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411's ROH Death Before Dishonor VIII Report 6.19.10
Posted by Aaron Hubbard on 06.19.2010

This is a recap only. Join me and Scott Slimmer for star ratings and opinions on Instant Access!

The show starts with a video package on the three big matches.

Cheech and Cloudy come to the ring for their match, but El Generico runs down to the ring and grabs a mike: STEEN! NOW! Steve Corino comes out, calls Generico a masked retard, says Generico doesn't call the shots, Steen doesn't wrestle opening matches. Generico is adamant though, and Steen is out, this match is on!

Grudge Match: El Generico vs. Kevin Steen
Big fight right off the bat. Steen wins with the fists, but gets tossed to the floor and Generico hits a hilo from the ring. He whips Steen into the guardrail. Generico hits several chops and punches before whipping Steen into the rail again. Back inside and Generico flies in with a crossbody for two. He starts pummeling Steen again. Generico keeps beating Steen down and stomps a mudhole in him. Steen tries the press powerbomb but eats a dropkick. Steen goes to the apron and snaps Generico's throat off the top rope, but runs into the leaping heel kick! OLE! OLE! OLE! Generico tries the tornado DDT but Steen counters to a sick backbreaker and then drops a senton on Generico's back. He starts taunting the crowd, and starts gouging into Generico's eyes. They trade punches but Steen ends that with a superkick. He chokes Generico on the bottom rope, SNOTTLE ROCKETS! Generico tries to fight back but a stiff forearm knocks him down. More choking and Steen hits the cannonball. Steen is enjoying himself tonight. Generico is still trying to get up, but Steen won't go down. He starts mockingly cheering Generico on, and Generico finally gets a flurry of strikes, and he pops right back up off a shoulder block and hits a clothesline. And another one. Steen blocks the corner yakuza kick, but runs right into the Michinoku Driver, which gets 2. Crowd generously chants this is awesome. Steen counters the tornado DDT again but gets crotched. Steen wants the Package Piledriver on the apron but gets back body dropped to the floor. He glides through the second and third ropes and plants Steen with a tornado DDT on the floor. Back inside, he hits a splash for 2! Generico wants the brainbuster, pumphandle backbreaker by Steen, but only 2! Steenshooter? No, Generico fights it off! Press Powerbomb gets 2 for Steen! More Ole chants. Steen picks up Generico and starts talking trash and slaps Steen. Generico gets back to his feet and they trade strikes, Steen wins, Steen hits a corner clothesline, YAKUZA KICK! HALF AND HALF SUPLEX! Clothesline by Steen sends Generico 360 degrees! Steen looks to go for the moonsault, but Generico moves. SHARPSHOOTER BY GENERICO! Will Steen tap? No, he gets the ropes. Brainbuster? Countered, package piledriver countered, Steen runs into a kick, counters a brainbuster to the Package Piledriver! 1...2...NO! Louder this is awesome chants now. Steen is upset about this. He heads up top, Senton hits knees! RUNNING YAKUZA KICK AGAIN! ANOTHER! BRAINBUSTER? No, Steen fights it off. Low blow, sick top rope Northern Lights Bomb, I think, and Steen gets three.
Winner: Kevin Steen

We cut the audio so that we can get predictions from the roster. I should mention that the video and audio is very, very good.

The All-Night Express (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) vs. Up in Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy)
Aries is not outside for his team this time. The All-Night Express actually get streamers. Code of Honor leads to a sneak attack by the ANE. Corner clothesline by King and he slams Cloudy onto Rhett's boot. He tags out to Rhett and Cheech gets a blind tag and then gets a double armdrag on the ANE. Double dropkicks by Up in Smoke and Cheech backdrops Cloduy onto the heels. Up in Smoke hit the Puff-Puff-Dragon but we get an inverted atomic drop into a spinebuster by the ANE. They start gou going to town on Cloudy. They start cutting the ring in half, King messes up his springboard legdrop but gets it the second time. Chinlock by King. I am thoroughly convinced that I will not be able to keep up with this match. Cloudy avoids the Royal Flush and a spinning heel kick, Cheech starts to tak on everyone and avoids a punch by cartwheeling off the top rope. More combos by Up in Smoke and Cheech hits a corner spear and a Perfect Plex, but Titus makes the save. Cloudy throws Rhett to the floor. Rhett breaks up Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech. Spinning kick and dropkick by ANE, but Cloudy breaks up the powerbomb blockbuster. They hit it on Cheech, but it only gets 2? What? Cheech blocks the Coronationa and tags out to Cloudy, they drop him on his head and only get two. Double discus punch, superkick/enzugiri combo on Titus, PARTLY CLOUDY! Tidal Wave countered by double knee, Royal Flush, ONE NIGHT STAND! It's over.
Winners: The All-Night Express.

