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Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Results 6.15.14 - Port Hueneme, California
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 06.15.2014

Credit: Steven Ronquillo & PWInsider

Championship Wrestling from Hollywood held its second annual Red Carpet Rumble from the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, California. A very great turn out for the show considering CWFH normally holds free events to their TV tapings and this was a paid event. Prior to the event there was a meet and greet that featured the stars of CWFH and Jake "The Snake" Roberts and AJ Styles.

Eli Everfly, Rudy, & Omar Asif vs. Terex in a Handicap Match

This was a typical squash match that saw the larger Terex toss around the younger wrestlers. To their credit the younger guys did a hell of a job selling for Terex. Terex wins with a Samoan Drop to Everfly.

Winner: Terex!

After the match Terex began to stack the three wrestlers on top of each other as he did a series of standing sunset flips and big splashes.

Matchmaker Danielle is in the ring and introduces Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Jake comes out to a large ovation and "Hall of Famer" chants. Jake is humbled by the crowd and thanks everyone. Jake talks about how thankful he is but is interrupted by the Grappler. The crowd chants "DDT." The Grappler say he is the one who invented the DDT and says Jake belongs in the hall of shame. The Grappler brings out Sgt. Major to show Jake who will win the Red Carpet Rumble match. Jake says all his life people of stole from him. Jake says he is tired of holding back because he is clean and sober now. Jake says the Grappler can stick it up somewhere. The Grappler bets Jake if Sgt. Major can win the Red Carpet Rumble then the Grappler can have the bragging rights to the DDT. Jake says he can toss out Sgt. Major and hold claim to the invention of the DDT.

MAV-TV Champion Ryan Taylor vs. Joey Ryan for the MAV-TV Championship

A good back and forth battle to start off the match. Both men showing incredible athletic skill sets. Both guys battle to the outside and make their way to the main stage. Ryan with a scoop slam on Taylor onto the stage. The competitors make their way back into the ring and Taylor takes the upper hand with a series of strikes in the corner. Taylor had the advantage in the early goings by applying several submissions. Ryan fights back but Taylor finds ways to counter. Ryan makes his comeback starting with a pump handle slam followed by a strong spine buster for a two count. Ryan went for the super kick but Taylor caught the foot and applies the ankle lock. Taylor fights back and counters with another ankle lock. Taylor hits a scissors kick but only gets a two count. Ankle lock is applied on Ryan again but Taylor gets back in control again. A nice running boot by Taylor is followed by a suplex into a pin for a two count. Taylor hits his finisher but Ryan kicks out. Taylor looks confused as he does not know what to do to finish off Ryan. Ryan with a super kick from out of nowhere but the Vermin make their way to the ring. Ryan spears Nick Madrid who was on the ring apron. Peter Avalon comes into save Ryan. Back in the ring Taylor attempts his finisher again but Ryan counters with a roll up for the pinfall.

Winner and new MAV-TV Champion: Joey Ryan!

Johnny Yuma takes the microphone and tells Taylor he'll get the title back. Yuma tells the rest of the guys to get ready for the Rumble. Yuma tells Avalon to get his tag partner so they can get this tag title match started now.

Heritage Tag Team Champions RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime) vs. "Pretty" Peter Avalon & Colt Cabana for the Heritage Tag Team Championships

