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OVW TV Taping [Spoilers]
Posted by Ashish on 07.06.2006

Credit: Mike Giralico & PWInsider.com

Several dark matches opened the night:

Shelly defeated Jennifer Mae with the Unprettier. This match was spotty at best. Shelly doesnt seem confident leading a match yet for some reason.

Jack Bull defeated J Mann by count out. Sousay came out and introduced Bull as a man who had traveled the world and had dinner with the Pope. Bull staggers out, and runs to the concession stand to grab a hot dog. He then runs to the back and Sousay begs for time for Bull to digest. J Mann took off to the back after Bull as Bull appeared through the side door of the arena. He then stood in the ring as the ref counted J Mann out.

Mr Strongko choked out TJ Dalton. Dalton tried to start a USA chant and the crowd actually countered with a RUSSIA chant for Strongko. Dalton got in little offense and Strongko locked in the Tazmission (I cant spell the hold's actual name, sorry).

Chuck Evans defeated Pat Buck. No further comment on this match.

The taping begin with Armando Alejandro Estrada on the Tron hyping Mysterio coming to Six Flags Friday as well as Punk vs Mizanin for the OVW Title that night.

Elijah Burke then comes out dressed like Apollo Creed in Rocky IV, complete with "Living In America" on the PA. He also had two bikini clad women with him (one of which was Jennifer Mae). Burke stated this was his tribute to America's troops overseas and proceeded to belt out America The Beautiful, which garnered another Russia chant from the crowd. Burke finished his song and left.

The Untouchables defeated Shad & The Neighborhoodie in a non title match. Very short bout, Deuce countered a rollup by The Neighborhoodie to score the win. Afterwards Deuce and Domino yelled to be handed the belts but Shad and Neighborhoodie held them high as the backed out. Odd match as the crowd didnt know who to cheer for it seemed.

Shawn Spears defeated The Miz after CM Punk appeared at ringside to distract Mizanin. Spears and Mizanin had a solid match that featured some nasty chops traded back and forth. The Miz cut a promo post match saying that after he beats Punk Friday he is going to tattoo his name of Punk's (I'm not making this up) "Turd Cutter".

Aaron The Idol & Arakaus (??) vs KC James & Roadkill went to a no contest. I don't know who this guy with Idol was as I have never seen him before. He was wearing something resembling a yellow and black vinyl gladiator outfit. Arkaus opened the match and when he tagged Idol in Idol turned around and threw him headfirst into the turnbuckle. Roadkill looked confused but squared off. Idol quickly grew frustrated and grabbed a chair, but KC took the chair from idol. KC of course then turned on Roadkill and laid him out with a chairshot. Idol and KC glared at each other as the crowd chanted for KC. Idol and KC left separately.

Cody Runnels defeated Eddie Craven by pinfall. Cody did a lot of selling in this match as he continues to do on house shows as well. Solid enough offense from him but still seems to be looking for his groove, it's to be expected though as he just debuted 2 months ago. The crowd support for him seems to be growing.

Seth Skyfire defeated Brent Albright to retain the OVW TV Title. Skyfire got a lot of boos in his intro. Crowd was hot for Albright chanting for the Crowbar through out the match. This was a very good back and forth match up between these gentlemen. Seth would get in some high flying moves then Albright woudl take him down and work over his left arm. Albright had the crowbar locked in but Seth rolled over to the ropes. Albright drug him back to the middle of the ring and locked it back on, Skyfire tried to roll around to the ropes again but the time stopped halfway through and pinned Albright. Post match the two shook hands.


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