King says this is a small piece of what's to come, the rebirth of the All-Night Express. They are under the management of the Greatest Man Who Ever Live, and say they will be the new Greatest Tag Team. They introduce Austin Aries. Aries says that every penny we payed is now officially worth it. He admits that he crossed the line with Delirious, and tried to apologize to Delirious and the slut Daizee Haze, but Delirious insists on revenge. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. And right now, he's going to get it.

Grudge Match: Austin Aries vs. Delirious
Titus and King are barred from ringside. Red Poison Delirious as expected. Streamers for Delirious. Big staredown to start, jackets off. Austin gets a cheap shot, GREEN MIST! TURNBCUKLE SMASH! Chop and Deli keeps going to town. Double chokelift slam! Cobra Clutch, but Aries escapes and drops a few elbows on the head. Delirous whips Aries to the ropes and hits a northern lariat. A blinded Aries tries to hit a brainbuster on the ref but Deli hits a backdrop suplex. Aries avoids a fireman's slam and smashes Deli into the guardrail and puts water on his eyes to get rid of the mist. He slams Deli into rail, throws the bottle at him, drops Deli throat-first on the rail, goes for the axehandle but Deli avoids it. Deli slams Aries into the rail again. Back inside, and Aries hits the ropes to prevent a top rope attack. He hits a neckbreaker on the top rope and a slingshot axehandle, headlock and lefts by Aries. Aries chokes Deli with the tassels. THAT'S TOO VIOLENT! Kicks from the ground by Deli, and Aries keeps choking Delirious. Knee to the side of the face by Aries and he drives his foot into the skull. Chops by Delirious, STUN GUN! Only 2 for Aries, scoop slam, Aries rakes the face, headscissors by Aries and then he sits on Deli's neck for more pressure. Aries starts pummeling Deli and whips him to the corner. He runs into a boot. Aries tries for a super Brainbuster but Deli bites the ribs. Aries goes back up top, Deli leapfrogs over Aries and hits a running headbutt to the gut, COBRA SUPLEX! SICK! Aries prevents the Panic Attack with his flying lariat. Double leg by Delirious, punches and a chokehold. Choke biel by Delirious. Aries hits a knee to the gut, headbutts by Deli! Aries uses the ropes to avoid a suplex, fireman's carry slam and three sentons to the back by Delirous! Reverse STO from the knees by Deli, Cobra Clutch! Aries sends Deli to the floor, HEAT SEEKING MISSLE MISSES! SHEESH! Aries crashed right into the rail on that one. Delirious tries to get Aries inside, gets him in, Shadows Over Hell, and the All Night Express is out for a disqualification finish.
Winner: Delirious

Deli pantses Titus and punts him in the balls, and hits a hilo on King and Aries.

Fans make predictions on the main event. They are hyping the heck out of this, so it better deliver.

2nd Annual Toronto Gauntlet: ROH Television Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong vs. Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino vs. Shawn Daivari vs. Tyson Dux
Tyson Dux and Eddie Edwards start this out. Aggressive lock-up leads to a clean break. Go-behind a by Edwards and Dux hits a headscissors. More chain wrestling as some dumb woman keeps shouting out happy birthday. Edwards has the crowd support as they trade headlocks. Dux hits a shoulder tackle, but and this leads to armdrags. Very even so far. Edwards offers a Greco-Roman Knucklelock but hits a kick and my stream froze. Dammit.

We will try our hardest to get this working again, I don't know if it's my fault or theirs, please be patient.

