I expected to at least see Reigns and Ambrose in some type of action. They are the hottest thing going right now and I just assumed they would be there in some capacity. Perhaps they were saving that angle and the fallout from a week ago for Monday night. The table is certainly set for Reigns and Ambrose vs. Orton and Rollins.


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