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411’s LIVE WWE Backlash ’07 Coverage: WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Melina © vs. Mickie James
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.29.2007

-Backstage we see Shane with Umaga. Shane says he has to get revenge for what he did to AEE. Umaga leaves and Vince is here in a DOO RAG~! Shane likes it. Vince says tonight history is made when a McMahon becomes the ECW champion. Vince says Shane will become the KING of Extreme and win the title tonight. Shane loves the idea and leaves. Then comes back. He says that's nice, and then says Vince should win the title due to what Lashley did to him. Vince says he likes it and leaves. Shane rolls his eyes.

WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Melina © vs. Mickie James

Lock up and a go behind hammerlock by Melina. Counter by Mickie and into an arm bar. Forearms by Melina, wristlock applied. Cartwheel by Mickie and a monkey flip out and cover for 1. Side headlock and side headlock takedown by Mickie for 1. Head scissors by Melina, Mickie kips out and they stand off. A boot and headlock takedown by Melina. Head scissors by Mickie, Melina out and into a headlock. Forearm by Mickie and she escapes. Melina looks to have lost a contact, but was faking and sucker punches Mickie. HEEL~! Mickie back with shoulder rams in the corner, monkey flip and then mounted punches. Cover for 2. Throat shot by Melina, Irish whip and a boot by Mickie. Up top and Melina tosses her off HARD to the floor! Mickie crawls back into the ring and Melina grabs her and gets a hair mare for 2. Melina with the body scissors choke in the ropes, and then a cover for 2. Full nelson with the legs by Melina, that's nice. Mickie rolls back and then Melina rolls and gets 2 with it. Still holds on, and then Melina gets the ropes for the advantage. Ref sees and breaks it. Small package by Mickie for 2. Melina slams he down and drags her to the corner, to the 2nd rope and hangs her with the headlock. Mickie fights back, rights to Melina but she leaps off with the seated senton. Melina chokes her out now, and then kicks her in the head and covers for 2. Elbows by Mickie, side kick caught and Melina slams her into a split, Melina into a split and they throw rights from the slit position. Basement dropkick by Mickie! Off the ropes and a clothesline by Mickie. Another, slams he down and a hair mare by Mickie. Neck breaker by Mickie gets 2. Crowd getting into the match as well, good deal. Elbow by Mickie, tossed to the apron, rights to Melina, up top and a cross body for 2. Boots by Mickie in the corner, Melina set up top, kicks at Mickie and rakes the eyes. Reverse DDT by Melina gets the win.

Winner: Melina @ 9:10 via pin


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