I'm back and Dux is in control and hits a gourdbuster into a DDT for two. Apparently the Briscoes are having trouble getting here. DVD avoided and lariat by Eddie gets two. Edwards puts Dux up top, but Dux knocks him back down, DROPKICK BY EDDIE! SUNSET BOMB BY DUX! LARIAT! Only 2. Eddie avoids the DVD but not an elbow, enzugiri to Dux on the top rope, Dux avoids the Backpack Stunner, SUPER CODEBREAKER BY EDDIE! HALF BOSTON CRAB! Dux gets the ropes, CRADLE! Dux pinned Edwards!

Dux eliminates Edwards

Davari is out and works on the leg. Nana and Ernesto slam Dux's legs into the rail. Knee-DT by Shawn. FIGURE-FOUR! Dux fights and tries to turn it, but Nana pulls Daivari's hands for help. Banzai Drops to the knee by Daivari, but he gets kicked to the floor by Dux. Dux hits a superplex, but can't cover because of his knee. Dux blocks a dragon screw and hits an enzugiri, backdrop suplex, lariat but only two! DVD, no, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! ONLY 2! Chops by both men, kicks to the knee by Daivari, elevated neckbreaker by Dux! Nana breaks up the pin and Dux decks him, Suplex from the apron but Nana trips up Dux, Daivair covers and eliminates him!
Daivari eliminates Dux

Cabana is out and lots of strikes from Daivari, BILLY GOAT'S CURSE! DAIVARI TAPS!
Cabana eliminates Daivari

Steve Corino is out! Cabana eliminates Corino
Corino keeps beating Cabana down, Strong's down to the ring with Truth Martini, SICK KICK! 1...2...NO! Strong puts the boots to Roddy. Lots of strikes, dropkick by Strong gets 2. Surfboard clutch by Roddy. Cabana gets the ropes but Roddy goes to the eyes. Strong keeps beating Colt down, and hits a big vertical suplex for 2. Chops by Roddy, really light so as not to pop the crowd, Cabana returns the chopes and hits a pair of elbows and a big wind-up fist. Cabana with chops and a clothesline, runs into a boot, enzugiri by Strong, Strong misses a clothesline, QUEBRADA BY COLT! Roddy looks to hurt his ankle and goes outside. Can't tell if it is real or not yet. Oh, it's fake, BOOK OF TRUTH SHOT by Cabana and Roddy gets the pin. Lame finish but Strong has another shot at the title.
Winner: Roderick Strong

The Briscoes are still not at the building, and it's time for intermission.

El Generico is attacking Steen in the ring! YAKUZA KICK! Corino saves Generico from a chairshot, Cabana attacks Steen, BRAINBUSTER TO STEEN! He shoves the refs, takes Bobby Cruise's tie, and chokes Steen with it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA! AWESOME!

HE SHOULD BE FIRED! --- Dave Prazak! That was epic win.

Intermission is over and Jim Cornette is out. It's never cold in Canada when ROH comes into town. He thanks the fans for coming out to support ROH tonight, and we get a loud ROH chants. He calls Toronto a mecca of wrestling in North America, and they came here to support real professional wrestling. He puts over the talents hard work, but it wouldn't be worth it without the fans rocking the place out. Very classy move by Cornette and Ring of Honor. He says we ain't seen nothing yet, because the second half is here.