Cabana and Avalon clear the ring of RockNES and the crowd is loving it. Cabana starts off with Yuma and takes the early advantage. Cabana with some early comedy stuff that the crowd loves. Avalon and Cabana with several double team attacks on Yuma. Goodtime makes the tag and is in the ring with Cabana. Cabana has Goodtime in the corner and pulls off some of Goodtime's chest hair and throws it at the referee. Yuma comes in and takes several chops from Cabana. RockNES begins to take control of an injured Cabana who fell off the top rope onto the outside floor. Yuma and Goodtime take turns tagging in and out of the match working over Cabana. Cabana finally starts making a comeback but Yuma pulls Avalon off the apron as Cabana was about to make the tag. Cabana is feeling it and no sells Yuma's attacks. Finally Avalon tags in and hits a cross body off the ropes onto Yuma. Avalon with a sit down power bomb on Yuma for a two count. Goodtime comes in and attacks Avalon. Avalon fights back and tags in Cabana. Avalon and Cabana with a double atomic elbow on the RockNES Monsters. Avalon connects with a crossbody on the outside onto Goodtime. Cabana is in the ring with Yuma. Cabana has control of Yuma but the Vermin come out again. With the referee distracted Goodtime hits Cabana with a title belt allowing Yuma to cover Cabana for the pinfall.

Winners and still Heritage Tag Team Champions: RockNES Monsters!

A fun back and forth match for the four men. The Vermin are already making presence tonight.

Hollywood Heritage Champion Ricky Mandel vs. Matt Hardy for the Hollywood Heritage Championship

I believe this is Hardy's first appearance at CWFH. A good start to the match as both men take turns trying to take the early advantage. Hardy is the one who ends up taking the early control. He looks like he is having a lot of fun early on. Hardy screams that Mandel sucks leading to a "You suck" chant. Mandel challenges Hardy to a test of strength but Mandel kicks Hardy in the gut. Hardy fights back and connects on a swinging neck breaker. Mandel finally takes the advantage in the match and connects on a series of strikes in the corner to Hardy. Hardy attempts to fight back but Mandel is able to block the counters. Mandel showing a lot of aggressiveness once he is in control. Mandel connects with a big boot and almost gets the pinfall before Hardy kicked out after the two count. Hardy tries to mount a comeback but is caught by a clothesline from Mandel. Mandel to the top rope but Hardy catches him. Hardy pulls down Mandel from the top and both men are down on the mat. The crowd is pulling for Hardy as both men finally get to their feet. Hardy with a bulldog headlock and covers Mandel for a two count. Mandel with a running knee followed by a dropkick. Hardy calls for the Twist of Fate but Mandel blocks it only to have Hardy connect on a move for a two count. Mandel gauges Hardy's eyes and then pushes the referee. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Matt Hardy!

The Hobo runs in and throws Mandel back in the ring and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Mandel. Hobo and Hardy celebrate in the ring.

A really good match but an ending that came out of nowhere. Great job by both guys despite the lack luster ending.

Ring announcer Dan Masters introduces the special guest referee for the next match… Nigel McGuiness!

IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles vs. Trent Baretta with special referee Nigel McGuiness

Styles came to the ring wearing the IWGP Heavyweight Championship belt. The crowd is really into Styles as the match starts. McGuiness is enforcing the rules early on as Baretta tries to go around the five counts. A lot of mat work between the two men with nobody really getting the advantage. Lots of "Impact sucks" chants followed by "Hollywood" chants. This is a PG crowd so there are no "F**k TNA" chants… yet. Baretta is yelling at the crowd that he is better than Styles and Chuck Taylor (Baretta's tag team partner in PWG). Scoop slam by Styles followed by a knee drop to Baretta's face. Styles with a back breaker on Baretta for a two count. Styles goes for a springboard from outside of the ring but Baretta with a nice super kick sending Styles to the outside floor. Out on the floor Baretta throws Styles into the ring steps. Both men are back in the ring. Back and forth strikes for both men until Baretta nails Styles with a stiff chop to the chest. Baretta connects on a hard clothesline and takes control of the match. Styles starts to fight back but Baretta slams Styles' head to the mat. Baretta gets in the face of McGuiness. Baretta goes for a running knee on Styles in the corner but Styles moves and Baretta flies to the outside of the ring. Styles goes for a crossbody onto Baretta but Baretta moves. Styles with a sunset flip off the ring apron connects onto Baretta. Both men are down on the outside floor and McGuiness begins the count to ten. Both men enter the ring before the count of ten. Styles with a series of clotheslines followed by a flying springboard forearm. Styles with a neck breaker for a two count. Baretta fights back with a stomp to Styles' chest. Swinging DDT off the ropes from Baretta but only gets a two count. Styles connects on a face plant but gets a two count. Styles goes off the top rope but Baretta connects with a drop kick. Enziguri by Baretta sends Styles to the mat. From out of nowhere Styles applies an ankle lock but Baretta grabs the bottom rope. Styles teases a Styles Clash but Baretta reverses it and hits the Styles Clash on Styles for a two count. Both men are on the top rope but Baretta goes to the mat. Baretta runs back up and hits an over the head suplex on Styles and gets a two count. Styles fights back and hits a pile driver followed by a Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles!

