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Death by Midwest: IWA Mid South Scorpio Rising-Disc 1-August 12, 2006
Posted by John Goozie on 11.10.2006

SCORPIO RISING-August 12, 2006 in Plainfield, IN.

Plainfield is the designated “hardcore/deathmatch” venue for IWA Mid South. The central Indiana fans are more responsive to the style, and the privately-owned venue lets them do as they please with blood and gore. The shows held here are thus nearly equal between deathmatches and technical/high flying bouts.

IWA Mid-South Champions Roll Call
IWA World Heavyweight Champion: Toby Klein (1st reign-defeated Trik Davis on 6/17/06 in Streamwood, IL)
IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Champion: Josh Abercrombie (2nd reign-defeated Tyler Black on 1/21/06 in Midlothian, IL)
IWA Mid South Tag Team Champs: Deranged and Brain Damage (1st reign-defeated Ian Rotten and Drake Younger on 8/11/06 in Midlothian, IL)
IWA Mid South Women’s Champ: Mickie Knuckles (2nd reign-defeated Hailey Hatred on 2/8/06 in Charleston, WV)

Attendance is very bad at this event. Can’t be more than 80 people there, and most opted for the bleacher seats.

North Star Express is Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz. They’ve been IWA regulars over the past few months, but are just now working as a their usual tag team. This match I’m guessing will be very Chikara style. Corbin declares his belt, which is one of scrolling message belts, is not on the line because Xion’s hairspray depletes the ozone layer. Hahaha. I’m not huge on any of these guys from what I’ve seen of them in IWA. PJ Drummond is your ref and that guy rules. Some guys chant “Huss!” at Shima Xion. Corbin helped Cruz beat Storm last night in Midlothian, so this is a revenge match. Cruz and Storm start out with arm tomfoolery. Cruz grabs a headlock that Storm tries several times to get out of. Cruz distracts the ref to get in a closed fist punch. HEEL! Drop toe hold into the turnbuckles by Cruz, who then grabs a towel. He goes a rat tail, but it’s blocked by Storm, and Storm does a sort of snapmare with the towel, then an armdrag with it, followed by a towel-less spin kick. From what I saw, it was contact-less, too. Xion in, and more “Huss” chants. Xion ties Cruz up with a sort of Chickenwing Indian Deathlock combo, and sprays his hair at the same time. Sweet. Suplex gets 2 on Cruz. Cruz comes back with a jumping forearm smash. Corbin in and he slams Xion and says “Best Bodyslam EVER!” Heh, comedy. Dropkick by Xion gets 2. Headscissors by Xion and the heels take a powder. Yeah, guess what’s next. Tope by Storm, and an ugly one at that. Notice the lack of capitalization. Storm picks NSE up while Xion goes up top, but the heels move and Xion hits Storm instead. That was ugly, too. Double gutbuster by NSE on Xion in the ring followed by a double dropkick. That gets 2. Tag formula stuff begins as Corbin distracts the ref as Cruz chokes Xion. Double team Japanese armdrag followed by a double team STO, only gets 2. Cruz in now for NSE. “This is the greatest tag wrestling EVER!”-Corbin. Ben Jordan says he exaggerates, much like Tony Schiavone. Hahaha. So true. Russian Leg Sweep by Cruz followed by a standing moonsault for 2. The heels are looking way better than the faces here in terms of ability. Corbin in and he grabs a side headlock. Corbin cuts off the comeback but then Xion hits a rana. Cruz cuts off the tag. They go for a double team but Xion moves and Cruz spears Corbin in the groin. Tag to Storm, and it is not HOT in any sense. German Suplex by Storm. Inverted DDT by Xion on Corbin. Standing Corkscrew by Xion misses. SHIN CITY by Corbin on Xion…for 2. I like that move. Cruz sends Storm outside. He hits some sort of Single Underhook Island Driver on Xion which sets up CRUZ CONTROL for the win at 9:48. *. I like North Star Express, but they aren’t good enough to make up for the crappiness of Xion and Storm. They both screwed up big time in this match. Hopefully they’ll get better opponents from now on.

