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F1rst Wrestling: Wrestlepalooza 4 Results 6.14.14 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 06.15.2014

Credit: PW.net

1. Yabo the Clown beat Ruff Crossing. The live crowd was responsive to the clown gimmick and the silliness of watching him wrestle a cowboy character.

2. Wildcat won a ten-man Royal Rumble style battle royal to win a Pabst Blue Ribbon trophy. This was essentially a gimmick battle royal as there was a cop, a kilted tag team, a masked dog character, a masked cat character, and a couple of masked characters whose gimmicks remain a mystery to me. The only thing that matters is that the nightclub crowd ate it up. The masked Wildcat draws hilarious "Meow" chants similar to Daniel Bryan's "Yes!" chants. Likewise, the masked Yellow Dog character gets "Woof" chants. As ridiculous as this may seem on paper, the cat and dog gimmicks are a riot when supported by a nightclub filled with rowdy fans looking to have a good time.

3. "Playboy" Pete Huge beat Horace the Psychopath. A strong match with some really good near falls down the stretch. Horace is a local indy wrestling institution and fans always get behind his act. Huge can always be counted on for a good match and this was no exception. I was legitimately surprised to see Huge go over clean on the popular Horace.

4. Arik Cannon pinned Rob James. James delivered a Rick Rude style pre-match routine that included consuming a beer that was low in carbs while mocking fans who drink PBR (the sponsor of the show and Cannon). After James issued an open challenge, Cannon came out to a strong reaction. There were several mostly empty cans of PBR thrown into the ring. It's always fun until someone loses an eye, er, gets hit in the head with a full beer. Anyway, James has put on a little weight since the last time I saw him, which actually makes his "Six Percent Body Fat" and "Diabetes Ain't Sexy" gimmick work better because he comes off like a hypocrite. The fans love Cannon and I think the biggest match the promotion has is an eventual showdown between him and Horace. No turn needed, let the fans choose between the two local heroes.

5. Zero Gravity beat North Star Express. A fun spot fest that referee Rob Page shamefully lost control of almost immediately. A good referee would not have allowed this to morph into a tornado style match. Heck, a good referee would make sure that the ring had tag ropes. Rob will tell you that the ring doesn't have tag ropes so it's out of his control, but how much could it possibly cost Ref Rob to invest in a pair of makeshift shoestrings? Cheap ass. The match was filled with crowd pleasing high spots. There were loud chants of "This is wrestling," "Please don't stop," and "This is awesome." The Express duo of Ryan Cruz and Darin Corbin never seems to disappoint in the ring, and I've seen Cruz steal shows in singles matches as well.

6. Colt Cabana beat Ariya Daivari. Cabana took the mic and told the crowd that rumors of C.M. Punk and A.J. Lee getting married over the weekend were true! Okay, I'm making up that part. He did no such thing. Daivari came out waving the Iranian flag. He cut a promo about how it was flag day so he wanted to wave the flag of the greatest country in the world. Cabana made his entrance and then stopped. He went backstage and brought out an American flag, which drew USA chants and led to Colt paying homage to Hacksaw Duggan at one point. Colt brought a table into the ring and put Daivari through it to send the crowd home happy. The usual fun Cabana match, and it's really bizarre to think that there's not a place for Cabana and Daivari on the WWE, TNA, or ROH roster.


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