An awesome match from both men. Styles really put up a great effort for the live crowd and the crowd loved it. Baretta showed what an awesome talent he is and was able to hang with the fan favorite Styles. The crowd chanted for Baretta as he left the ring. Awesome match.

Red Carpet Rumble match with the winner getting a guaranteed title match for the Hollywood Heritage Championship and a guaranteed slot in the United Wrestling Network World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. Royal Rumble rules except the final two men left standing have a traditional wrestling match.

Entrant #1: Johnny Yuma

Entrant #2: "Pretty" Peter Avalon

Avalon runs in the ring and goes right after Yuma. The two rivals go at it with Avalon having the upper hand. Avalon hits an over the head suplex on Yuma.

Entrant #3: Johnny Goodtime

The RockNES Monsters are in full force and begin the double teaming on Avalon.

Entrant #4: Todd Chandler

The Footloose member enters the match and saves Avalon from the double team attack. Yuma begins working on Chandler as Goodtime works on Avalon.

Entrant #5: Dan Joseph

The second member of Footloose enters and he and Chandler attack the RockNES Monsters. Goodtime is almost eliminated by Footloose but Yuma makes the save.

Entrant #6: Leo Blaze

Blaze runs in and attacks Chandler. Blaze and the RockNES Monsters take turns attacking Footloose and Avalon.

Entrant #7: Ethan HD

Ethan comes in and helps out Blaze as he attacks Avalon.

Entrant #8: Willie Mack

Mack comes in and runs through all of the heels. Mack with a powerful spine buster on Blaze. That is followed by a back drop to Goodtime from Mack. Yuma eliminated Chandler.

Entrant #9: Sasha

Somehow the other member of Footloose, Dan Joseph, was eliminated.

Entrant #10: Hoss Sutton

Hoss goes right after Sasha who was waiting outside of the ring.

Entrant #11: Tito Escondido

The third member of Vermin enters the match and Escondido goes after Hoss. Sasha charges after Mack but Mack with the back drop sends Sasha out of the ring and is eliminated. The Vermin and Blaze are teaming up on Avalon.

Entrant #12: Sgt. Major

Major comes in and goes after everyone including the Vermin. The Grappler came out to the ring with Major. Major and Mack exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Major with a loud Samoan Drop to Mack.

Entrant #13: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Jake enters with a snake bag in hand. Jake hits the DDT on Major. Grappler comes in and throws out Jake from the match. Jake goes to his snake bag and releases the python and wraps it around the Grappler. All the wrestlers roll out of the ring.

Entrant #14: Che Cabrera

The wrestlers slowly make their way back in the ring as Jake leaves with the python. Major is eliminated from the match followed by Hoss and Blaze.

Entrant #15: Othello

The 7 footer Othello makes his way in the ring and towers over everyone. Everyone takes their turn going after Othello but he takes everyone down. Othello with a big boot to Avalon and Avalon goes over and is eliminated.

Entrant #16: Big Duke

Mack eliminates Cabrera. That is followed by Mack throwing out and eliminating Yuma.

Entrant #17: Stu Stone

Stone enters from the announce position. He takes his time entering the ring. Stone rolls under the bottom rope and hangs out on the apron. Stone hangs out with Othello as everyone battles it out.