I’ve seen Pepper in NWA Midwest and MAW, but he’s playing a heel here. He also comes out to Gnarls Barkley. Nice. The music guy messes up both guy’s tunes. Not a good omen. Nice matwork starts off. Parks grabs a wristlock but Reyes fights out into a hammerlock, then stomps on his back. Series of near falls ends in a standoff. More mat stuff. Reyes works the arm with an armbar and some stompage. More arm submissions. Parks catches him with the kitchen sink. Leg drop by Pepper gets 2. Chops and punches by Pepper followed by a delay vertical suplex by 2. BIG kick to the back, and I believes Reyes’ back is the focus. That was a good kick, too. Body scissors by Pepper works the back again. Reyes falls back to get a 2 count on Pepper, but the hold is still on. He does it again for another 2, then Parks rolls over and gets 2 on Reyes. Nice little sequence there. Stiff kick and chop by Reyes but Parks cuts him off. A stomp on the back gets 2. Sleeper applied by Parks. Reyes fights up into a chinbreaker and then proceeds to kick the CRAP out of Pepper. Brutal swinging neckbreaker by Reyes for 2. He works over the neck and then hits a jumping knee strike for 2. He goes for the Dragon Sleeper but Parks back suplexes out of it. More with the back, that’s good. Parks goes up top but Reyes cuts him off. Parks throws him off and hits the Matt Sydal standing leg drop move for 2. Tornado DDT by Parks gets 2. He picks Reyes, but Reyes goes behind….DRAGON SLEEPER! Parks taps out at 11:10. **3/4. Decent mat-based contest. Reyes worked over the neck for the Dragon Sleeper, and much of Pepper’s focus was on the back of Reyes. I liked Pepper, though he’s obviously still young. Reyes is pretty good, too, but like always needs to sell better.

#3: SIX MAN SCRAMBLE MATCH: Billy Roc, Ben Sailor, and Scottie Murray vs. Jake O’Neal, Jeff Brooks, and Zach McGuire

Besides Billy Roc, I’m not familiar with any of these guys. Sailor has been on IWA shows before and been woefully unimpressive. Jeff Brooks is the student of IWA vet American Kickboxer and similarly unimpressive. Jake O’Neal is a guy I’ve seen at many IWA shows setting up and taking down the ring, but never wrestling. O’Neal and Sailor start off. Lucha stuff ending with a big monkey flip by Sailor. They screw up a reverse rana and all of a sudden I feel like Special K is reborn here. Roc and McGuire in and they look more solid as they trade armdrags. McGuire gets sent out so in come Jeff Brooks and Scottie Murray. Now, I know in scramble matches when someone goes to the floor their partner can come in. I just didn’t know they would make it a requirement. Big kick by Murray followed by a cross body. Damn, loose ropes tonight. Brooks screws up the timing on something and makes it plainfully obvious. Headscissors by Murray. Knee strike by Brooks into the corner and that looked stiff. Standing sliced bread #2 by Brooks. O’Neal in with a big kick. That gets 2. He tags in McGuire. Well, thanks for stopping in, O’Neal. Nice springboard moonsault by McGuire gets 2. Double team suplex by McGuire and O’Neal. Top rope knee drop by Brooks gets 2. Roc breaks up a pin on Murray as Ian talks about giving young guys a chance in IWA. McGuire kicks Murray some more then O’Neal comes in. O’Neal hits a DDT then a knee drop. BIG spin kick by Murray and finally he gets in some offense. Enziguri by Murray. Roc gets tagged in and dropkicks all three opponents down. Then the timing gets screwed up. Ugh. It was almost good. Cutter by Roc on Brooks. Big lariat on McGuire gets 2. Falcon Arrow by O’Neal on Roc. Standing corkscrew gets 2 when Sailor breaks it up. German Suplex with a bridge by Sailor is broken up by a STANDING MOONSAULT by Brooks. Now that was neat. Broken up by Murray who catches Brooks…AIR RAID CRASH for 2 when it’s broken up by McGuire. Brainbuster by McGuire but Roc breaks up the pin. O’Neal and Brooks get sent to the outside. STEREO Asai Moonsaults by Murray and Sailor. Roc doublestomps McGuire from McGuire’s own back. Cool. Then he hits a standing sliced bread #2 for the win at 6:02. *. Too many mistakes by the green guys here. I would have much rather seen Murray vs. Roc or McGuire in something than have to deal with Brooks, O’Neal, or Sailor. Then again, I understand young guys need their shot. O’Neal looks like he might have broke his ankle on the outside as Ian asks for some ice.

