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Bully Ray Discusses the Spike TV Deal, The Angle With Dixie Carter, Bound For Glory in Japan, More (SPOILERS)
Posted by Larry Csonka on 08.05.2014

  • The call started at 2:03 PM ET.

  • Jessica Brown welcomed us to the call, and hyped this week's edition of Impact Wrestling.

  • Bully was asked if he had any reservations about putting Dixie Carter through a table, and he said not at all. He was more than happy to do this, he is a professional and he knows what he is doing. Putting Dixie Carter through a table was the highlight of his TNA career.

  • He is asked about a working relationship with his wrestling school. They have no formal relationship, but some of their students have been used, and some of the TNA talent workout at his school. He says that Rob Terry, Chris Melendez and Sam Shaw came from the 3D Academy.

  • When asked about the 6-sided ring being back, he doesn't really care about what ring they use. The 6-sided ring is unique, and he is cool with them using it.

  • On Bound For Glory in Japan, Bully says that a UK PPV is possible due to how well TNA does there. As for going to Japan, wrestling is so respected there, and with 3D going into the Hall of Fame in Japan, it is an honor.

  • On the next set of tapings, Ray says that people can expect great wrestling and a hot show. He puts over the fans, and you will see wrestlers performing at the highest level.

  • When he is asked about Paul Heyman's recent criticism of TNA (using nostalgia) Bully says Heyman is smart and can have his opinion, and if you have questions for him go ask Heyman.

  • On his tag title runs, and which is his favorite, he doesn't really have a favorite because they are all special. The first title win anywhere is always special, as well as the being the last NWA champions.

  • As for the future of Team 3D, he doesn't see a lot because they have done it all. For a short run, sure, the people love it and they will be working the Hardys and Wolves.

  • He is asked about a TLC match at Bound for Glory with the Wolves and Hardys. He says they could do it, but he always wants to top himself, and he is not sure if he wants to possibly ruin the legacy.

  • He is asked about the TV deal situation, and Bully says that they have a great relationship with Spike TV and he wants to see it continue. This is a business, and negotiations can go to the 11th hour. He is confident that something will work out, of not, they will part amicably and TNA will find a new home.

  • When asked about Rockstar Spud praising him last week, he says it is cool to be respected in that way. He has always done his own thing, but the respect of his peers is a great thing. He hopes he can pass along his knowledge, and that those who take that will also pass it along.

  • As for life after wrestling, he will focus on the Team 3D Academy, and would love to work behind the scenes. He learned so much from Paul Heyman, and feels as if he is doing what Paul did in ECW now in helping the younger guys get over.

  • On if TNA loses Spike and has to move to another network, Bully says it would effect TNA just like if any other brand moved. Things like that can confuse the customer, which means TNA and the new network would have to properly advertise.

  • He is asked about weird weapons in wrestling, and notes the lightsaber battle at the Hardcore Justice show years ago.

  • He says that putting Dixie through a table was his favorite victim, but he also mentions Mae Young. He would have loved to put Vince McMahon through a table.

  • Bully is asked about TNA giving away the spoiler that Dixie is going through the table, and he says that is normal in TV. They want to encourage people to watch the show, and has no issue with that.

  • Bully says he doesn't prefer heel or face, because he is not a heel or a face, he is just Bully Ray.

  • Final question is on who will be the face of TNA, and Ray says that Bobby Roode is great, and also puts over Eric Young.

  • The call ended at 2:28 PM ET.

  • You can download the call at this link.

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