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411's ROH on HDNet Report 11.12.09: Danielson-Strong vs. American Wolves (11.09.09)
Posted by Aaron Hubbard on 11.12.2009

Actually, it is my birthday. I am no longer a teenager, I am twenty. Hooray for me!

Austin Aries makes his way to ringside. Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak are on commentary. Aries says there are two people. 1) Champions like Nigel McGuinness, Bryan Danielson and himself. Then there are the people who are good but not great. He mentions Roderick Strong of course, but this is mostly about Tyler Black. Tyler is the type of guy who is very good, but is not great and will never be Champion. He says that a lot of people are talking about how his Lucky Lottery is rigged, but he's going to let Tyler supervise this lucky lottery. Tyler pulls out a piece of paper with nothing on it, and Aries LIGHTS IT ON FIRE! Tyler is hurt and we focus on that for a bit.

3rd moment is Manhattan Mayhem II, with Takeshi Morishima, which is a match where he tore his retina, but it was absolutely stellar, and one of the best of either man's career.

The Hog is DISGUSTED at Aries' cowardly attack on Tyler. See, this is the kind of thing Mike is good for. He really does come across like he is honestly pissed off.

The Super Smash Bros. vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico
YES! PRESS CONTINUE! Oh, this is gonna rock. Player Uno and Generico start out and Uno grabs a headlock before hitting a shoulder block. Generico sprawls and hits a series of armdrags. Player Dos comes in and hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Steen tags in and levels Dos with a chop. He puts him in the corner and hits another one, but Dos dodges a third and fights back with forearms. He gets a rana out of the other corner. He dodges a clothesline but Kevin catches him off a crossbody and hits a backbreaker. Dos takes some more abuse and Generico tags in. They hit a double back body drop but Uno breaks up the pin. Steen comes in and humbles Dos with a camel clutch, and starts talking trash to Uno and then decks him with a running forearm. Dos starts to fight back but Steen just levels him with a forearm. Generico is in and hits the drop toehold for Steen to hit the somorsault legdrop, but Uno breaks up the cover.

Dos lands on his feet when they try a double backdrop suplex, ducks under a clothesline, knips up and takes them out with a double Pele Kick! Hot tag to Uno who takes out Steen with a knee in the corner, and then hits a modified stunner on Generico. Steen goes for the package piledriver but Uno tosses him to the floor. He misses a clothesline on Generico but not a forearm. Dos takes out Steen with a dive and Uno hits a Catatonic into a reverse STO! Generico avoids a suplex and hits a reverse jawbreaker, which actually is an attack on the jaw instead of the neck. Whooda thunk it? Uno dodges the yakuza kick and Dos hits the double knees out of the corner, and we see the Alabama Slam/Lungblower combo that is just sick. Steen fights both men but gets tossed outside. The Bros. look to go for another double team but Steen crotches Dos on the top turnbuckle.

Generico throws Uno into a forearm by Steen, and then climbs up the top ropes for a tornado DDT. Steen hits a superkick that puts Uno in the corner, and then he hits a belly-to-belly on Dos that sends him into Uno! Dos eats the yakuza kick from Generico and goes on the Assembly Line for a Package Piledriver and a Brainbuster, and that puts him away. Hog says, "Slap the Porpoise!" in Spanish. Awe. Some. We get handshakes after the match. Very classy.
Winner: Kevin Steen and El Generico (via Assembly Line on Player Dos) ***1/4

Kyle Durdan is in the back with The Embassy. Prince Nana puts over the Beard vs. Beard match between Grizzly Redwood and Ernie Osiris. Joey Ryan just acts sleazy.

Chris Hero w/Shane Hagadorn vs. Bobby Dempsey
It has been far too long since Dempsey was on my TV. He has lost quite a bit of weight. Bobby starts this off by shoving Hero and they pieface each other. Hero hits a knee and they trade slaps. Hero starts hitting yakuza kicks but Bobby has fighting spirit! Hero runs into a brick wall and Bobby hits a back body drop. Dempsey hits a pair of headbutts and whips Hero before hitting a back elbow for two. Hero bails to the floor and Shane distracts him. Hero hits a big elbow to the back of the head, but only gets two. He hits a senton for two and Hagadorn gets a slap in. Hero hits several of sliding kicks. Hero hits an elbow in the corner and a running elbow, but Bobby is up and hits his own series of elbows. Bobby hits the ropes and Hero hits an elbow, but Hero hits the ropes and Bobby hits the Bobby Block. Hero avoids a cannoball in the corner and hits his rolling elbow, then goes for a neckbreaker, but that's just a set-up for another rolling elbow. That puts Dempsey away.
Winner: Chris Hero (via Rolling Elbow) **1/2

Eddie Kingston comes out and says Hero is doing great, and maybe he should be more like him. That's all he says. I wonder...

Jim Cornette gives his first interview, which I'll just provide since I can.

"Skullkrusher" Rasche Brown vs. Sal Rinauro
How does Sal manage to keep coming back? Rasche gives him a handshake but hits a knee and then just casually beats him down. He does a spinning military press. He picks up again for the torture rack, and hits a Burning Hammer. Not the Kenta Kobashi version, as he just flipped him onto his stomach, but still, cool to see that.
Winner: Rasche Brown (via Burning Hammer) 1/2*

Next week, Bryan Danielson has his final match with Roderick Strong. Don't miss that.