Now we’re talking. Brandon jaw-jacks with fans during his entrance. Scorpio comes out dancing and wearing the GHC Openweight Title. Brandon has the mic and some words for Scorpio. He says he used to watch Scorpio in WCW doing the 450, but now he is the master of that move. Scorpio calls Brandon a wannabe and says he invented the 450 when Brandon was about 4 years old. He says he’s gonna give Brandon a good old fashioned ass whoopin’ and slaps Brandon. Brandon clotheslines 2 Cold but gets dropkicked in return. Scorpio knips up out of an arm wringer and takes Brandon to the mat. Brandon gets the advantage for a moment before Scorpio takes him down again. It seems like Brandon’s cocky attitude is being one-upped by 2 Cold’s experience. 2 Cold goes for a pin but Brandon bridges up, preventing even a one count. Ben Jordan discusses on commentary that while Brandon knows much about 2 Cold’s style, Scorpio has most likely never seen Brandon wrestle. Brandon manages to get a 2 count on Scorpio before getting rolled over himself for 2. Scorpio slides underneath to the outside and takes a breather. 2 Cold teases a test of strength and kicks Brandon in the gut. They go to the strikes. Both men go for shoulder tackles but neither man budges. Brandon knocks Scorpio down with a forearm. Scorpio fires back with knee strikes. PELE KICK! Wow, I didn’t know Scorpio could still do that. Fireman’s Carry into a slam gets 2. It wasn’t a Death Valley Driver, and I could say an FU but it seems inappropriate. Up top…Harlem Hangover by Scorpio…for 2. Brandon is gasping for air after that, and Scorpio chokes him with his boot. Brandon ducks a dropkick and hits a knee drop. Scorpio recovers and spin kicks Brandon down. Flipping leg drop by 2 Cold gets 2. Moonsault by 2 Cold….misses! 2 Cold is holding his knee. Brandon hits a running forearm. Northern Lights by Brandon gets 2. Standing Shooting Star….for 2. Brandon ducks 2 kicks from 2 Cold and then hits a step up enziguri…for 2. This is a good match but the crowd is entirely DEAD. GOLDEN GATE SWING by Brandon….for 2! Brandon’s straps come down and he calls for the finish. 450 splash…misses. He took too much time. Scorpio’s laughing at him. Powerbomb by Scorpio…450 SPLASH! That was picture perfect and it gets 3 at 14:49. ***1/4. Good match that the crowd seemed entirely dead for. Brandon is a great up-and-coming talent, and Scorpio gave him a lot of offense here. Brandon recently did a jobber match in TNA, so I’m hoping he catches his big break soon. Scorpio is now back with WWE, so this most likely was his last appearance in IWA. After the match, 2 Cold helps Brandon up and says “Now THAT is the best 450 in the world.” Brandon still says his is better.

This should be good. Gran Akuma is a product of the Chikara wrestling school, but looks way better than the usual masked men out of that school. Cannon is an IWA veteran since early 2004, and a 2-time former IWA Champion. Ian Rotten on commentary says both of these guys like to use stiff kicks in their offense. Mat work starts off. Akuma wrestled in a 6-man tag match the night before, while Cannon wrestled to a countout in a title match with Toby Klein. They trade armbars, headlocks, and wristlocks on the mat. Ian puts over Akuma, saying he’ll have a bright future if he takes more bookings outside of Chikara. Akuma headstands out an armbar into a front facelock. More fancy reversals, but they are keeping it slow. Cravat by Cannon. They suddenly go to lightning speed. ARMDRAGS AHOY! Chops by Cannon followed by STIFF kicks to Akuma. Damn, Ian wasn’t kidding when he said they were as hard as Low Ki’s. Cannon goes for a kick and a backdrop but Akuma avoids both. Armdrag and a dropkick sends Cannon to the floor. Cannon gets the advantage with a Euro uppercut. Palm strike gets 2. Long delay vertical suplex by Cannon. Cannon ties Akuma up into what Ian calls a Banana Split. Or is Ian just hungry? Japanese Stranglehold in Camel Clutch position on Akuma. Back up now. STIFF kicks again from Akuma but Cannon knocks him down with a headbutt. Cannon ties Akuma up into some sort of submission. It looks painful, that’s about all I can say. STIFF headbutt again from Cannon. IWA loves stiff headbutting. That gets 2. Akuma comes back with a spinning low kick, then dropkicks Cannon while Cannon’s head is underneath the second turnbuckle. Owwww. More kicks, all stiff as hell, from Akuma. Crucifix pin gets 2. Akuma KICKS THE HELL out of Cannon’s shoulder, then locks on the Octopus. I think that’s what it called. Cannon makes the ropes. Snap suplex followed by a back senton for 2. Neckbreaker from Cannon as both men go down. Strike battle on their knees then a series of clotheslines from Cannon. Brainbuster is blocked into a DDT by Akuma. Up top…FROG SPLASH! Only gets 2. Back up…ENZIGURI from Cannon. BRAINBUSTER…for 2! Crowd is still as dead as they were last match. What gives here? Cannon waits for Akuma to get to a knee for the Glimmering Warlock, but Akuma gets back up. Cannon forearms him down again, but Akuma ducks it. Akuma goes for a backslide but Cannon resists, and we get a double pin at 15:30. Aww damn. ***1/2. Really good match that loses points for the cheap finish. At least it sets up a rematch. For the record, Gran Akuma is all kinds of awesome. ROH needs to pick him up STAT.

