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Another Live Report From Last Night’s TNA Slammiversary PPV
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.16.2014

Credit Jonny Mad Dog and prowrestling.net:

-I arrived 30 minutes before doors opened. The wind was gusty and lines were long (mainly for late-comers at the box office). I stood around in the shade with others who got their tickets early off the arena's site and reckon the number of people in TNA gear was greater than the number of those in WWE gear, but not as much as those in non-wrestling related clothing.

-I shot the crap with some fellow "insider" fans as the lines moved up when the building opened. I speculated Dixie Carter might induct herself, if not her, then Mike Tenay or Jeremy Borash would get the honors tonight (or even Bob Ryder, Don West, or Ken Shamrock to name a few), among others that I thought would be (figured Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, were out for the time being). I heard speculation Raven, Abyss, or CM Punk would get inducted. One rumor I heard was that they were considering holding Slammiversary here each year for awhile, I'd support that, being Texas fans are starved yet rabid for any wrestling it can get.

-There was at least one person in one of Jeff Jarrett's GFW t-shirts. Speaking of shirts, I bought a t-shirt and program from one of Jimmy J's boys, they must have made out like thieves what with the crowding around the kiosk.

-Security seemed friendlier and smarter than two years ago when I attended Slammiverary 10 here. That night was one of, if not their best PPV yet, and tonight was well on par with it, all things considered. I got "Impact Zone" elevated seating off to the side near ringside, which was VERY nice (highly suggest it). There were waiters for gourmet foods and drinks walking about and wrestlers coming out to shake all of our hands and giving autographs and pictures throughout the show.

-Sign Guy was there (again) and was the first to be seen and get pictures taken with - a fan with fans, cool, Al Snow came out nearby to direct traffic. Hector Guerrero was great too and took time with fans. JB got great pops and chants and did the pre-show routine and the crowd ate it up. He introduced Tenay and Taz to great pops as well, the usual E-C-Dub chants started with all ECW-related talent visible to the audience throughout the night. If you want backstage passes at TNA shows, sit front row on the camera-facing (far) side, none two years ago on the camera-side and none again tonight in the IZ area.

-The arena was likely sold out (the Von Erich announcement did wonders) from what seats they made available, but think it was just a tad shy of the crowd two years ago. Most of the hard-camera area was empty, at least for half the show, as well as scattered bits in the upper deck. The PA system sounded slightly better than two years ago but barely, no one really sounded like themselves live but JB and James Storm it seemed.

-I knew the X-division title match would start off the show what with the ladders set up already, but I hoped it wouldn't. It should be more than a curtain raiser, but given it's current state, it makes sense and did it's job well. The "Psycho-Dwarf-esque" midget is new, and a well-received touch. There seemed to be something amiss with the stilt-people, as (I'm not sure how it came across on camera, if it did at all) it looked like one of them took a spill and had trouble getting up to the side of the stage prior to The Menagerie coming out. The crowd ate up every spot, and favored Crazy Steve throughout. I saw a sign suggesting a future member of the Bullet Club.

-The crowd, including yours truly, is primed for another Samoa Joe title run (and have been for five years) and shows no sign of giving up on that hope. Maybe it will happen against MVP at BFG this year, assuming MVP's healthy, I see him winning it at Destination X, as there should be a chase for more than two months, so I don't see them waiting for HJ for EY to lose it.

-During the match, Knux and Rebel came out to shake our hands and I give everyone that came out props, as they seemed to shake everyone's hands that were seated in our area at ringside. They took pictures and gave autographs as well, some fans were more prepared for that than others.

-After the initial interview with Dixie Carter in her press-box, fans in my area, at least, continually glanced at it throughout the night, and would wave to her and be waved at by her, which was a nice touch. It didn't really take much away from the action.

-Jeff Hardy came out to a big pop, everyone did on this show. "Janice" (the nailed stick) got a big one as well.