Entrant #18: Unknown guy

I apologize but I did not catch this guy's name. Everyone goes after Othello but he takes everyone down again. Stone is excited and carefully stays next to Othello.

Entrant #19: Cedric the Hitman

We now have three members of the Family Stone with Cedric, Othello, and Stone. The Family Stone members attack Mack in the corner. Mack fights back and delivers and hard chop to Cedric.

Entrant #20: Jarek Mathews

The returning Mathews comes running in but is quickly eliminated by Othello and Stone. Escondido, Cedric, and unknown guy are eliminated. Mack eliminates Goodtime.

Entrant #21: The Hobo

Hobo goes after everyone in the match. The match is currently Vermin free at the moment. Hobo throws Mack right into Othello.

Entrant #22: Eric Cross

Othello with a spear to Hobo. Cross and Ethan try to eliminate Hobo but Duke makes the save. Crowd starts chanting for Mack. Othello and Stone double team on Mack in the corner.

Entrant #23: Nick Madrid

Another member of the Vermin enters the match. Madrid goes right after Hobo. Duke tries to go after Stone but he rolls under the bottom rope. Ethan and Cross almost throw out Mack but he hangs on to the ropes.

Entrant #24: X-Pac

The crowd goes nuts as he comes out to the DX theme. Pac tosses out Madrid and Cross. Ethan attacks Pac but Pac with a clothesline. Othello throws out Duke and takes down Pac. Othello tries to throw out Pac but Mack drop kicks Othello in the back.

Entrant #25: Joey Ryan

Othello tried to charge at Mack but Mack ducks and Othello goes over and is eliminated. Ryan goes right after Stone who has no one to back him up. Mack and Ryan pick up Stone and toss him over the rope and he lands on Othello. Stone is eliminated.

Entrant #26: Ryan Taylor

The final member of the Vermin enters the match and goes after Ryan. Taylor tries to toss out Ryan but Ryan is blocking it. A huge "1-2-3" chant for Pac.

Entrant #27: Mikey O'Shea

O'Shea goes right after Taylor. Ryan tries to throw out Mack but Taylor attacks Ryan.

Entrant #28: Ian Sutton

Ian goes right to O'Shea and O'Shea hits him with a chop. O'Shea gives a series of chops to Pac.

Entrant #29: Fidel Bravo

Only one competitor left to go. There are currently nine guys in the ring. Ethan and Mack have been in the ring the longest so far.

Entrant #30: Matt Striker

The newest member of the Family Stone Matt Striker makes his way to the ring as the final competitor to enter the match. Striker remains on the outside. Mandel comes into the ring and hits Hobo over the head with the Hollywood Heritage belt. Striker finally enters and takes the injured Hobo and throws him over the ropes. O'Shea and Bravo are tossed out. Ian Sutton is gone too. Ryan with a super kick to Striker. Ryan and Taylor are fighting on the outside apron and Ryan superkicks Taylor out. Pac sends Ryan out next. The final four are Ethan, Striker, Mack, and Pac. Mack with a splash on Ethan and Pac goes for the Bronco Buster followed by an X-Factor on Ethan. Ethan is tossed out by Mack and Pac. Pac goes for an X-Factor on Mack but Mack with a backdrop sending Pac out of the match.

Willie Mack vs. Matt Striker

The final two competitors now compete in a traditional one on one match. Striker hits a shoulder block to Mack and gets a two count. Mack with a flying knee sends Striker to the ground and is covered for two. Mack hits with a standing shooting star press but Striker kicks out after two. Striker with an arm bar but Mack fights back and counters with a Rock Bottom. Mack with an Anaconda Vice and Striker taps out.

Winner of the Red Carpet Rumble: Willie Mack!

A really fun match overall and a deserving winner in Willie Mack. Mack celebrates in the ring as the show ends.

Overall a really fun show as usual from CWFH.


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