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Vince Russo Discusses Wrestlers Who Threatened Him, Stone Cold Steve Austin Not Wanting to Use The Beer Truck, and More
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 06.21.2014

- In a What Culture Blog, former wrestling booker Vince Russo talked about threats he received from wrestlers in the business:

I, myself, while never having gotten into an "actual" fight while serving my duties of Head Writer at WWE, WCW and TNA, was actually threatened on not one . . . but, two occasions. The first time was by Shawn Michaels after I cut a promo on him to his friend Triple H, for hijacking the WrestleMania 15 main event by getting into Steve Austin's ear, who then talked Vince McMahon into changing the three way between him, the Rock and Mick Foley into a two-way, leaving Mick the odd man out. And, also a few years later by Bill Goldberg who was not happy when I needed him to do a job to Scott Steiner. Thankfully, I was able to get out of both predicaments completely unscathed.

In another backstage ‘confrontation' I also once saved Sunny's life, while putting my own on the line! I actually attempted to stand between Luna, and her target which she INTENDED TO KILL!!! The encounter ended with Luna spearing me into a laundry cart. I swear, Luna could have taken 50% of the MALE roster in a fight during her hey-day.

Luna, bless her heart, had it out for ALL the divas who in her mind weren't "actually" wrestlers. She despised Sable, and made it very difficult for her to find her way early on. But, if you knew Luna, you loved her, she really did have a big heart. That was just the "old school wrestler" in her that would rear its ugly head from time to time. I'm also proud to say that about three years ago, I pulled "Awesome Kong" off radio personality "Bubba the Love Sponge".

In the same blog, Russo also wrote about how Stone Cold Steve Austin did not want to do the beer truck angle on Raw:

In the epic scene on "Raw", when Steve Austin drove a beer truck into the arena, I actually had to talk Steve into it! The Texas Rattlesnake said he just wanted to enter in his pick-up. He didn't "see" the beer truck. However, once the segment was produced, I think Steve totally understand the impact that it was going to have on the fans for many years to come. It was truly, one of the most classic scenes in the history of "Monday Night Raw". Thankfully I talked him round, he didn't go with the pick up, riding in instead with the beer truck, driving his way into wrestling history.

In another entry, he talked about finding Ben Stiller smoking weed with Road Dogg and X-Pac:

When we had Ben Stiller on ‘Raw', I couldn't find him to produce the pre-tapes we needed. Where was he? How about smoking the WACY-TABACKY with Road Dog and X-Pac behind the trailers!!!

When we finally found Ben, who was promoting "Mystery Men" at the time, he was more than willing to take on a direct blow to the head courtesy of Double J's, Jeff Jarrett's guitar. To this day I don't know if Ben agreed so willingly because he was a "mark", or simply still high due to his earlier escapades with Sean Waltman and Brian James.


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