Pick Six Contender's Match: Christopher Daniels (2) vs. Kenny Omega (Not-Ranked)
Omega gets a ton of streamers. Daniels is now hailing from Sin City. More streamers for Daniels. Code of Honor followed and here we go. Lock-up and a wristlock by Omega. Headlock by Daniels and he holds onto it when Kenny tries to shove him off of the ropes. Headlock takeover by Daniels, cover for 1 by Omega, headscissors but Daniels knips up and goes right back to the headlock takeover. Omega gets his own headlock, shoulder tackle but Daniels trips him up and gets his headlock back on. Omega counters to an armdrag and starts working on the arm as we get dueling chants. Daniels goes to the ropes and gets chopped. Omega couneers the uranage with an armdrag and Daniels ducks the Hadouken. The pace picks up until Omega hits a back body drop and hits a flying back elbow in the corner. Daniels backdrops Omega to the apron, but Omega goes up top and hits the frog crossbody for two. Daniels trips him up but Omega kicks him to the floor, tries the moonsault but Daniels blocks, tries to suplex him off the apron, Omega blocks, but t Daniels hits an enzugiri, SICK NECKBREAKER ON THE APRON! Daniels drops an elbow on the neck and stays focused on that body part. Clothesline gets two for Daniels. Neck wrenches by Daniels, and a knee drop to the back of the neck gets two. Half-nelson chinlock by Daniels, but Omega elbows of it. Omega goes around Daniels but eats a heel kick, and Daniels hits a backdrop suplex for two. Eye of the Hurricane gets two for Daniels. Omega kicks Daniels from the floor, but Daniels kicks him in the back of the head. Vertical suplex, seated quebrada! CROSSFACE! VIOLENT! Omega gets the ropes. Turnbuckle smash by Daniels, Daniels goes up top and Omega starts throwing punches, and a headbutt. Daniels with gut punches and a headbutt, Super Angel's Wings? No, back body drop by Omega. Daniels misses an elbow and Omega hits a pair of polish hammers. Dropkick to the knee, Bullfrog gets two. Omega goes to the apron and hits a missile dropkick to the back of the neck. Zero selling of the neck by Omega. Daniels hits an armdrag to counter a Dragon Suplex, reverse STO, KOJI CLUTCH! Omega gets the ropes, Daniels puts him up top, PALM STRIKE! ICONOCLASM! 1..2...no! Elbows to the neck by Daniels, sick running neckbreaker gets two. Omega fights from his knees, punches by Omega but Daniels ducks a spin kick, Angel's Wings, NO, SPINNING SCHWEIN! 1...2...no! Omega picks up Daniels, punches, sumo strikes by Daniels, an enzugiri by Daniels, uranage by Daniels, BEST MOONSAULT EVER! He misses but lands on his feet, rana by Omega, 2K1 Bomb! THIS IS AWESOME! Hadokuken countered, ANGEL'S WINGS! 1...2...NO! Spin Kick by Omega, Dragon Suplex, HADOUKEN! ONLY 2! THIS IS WRESTLING say the fans. Strikes and a kick to the back of the neck by Omega, SICK STO! BME! IT'S OVER! WHAT A FREAKING MATCH!
Winner: Christopher Daniels

More "That was awesome!" from the crowd. As if the main event didn't have enough pressure, this show just got stolen.

Kings of Wrestling make their way to the ring. The Briscoes still aren't here. Lots of streamers for the Kings. The Briscoes have not made it to the arena for this match. Claudio takes the mic, and thanks Canada for not letting the Briscoes into this beautiful country. This is why they love to come to Toronto. Pearce and Silken are on screen. Hero is disappointing because now they can't prove that they are the best team since the Briscoes couldn't make it. HERE THEY ARE!

