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Kevin Nash Talks About The Damage He Took Over His Career
Posted by Joseph Lee on 07.05.2014

In the second part of an interview with The Miami Herald, Kevin Nash spoke about the injuries he accumulated over his career. Here are highlights:

On big men taking more damage: "Mick Foley was probably one of the biggest abusers of not taking care of his body. Raising the bar, falling 50 feet through tables and doing all these things, but when you're 35-years-old, your body has some resiliency to it. When you get to be 45, 50, it takes you two hours to get out of bed. We call it the bump card. Your body only has so many bumps in it. I was never a high-flier. I was 340 pounds. I was falling seven feet. You knock me off my feet. I'm seven feet tall. That's my drop, seven feet with 340 pounds of weight going down. That's equivalent of getting rear ended at 30 miles an hour in a car. You do that 12 times a night, 300 days a year, 10 years in a row. [Recently] I got up. Gees, it took me an hour to get out of bed. Just to pick your head up off the pillow, it's miserable. It's a slow process to get moving everyday."

On watching WWE when he can: "I was traveling so I didn't get a chance to see [WWE] Money in the Bank, but I was reading the feed on Twitter. Guys getting busted open. Guys doing crazy things. You read some of the comments about it saying fearless,' and that's all great, and that's part of what makes WWE what it is...You have guys go out there and give their bodies and give their souls for the good of the company and for the fanbase."

On DDP Yoga: "I've read testimonials from people, and he's done some really good things with them. There's a lot of people losing 30 to 40 pounds in 13 to 15 weeks, and that's not water weight. His isn't ballistic, where those Insanity and other things are very ballistic workouts. So if you do have an injury, you can't do the Insanity workout or any of those things because you can't sit there and jump up, do one-arm push-ups. You can't do that stuff if your shoulder is all torn up. The next time I get a chance to see [Diamond] Dallas [Page], he's gonna tailor some things specifically for me. The only thing I'm starting to lose range of motion is in my shoulders because of my rotator cuffs. One of them has been repaired, and the other one is just shredded."


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