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411's NWA Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Report 10.22.10
Posted by Randy Harrison on 10.25.2010

This week's show starts out with NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce in the dressing room, saying that Scorpio Sky apparently hasn't had enough and he questions Sky about why he would call out himself, Claudio Castagnoli and Rocky Romero because Sky couldn't get the job done one on one. Pearce says that he wants him to bring Joey Ryan and Willie Mack and that while Scorpio Sky may be a great athlete and a great wrestler, Adam Pearce is a legend and tonight he will show why legends are born on NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

After the usual opening package, we head into the NWA studios where David Marquez is with us to run down this week's show. On the card this week is Colt Cabana, Christina Von Eerie and the six-man tag team main event featuring virtually every top star in the promotion! With that, Marquez sends us down to Todd Kenely and James Morgan

Match One:
Colt Cabana vs. Cedrick The Hitman

Cabana hits the ropes in the corner and plays to the crowd, but Cedrick attacks him from behind. No effect on Cabana and he starts dnacing before chasing Cedrick around in a game of grab-ass. Cedrick to the floor, back into the ring, hits the ropes and takes a big elbow to the top of the head from Cabana that sends him out to the floor. Cabana with a HUGE hip toss over the top rope back into the ring off of the stage and he follows that up with a super bionic elbow off the top rope. Cabana with the jabs and he rams Cedrick into the corner before he pulls off Cedrick's little leather gloves and starts bitch-slapping him with them. I guess now he'll leave fingerprints. Cabana with a whip across into the corner and he charges, but Cedrick gets a boot up. Cabana catches the boot and threatens Cedrick for a while before he seemingly tickles Cedrick's balls and then trips him down to the mat. Cabana fakes a kick to the balls and then sets up for a figure-four leglock, but Cedrick kicks him off into the ropes. Cabana with a dive onto Cedrick and he uses his legs to roll Cedrick up for a pin attempt that gets two. Cabana picks Cedrick up and works an armbar before ramming Cedrick into the top turnbuckle so hard it nearly comes off the ropes. Cabana counts along with the referee in the corner...."three.....four.....five?".....but gets caught by a forearm shiver from Cedrick. Cedrick tries to follow it up with a tornado DDT, but Cabana shrugs him off and pushes him into the corner, charging and hitting the Flying Apple! BILLY GOAT'S CURSE LOCKED IN!!! Cedrick has to tap out!!

Winner: Colt Cabana (submission, Billy Goat's Curse) *1/4

Much the same stuff from Cabana as his first match with the promotion. I love Cabana as much as the next guy, but it's hard to take him seriously as a title contender while the rest of them are in the six-main main event later in the show and he's in the opener playing grab-ass with jobbers. Hopefully they give Cabana a bit more to do in the coming weeks as he seems like he could do some really good things for the show.

Jeff Resnick is in the ring withh Colt Cabana and he asks Colt what his goals are in the NWA. Cabana yells out "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL" and then says his goals are to have as much fun as possible, make sweet passionate thirty-second love to as many Hollywood ladies as he can (thirty quality seconds) and to put the NWA World Heavyweight Championship around his waist. He says that if he has the thirty seconds of love (sending a shout-out to Lindsay Lohan) and has as much fun as possible, he will definitely become the new champion and when he does, the first drink's on him!

We get a promo from The Shiek and he says that a year ago no one knew who he was and now he's the most famous man in all of the NWA. Everyone asks why The Shiek did what he did at the Charlotte FanFest and he says that he did it because of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He doesn't care if it's Adam Pearce or anyone else and says that Hollywood is where dreams come true, but welcome to Adam Pearce's nightmare.

Match Two:
Team Canada (Adam Ryder and David Proffit) vs. The Tribe (Navajo Warrior and The Hawaiian Lion)

This one is from the same show at Sun Devil Field in Arizona as last week's Pearce/Waltman match. Team Canada talks some smack to the crowd and seem to be the heels here. Lion locks up with Ryder and pushes him into the corner before backing off with a clean break. Another lock-up and Lion goes behind with a hammerlock into a side headlock. Ryder shoots him off the ropes, but gets taken down with a big shoulderblock and Lion grabs an armbar before tagging in Warrior for some huge chops. Warrior with an Irish whip and a big clothesline and there's a tag back to Lion. Lion off the second rope with an elbow to Ryder's arm before he moves back to an armbar. Lion pushes Ryder into the corner and connects with a double-chop before he brings Ryder out and chops him down to the mat. Ryder finally scrambles to his corner and in comes Proffit, who hits a knee to the gut and some forearms before trying an Irish whip into the ropes. Lion ducks under a clothesline and takes Proffit down with one of his own before he shoves Proffit into the corner for another double-chop. Tag to Warrior and he chops Proffit and pushes him into a neutral corner, where Proffit goes to the eyes.