NO DQ ROH World Tag Team Championship Match: The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe
Huge brawl to start and Mark takes out the Kings with a dive. They single out Hero and pummel him down. Double shoulder tackle by The Briscoes. Mark applies a choke on Hero. VIOLENT! Vertical suplex gets two. Why are they tagging? Jay hits an elbow and misses a double-stomp. Jay keeps throwsing punches and then shoulders to the gut. He knocks Claudio off the apron, and tags out to Mark, Corner clothesline by Jay, EXPLODER BY HERO! Jay knocks Claudio off the apron and go after Hagadorn. Yeah, that's smart. Claudio is bleeding. Mark hits a crossbody on Hero but doesn't even bother pinning him. Double flapjack on Claudio. They toss Hero into a back body drop from Claudio and hit a double superkick on Claudio. This is really chaotic. Everyone is on the floor except Claudio. Mark is bleeding. Gutwrench suplex on Mark by Claudio. Knee drop and the Kings drive Mark into the corner. Mark fights back but Hero hits a boot to the face. European Uppercut by Claudio and he knocks Jay off the apron and the Kings choke Mark. They should be fired. Double hip toss by the Kings, no they just toss him like a pizza. Mark gets up they start fighting. Double axehandle by Claudio and MMA elbows, Claudio wants KO victory, but no good. An elbow drop gets 2. Hero is in, Claudio whips Hero into a forearm on Mark, but accidentally hits a bicycle kick on Hero. Mark hits a moonsault and gets the tag, Jay is in, blows to everyone, dropkick to Hero, DVD on Claudio! Repeated turnbuckle smashes to Hero! 30 of them and Hero is busted open. A big boot to Hagadorn and Mark is pummelling Claudio. Hero is in but Jay gets an O'Connor roll, Hero kicks out and Jay flies into a chair held by Hagadorn! Claudio sends Mark 360 with ac clothesline. Claudio pummels Mark and Hero chokes Jay on the post with a tag rope, fire hero! European Uppercut to Mark. Jay is a bloody pulp. Huger vertical suplex on Mark by Claudio. Hero tags in, elbow to the head by Hero on Mark. DOOMSDAY EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! ONLY 2! They throw out the ref but it's no DQ. Concussion kick by Hero, Turner tries to untie Jay. Cravate/ bicyle kick according to the commentators. We are missing things as they focus on Jay. ROLLING ELBOW! ONLY 2! Stretch plum by Hero, FIRE EXTINGUISHER BLASTS TO THE KINS BY JAY! Jay has like a .8 Muta. Corner STO to Claudio and a boot to Hero. TABLES! Trashcan lid shot to Claudio by Mark. This is Awesome chants by the fans. They whip Claudio to the table, and send Hero into his partner. REDNECK BOOGIE! Table is still in place, HUGE DOUBLE BIEL TO CLAUDIO BUT HE LANDS ON HIS FEET! DOUBLE SHOULDERBLOCK PUTS HIM THROGH THE TABLE! Doomsday Device but Hero breaks it up. The Briscoes bring Hagadorn into the ring, DOOMSDAY DEVICE TO HAGADORN! Mark takes out Claudio with a tope con hilo, LOADED ELBOW PAD! JAY GETS KNOCKED OUT! ONLY 2! ONLY 2! ONLY 2! Hero wants to kill the ref, and Mark throws Hero into the rail and an absolute asshole in the fans. UFO by Claudio, countered to a roll-up, but only 2! BIG SWING! Hero has the loaded elbow, boot to the head, the Kings retain! What a war!
Winners: Kings of Wrestling

The fans thank the Briscoes and our main event is next.

LET'S GO BROOM GUY! The fans chant "That was Awesome" and "You fucked up!" but I wasn't watching. The crowd has been hot tonight, which just makes this awesome event even better.