The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. Roderick Strong & Bryan Danielson

Edwards and Danielson start this out, but Eddie tags out to Davey just to give us a taste of the old best vs. the new best. They chain wrestle and exchange fireman's carries. Bryan gets the final word by stomping on Richards' elbow. Davey comes back in and they step up the pace but don't really get anything on each other. At least this has a purpose this time because these sequences help get Davey over as "The New Best in the World". Davey shoves Dragon and then dodges a kick, and tags out to Edwards. Bryan tags out as well. Roddy takes control with an arm wringer. He gets some nearfalls off of grounded crucifixes and then hits Eddie with a leaping heel kick for two. Dragon tags back in and they hit a double suplex. Bryan gets two off of that, and hits a European Uppercut before whaling on Edwards with kicks. Eddie hits a big boot, but Bryan hits his own boot. Eddie moves out of the way and Davey clocks Bryan with an enzugiri. Edwards knocks Roddy to the floor and hits a missile dropkick. Davey takes out Roderick with a tornado DDT off the apron TO THE FLOOR!

Bryan kicks out of the dropkick, but becomes a victim of the Wolves' beatdown. Eddie throws him into the barricade and Davey gets two off of a snapmare. Eddie hits a chop but Danielson comes back with a European Uppercut off the second turnbuckle. Strong is still out from the DDT though and Davey comes in to give Dragon a backdrop suplex. Davey spits on Roddy before tagging back out. Eddie takes out Strong with a kick and stomps a mudhole into Danielson. Eddie slows things down with a chinlock. Bryan fights out but Edwards hit a back elbow. Davey tags in and applies a Texas Cloverleaf/Tequila Sunrise combo but Dragon gets the ropes. Eddie sends Dragon to the corner and Bryan flips out, but hits the ropes one too many times and runs into a kick to the back by Richards. Davey hits a series of kicks but Bryan fights through the pain to hit his own kicks, and Davey hits a spinning kick to the gut. He goes for the handspring enzugiri but Danielson hits a dropkick to his head!

Hot tag to Roderick! He takes out Edwards and then hits a pair of running forearms on Davey. Richards hits a kick but runs into a dropkick. Eddie eats a powerslam and Strong hits the Michinoku Driver on Richards, dropping him on Eddie and getting two. Davey avoids the half-nelson backbreaker but not a uranage variation. He does kick out and hit a headbutt, and Edwards tags in. Eddie knocks Bryan to the floor with a boot and hits a few chops, but runs into a boot. Roderick tosses Davey to the apron, and the Wolves hit an elbow/enzugiri combo. Edwards hits his backdrop into a facebuster on Strong and Davey follows with a dropkick, but Edwards only gets two. Eddie goes for the half crab on Strong but Danielson grabs his arms and tries Cattle Mutilation, but Davey grabs his legs and turns it into the Texas Cloverleaf! Edwards puts Strong in the half crab!

Roddy gets the ropes and Danielson sends Richards to the barricade outside. Strong avoids the 2K1 Bomb and hits an enzugiri. Danielson comes in with a forearm in the corner, Roddy hits another enzugiri and they bust out the Hart Attack! Edwards kicks out and gets put in the Boston Crab! Davey sends Bryan to the barrier and tries to break up the crab with kicks, but Roddy stands still and spits at him, and Richards runs right into a sleeper by Dragon! Edwards fights and tries to get the roll-up counter, but Strong sees it coming and counters to a nearfall. Strong hits a knee and does some chops, but Davey escapes and the Wolves connect with the Alarm Clock. Bryan hits a gamengiri on Davey, Eddie hits a flying knee, SICK KICK BY STRONG TO EDDIE! This is awesome.

Davey and Bryan have a staredown and trade elbows. Bryan wins that fight but Richards hits the Cactus Clothesline. Eddie and Strong trade strikes, but Roddy misses an enzugiri and crotches himself, and Eddie hits his own enzugiri. BACKPACK STUNNER! Roddy kicks out! Strong runs into a superkick by Eddie and the Wolves hit what I will call the DREE Rush, due to it's similarity to the ASCS rush. Strong kicks out of that as well. They look to go for the Doomsday Bulldog but Dragon breaks it up. Eddie lands on his feet off a backdrop from Strong, but Danielson hits him with a missile dropkick. HUGE DIVE TO RICHARDS! PRESS BACKBREAKER BY RODDY TO EDWARDS! ONLY 2! Press gutbuster, but Roddy runs into a superkick, SICK KICK! ONE...TWO...FOOT ON THE ROPES! Roddy looks to go for a superplex, and Davey has one of the belts. Todd Sinclair gets it out of the ring and misses a low blow. Sunset flip by Edwards, POWERBOMB/LUNGBLOWER! ONE...TWO...NO! HALF CRAB BY EDDIE! Roddy taps!
Winner: The American Wolves (via Half Boston Crab) ****

Wow, fantastic show all around. That main event was stellar. Definitely check this out if you missed it.


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