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WWE House Show results 6.14.14: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 06.15.2014

Credit: Mike Cheyne and Prowrestling.net

1. Kofi Kingston beat Ryback. Started a bit slow, but the crowd was hot and this got very good at the end. Kofi won with Trouble in Paradise (if memory serves). Ryback was funny and got solid crowd heat.

2. Summer Rae, Naomi, and Cameron beat Layla, Eva Marie, and Rosa Mendes. The crowd "voted" for a dance-off instead of a tag match, which got loud boos. The heels did an intentionally dopey dance, and then jumped the faces when they began dancing. The faces challenged the heels to an impromptu match. Most of it was the heels beating up Summer (Rosa is meh at best and Eva is terrible). Match got exciting a bit when Naomi got tagged in and hit a variety of fun moves. She pinned Rosa with the Rear View.

3. Cesaro beat Big E. Good reactions for both guys and a good, back and forth match. Cesaro hit Big E with a chair when the ref's back was turned and hit the Neutralizer for the win.

4. The Usos defeated The Rhodes Brothers and Luke Harper & Erick Rowan in a three-way for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The Usos and Wyatts got a monstrous reaction, the Rhodes brothers surprisingly a somewhat apathetic one. Usos and Cody both basically did a dance-off to start the match; Goldust came in and did a spin-a-roonie. They invited the Wyatts to get in and Rowan almost danced before Harper threw him out. The actual match was a lot of fun with a bunch of aerial moves. One of the Usos pinned one of the Wyatts to win. Usos and Rhodes Brothers raised hands together in a face move.

5. Bad News Barrett defeated Alberto Del Rio and Rob Van Dam to retain the Intercontinental Title. ADR didn't get much of a reaction (he also surprisingly high fived fans!). RVD got a monster reaction as a Michigan native. Barrett got a good reaction and delivered a very funny promo mocking the name of Grand Rapids. Match was good, although RVD moves slow. Everyone hit a solid spot. RVD hit the Frog Splash on ADR, but Barrett Bullhammered RVD and pinned ADR.

6. Sin Cara vs. Fandango (w/Layla). The crowd wasn't too into this, but it slowly built up some steam. Oddly enough, one of the bigger pops of the night was Summer Rae running back down the ramp to prevent Layla from interfering and allowing Sin Cara to win off the distraction. Sin Cara milked his post win pop, but I guess the guy doesn't win a lot, so I can't blame him.

7. Sheamus beat Kane by DQ to retain the U.S. Championship. Both men got good pops, but this was a curious way to end the show, as it was very slow paced and had some stilted spots. At the end, Kane brought a chair into the ring, but Sheamus stopped him, and Kane hit a low blow for the DQ. The DQ call was ridiculously abrupt and was kind of a buzz kill. Afterwards, Kane clobbered Sheamus with the chair a few times, but Sheamus got up and hit a Brogue Kick to a big pop to end things.

Overall, a fun show but suffered from the lack of a clear main event due to the split roster and injuries to John Cena, Randy Orton, and Daniel Bryan. Add in a Cena vs. Bray, Shield, or Bryan match as the real main event and it's a great show.

Biggest Pops
1. RVD
2. Sheamus
3. The Usos

Most Heat
1. Bad News Barrett
2. Cesaro
3. Wyatts


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