Icarus is Gran Akuma’s partner in Chikara. He’s a solid wrestler. Omega, on the other hand, I hate. I saw him at the Plainfield show in July and he botched nearly everything. He’s from IWA East Coast. Maybe he’ll be better in their high flyers tournament that I’m going to review soon, but I’m not expecting much. Omega lost the night before to Ricochet in the Simply the Best tournament with a Super Code Red off a ladder through a table. You better believe I’m reviewing that next. Omega is in control hitting very weak kicks. I’m not saying I have a personal vendetta for this kid, I just don’t see why Ian has booked him 4 times when he’s obviously not good enough yet to justify transportation from the East Coast. They screw up a headscissors where Icarus was supposed to fall on the ropes but ends up doing that work himself. See, now he’s brining Icarus down with him. He does hit a nice looking Cannonball onto Icarus’s back. He misses a tope but acts like he hit it. It was nice looking tope, he just completely missed Icarus. Omega goes for a Springboard Cross Body but Icarus dropkicks him down. That gets 2. Fisherman’s suplex gets 2. A suplex with a bridge gets 2. They botch a dropkick after that. That gets 2. Reverse DDT by Omega and both men stay down. German Suplex by Omega gets 2. Ugh. Reverse Suplex by Icarus gets 2. Both men on the top down, Icarus throws Omega off, who flips out of it but almost gets caught with a Tornado Pedigree. Back down, Icarus hits a Pedigree for the win at 7:08. *. Icarus was brought by Omega’s crappiness. Please don’t book this kid again until he’s ready to be worth it, Ian.

#7: IWA DEEP SOUTH TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Iron Saints © vs. Chuck Taylor and Ricochet

The Iron Saints are Vito and Sal Thomaselli, accompanied by Brandon Thomaselli. Chuck and Ricochet (who will be reffered to as Ric for this match by me) are the new stars of IWA. Ric is known as the “guy who does a double moonsault”, but Chuck has done nothing but impress me since his debut. The Iron Saints get on the mic before the match and insult the crowd and their opponents. Yawn. These teams have wrestled a few times before since the beginning of the year. Vito backs Chuck into the corner and uses a closed fist while the ref called for a break. Oh, what a dastardly deed. Hip toss, armdrag, dropkick by Chuck. Vito takes a powder. Vito complains both of pulling the tights and his hair. Ricochet tagged in. He works the arm for a few moments and Chuck comes right back in. Chuck grabs the arm and Ricochet double stomps the arm from the top. Nice stuff. Vito pulls Ric’s hair and tags Sal in with his foot. Ric takes a few forearms from Sal and then throws him to the outside. Vito follows after him. Chuck and Ric to go for stereo planchas, but the Saints duck, so the faces stop themselves and slap the backs of Vito and Sal. Haha. Then we get a tope from Ric onto Vito and a moonsault onto Sal from Chuck. Vito accidentally clothesline Sal in a brawl. Chuck and Ric double team Vito in the ring with kicks and such. Vito ducks Ric’s spin kick and clotheslines him in the back, then reverse snapmares him on the mat. Owww. Sal keeps Chuck occupied on the outside. Double team powerbomb on Ric. Sal is selling the back from the clothesline on the outside. Chops to Ricochet. LARIAT to Ricochet, and he falls right on his head. Double team chops on the back and front by the Iron Saints, followed by a belly-to-belly. Double team cheating from Vito and Sal. Face blind tag spot done, but of course the ref didn’t see it. Nearfall on Ric. Ric ducks a clothesline, FISHERMAN’S BUSTER by Ricochet on Sal and both men are down. Chuck tags in and hits clothesline and a nice enziguri. Flying enziguri on Sal by Ricochet. Chuck picks up Vito into a DVD position, Ric goes up top….BLOCKBUSTER. Cool double team move there. That gets 2. Superkick and German Suplex combo from the Iron Saints gets 2. Chuck hits his signature foot gimmick thing, then Ric hits a top rope rana on Vito. Ric goes up for the double moonsault but Brandon pushes him off. Chuck still in control though on Sal…OMEGA DRIVER. Wow that had impact. But the ref is distracted by Brandon and Vito grabs some brass knucks and nails Chuck with it. That gets 3 for the Iron Saints at 10:37. **1/2. Most of that goes to the good showing from the rookies. The Iron Saints’ sloppiness continues. Ever since they lost the IWA Mid South Titles back in March their act has gotten pretty stale.


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