-Everyone seemed pleasantly surprised by the Team 3D induction. Good for them picking deserving individuals WWE hasn't inducted...yet, and yet still not too predicted picks, it means the more obvious choices will still be somewhat of a surprise since they're inducted later then the first few. I saw a sign saying the TNA HOF should consist of the originals.

-During the Austin Aries vs. Kenny King match, the Wolves came out to our area, I got to shake their hands and get their autographs on my ticket, that was awesome!

-My future teammates...ahem...the Dallas Cowboys got a good pop when they were announced by JB. It was a mixed reaction but I'd be willing to say a mostly positive one, but I don't know how it came across on camera.

-DJ Z and Jesse Godderz dissed the Dallas Mavericks, 'Boys, and the Von Erichs prior to the match.

-The Von Erichs (especially Kevin) got the pop of the night. The crowd was batshit non-stop but went completely apeshit when the Iron Claw was applied by Kevin on Zema Ion of the BroMans. Ross and Marshall are a tad green, but I think they pulled off a good match and have potential.

-The Knockouts division continues to draw ovations and ratings...for good reason and tonight was no exception. Gail Kim and The Beautiful People worked hard and put on a decent match for their time allotted. We saw Gail's husband Robert Irvine earlier in the crowd near us.

-People, at least near me, were shocked by the comments by Brother Ray, seeing Devon go was like instant foreshadowing to "insider" fans. There was a Terry Funk chant.

-The Brother Ray vs. EC3 match was a decent contest that the crowd and spots (particularly the Dixie and Spud antics...that crotch-ride followed by a hit with the kendo stick) made into a great time. There was a Tony Romo chant. The trashcan got a good, mixed, reaction and the grater and glass did too. The table spots and the uncovering of the ring got bigger ones, though. From its reaction, the match needed more cowbell.

-One could think someone got shot with the way the involvement of my 'Boys came across live, the crowd ate it up. Later they sat behind us. I hope this makes SportsCenter.

-I nailed it when I figured Lashley would go through the cage somehow. I remembered his one match on WWE's version of ECW a few years ago and figured they'd tap into that scenario in some form.

The Eric Young vs. Aries vs. Lashely match was great. Face vs. wildcard vs. heel was the way to go with what transpired. The crowd definitely favored EY and was happy he won, but like two years ago, there were a lot of Austin Aries fans here and they won over, like they were louder for him than Joe two years ago, he won over EY here.

-All in all, a great show and I'd definitely think about holding Slammiversary somewhere in Texas, maybe on a rotating schedule of cities, If Arlington isn't doable each year, they opt to do something similar to what WWE does with Summerslam. I'd like to be a wrestler and there's no wrestling at least in north Texas and very little in the south and central regions, if they could open a performance center, or someone like Sting or Taker or Kevin Von Erich would open a school that's well known, it'd be great, Texas loves its wrestling but there's a definite lack of a dominant, popular, indy promotion in the state like Jersey, New York, Florida, and California all have an abundance of promotions. I highly suggest the IZ seating as TNA sure does put its fans first. Here's hoping this was a morale-booster and buisness-booster for TNA and pro wrestling in general.

-The Cowboy players were George Selvie, Ben Bass, Nick Hayden, Tyrone Crawford, Caesar Rayford, and Martez Wilson.

-After the show no return dates were given but as Sanada came out during the Storm vs. Anderson match. Anderson came out as the show was ending to take time with fans...he persists 'cause he chooses to and because TNA is very fan-friendly. A few dozen fans lined up by the loading dock to see the wrestlers off and yell stuff like two years ago. Tommy Dreamer was there working as an agent behind the scenes as he left in front of everyone so either the Dixie comments were reconciled or it is an angle and HOH will be at the upcoming tapings. There were E-C-Dub chants throughout this process. They didn't have their tour bus they used last time here that I saw. Instead everyone hit their own carpools. Some fans said they'd see them at their hotels. I said please come back and that I'm a future co-worker. We let MVP know who won the NBA Finals as well. Jeff Hardy gave a cackle and signed some stuff and posed for fans before leaving with his family. After Dixie left, everyone headed out.


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