ROH World Championship Match: Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards
Cornette is on commentary! If this lives up to the hype, this gets show of the year. Davey doesn't want the handshake and just spits at Tyler. Davey definitely has the crowd support. Lock-up and a headlock by Black, Tyler gets a front facelock, clean break by Davey, slap to the face by Black. Davey responds with a kick to the head. Davey gets a headlock, but Black counters to a headscissors. Richards bridges for two, escapes, shoulder tackle. Leapfrog by Richards and he manages to counter into a surfboard. He turns it into a pin for two and now Black has the surfboard. They break and give me a chance to catch my breathe. Waistlock takedown by Davey, more chain wrestling, straightjacket by Davey and knees to the back. Black reverses the pressure and keeps the hold on. Davey gets to his feet and gets a double wristdrag. Armdrag and Richards gets a chickenwing pin for two. Armdrag and an armbar by Richards. Black lands on his feet on the first missed dropkick, but falls on his face on the second one. Dropkick by Black after rolling to his feet. Black does the slam and tries a stomp, Richards avoids it, but Black gets it. Tyler goes to the apron, but Richards hits a dropkick to the ribs to counter a springboard move. Davey has lost a tooth! Hooking clothesline! Tequila Cloverleaf by Richards! Black gets the ropes. Richards hits a backdrop suplex for 2 and a kick to the spine. Black is unfazed and just slaps Richards. Davey responds with a flurry of violent, stiff kicks to the chest. Corner forearm by Davey, forearm by Black, spin kick by Davey, enzugiri by Black! Davey avoids the F-5, but Black gets an O'Connor Roll, no he just tosses Richards to the floor, HILO BY BLACK! Fans chant you still suck and Black gets the springboard clothesline for 2. Headbutt by Richards. They trade blows, PAROXYSM! ONLY 2! Black heads up top, but Davey cuts him off, tries for a backdrop superplex but Black knocks him off, SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX BUT BLACK LANDS ON HIS FEET! Big boot by Black! REVERSE RANA! JOKER DRIVER! 1...2...NO! You still suck? Hell no, the fans suck. THIS IS AWESOME! That's more like it. Black starts drilling Richards with chops. Black throws Davey in and covers for 2. Black hits a vertical suplex for 2 and pummels Richards for 2 more. Chops by Black and kicks by Davey. Black tries a backdrop, ducks an attack, tries to toss Black outside to floor, Black stays on the apron, Davey gets a running kick to the head, MILLION MPH HILO BY DAVEY! They trade strikes again, HANDSPRING ENZUGIRI GETS 2! Richards gets dropped to the apron, Davey hits a dragon screw in the ropes, missile dropkick by Davey! Richards with a flurry of kicka snd a boot to the face. Black tries a German but Davey lands on his feet, rana, no POWERBOMB AND CLOVERLEAF BY RICHARDS! Black reaches the ropes as the fans are firmly behind Richards. Slam by Richards and he heads up top, Black is up as well, headbutt by Richards, enzugiri by Black, SUPERPLEX! F-5! ONLY 2, roh CHANTS! Tyler looks to go for the Phoenix Splash, Richards is up, elbows by Black, COM ON FUCKER, COM ON FIGHT! - DAVEY! Black knocks him down, PHOENIX SPLASH MISSES! Wheelbarrow roll, ANLKE LOCK BY RICHARDS! Black kicks him off, Davey cucks a kick, nearfalls! Davey bridges up and gets a backlside for 2.Kicks, DAVEY CATCHES THE PLE! ANKLE LOCK! Ropes! GERMAN SUPLEX! Only 2. These guys are exhausted. Davey tries to suplex Black to the floor, Black avoids it but he gets it again. They trade chops on the floor, Black goes outside and Richards is in the ring. Davey is just trying to get some time, because he can't win on a count-out. Hagadorn is outside with a chair, but Davey is having none of it! He sends Hagadorn to the back, SUPERKICK WITH THE CHAIR! Please don't let this be the finish. Davey is up, and he's back inside...Tyler pulls him in, Richards avoids God's Last Gift, they are on the apron, kicks by Davey, punches by Black, PAROXYSM OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR! Black is trying to get count out victories? He's become Aries! Davey is trying to get up...Davey is in at 19! Black is not happy. Slap to the face by Davey! SUPERKICK! GOD'S LAST GIFT! 1...2...NO! You're kidding me! He's gonna win this thing.! Buckle Bomb...BUCKLE BOMB! Davey catches the Superkick, dragon screw, CLOVERLEAF! TAP OUT BLACK! TAP OUT! DAVEY PULLS HIM BACK TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Small package by Black, only 2! MATCH OF THE YEAR CHANTS! Boot by Davey, boot by Black, DOUBLE BOOTS! DOUBLE BOOTS! They trade strikes, KAWADA KICKS BY DAVEY! SLAPS BY BLACK! KAWADA KICKS! SLAPS! PUNCHES BY BLACK! ALARM CLOCK! SUPERKICK, LARIAT! 1...2...NO! Davey can't get a powerbomb, Kawada Kicks, BUCKLE BOMB BY dAVEY! BUZZSAW KICK! D.R. DRIVER! 1...2...NO! NO! NO! Davey tells Black to just die, he heads up top, Black is up, Black looks to suplex Davey to the floor. Kick by Black, LOW KI GHETTO STOMP FROM THE TREE OF WOE TO THE FLOOR! 1...2...NO! Enthusiastic "Match of the Year!" chants. Buckle Bomb, superkick! 1...2...NO! YOU CAN'T BEAT HIM CHANTS! Davey can't even stand, superkcik, WRIST-CLUTCH GOD'S LAST GIFT! 1...2....3! TYLER RETAINS!
Winner: Tyler Balck

"Five Star Match!" chants by the fans. Black tries to help Richards up as the crowd chants "Thank you Both!" Cornette calls them two of the best in the business. MOTY chants start up again. Pearce and Eddie Edwards help Davey to his feet. Davey has the mic and calls Tyler the champ. Black actually thanks Davey for the match.


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