Proffit with an Irish whip across but Warrior reverses it and reverses it again to send Proffit back into the same corner and Proffit goes over the top to the infield grass. Warrior plays to the crowd and both members of The Tribe are in the ring before the referee forces Lion back to the outside. Proffit tags in Ryder and Warrior backs him into a corner before they lock up and Warrior goes to a standing armbar and a big scoop slam. Big elbowdrop off the ropes from Warrior....1....2...Ryder kicks out just in time. Tag to Lion and there's a double-Irish whip into a HUGE DOUBLE-HIP TOSS!! He was WAYYYYY up there. Lion with the cover....1....2....Ryder rolls the shoulder! Lion with a delayed suplex before he just HAMMERS a kick into Ryder's back. Lion runs the ropes with a big elbowdrop that looked almost Rocky Maivia-esque before he covers for another two-count. Ryder begs off in the corner and then drags Lion's face into the top turnbuckle to buy himself some time and space. Proffit helps even more with a clothesline from the outside and Proffit tags in with Lion pushed into the corner. Shoulderblocks and forearms from Proffit and he picks Lion up for a big slam and then follows it up with another forerarm uppercut. Shoulder to the gut again from Proffit in the corner and Ryder tags back in, but Lion ducks the charging Ryder and drops Proffit with a clothesline before he deposits Ryder with a snap powerslam.

Referee counts both men down but Lion gets the hot tag to Warrior and he's cleaning house on the Canadians with clotheslines and chops. Warrior with some big overhand chops to Proffit on the ropes and Proffit goes to the eyes before whipping Warrior into the ropes. Proffit telegraphs a backdrop and gets caught by Warrior....Warrior catches Ryder coming from behind....DDT/RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP COMBO BY WARRIOR!! Great spot there and Warrior actually pulled off both moves very well and very safely, something that doesn't always happen when guys try to innovate new moves. Tag to Lion and he picks up Ryder to put him on Warrior's shoulders.....RESERVATION DEVASTATION!! Warrior covers....1........2........3!!

Winners: The Tribe (pinfall, Reservation Devastation (dropkick into a Samoan drop) on Ryder) **

Extended squash for The Tribe and they looked a little more impressive here than they did in the match that was actually taped for the NWA show a couple of weeks back. Big plus for actually getting to see their finisher this time out and while they've got a great team dynamic, I would like to see a little more out of them than just the standard sterotypical chops and war dances.

Joey Ryan, Willie Mack and Scorpio Sky are in the locker room area and Ryan thanks Adam Pearce for accepting the challenge for tonight's main event and he says that the fact of the matter is that one of them is going to pin Pearce, become the number one contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and then they'll beat Pearce for the belt. Mack says that Claudio Castagnoli disrespected him last week and his dad was watching the show and said that he would take Castagnoli behind the woodshed and break him something off. Mack says that he does things a little differently than his pops and that he's going to send Castagnoli on his high horse all the way back to Switzerland. Sky says that the best thing about the match is that Adam Pearce is finally going to get what he deserves because he's left people laying and beaten, but tonight it's going to be a fair fight.

After the break, Jonny Loquasto is in the interview area with Natural Selection and he hypes the November 3rd TV taping which will include Natural Selection. Cage says that it's not about the titles anymore, it's about destroying the RockNES Monsters and hurting them. He says it's not about a PowerPad or playing air guitar, but it's about being the number one tag team in the NWA and them stepping up to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Ricker says that they can play their videogames and eat their Cheetos but they're still idiots and that you can bring on Los Luchas, TJ Perkins and Rocky Romero and everyone else in the tag team division because no one is going to be ahead of them. Ricker says that they're the bill collectors and it's time to collect before adding that it's not an insult, it's a fact of life.

Match Three:
Lizzie Valentine vs. Christina Von Eerie w/Buggy

Some background on these lovely ladies as they make their entrances. Valentine was trained by Homicide and spent some time in NWA-TNA as part of Bitchslap with Traci Brooks and Nurse Veronica before moving on to the independent circuit as a wrestler and valet. More recently she was part of the first season of Wrestlicious as Kandy Kisses and was a valet for Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) as part of Wrestling Society X, probably her biggest break to date. Von Eerie is based in the West Coast and has spent time in promotions like Pro Wrestling Revolution and XPW, but is gaining a lot of recognition for her recent work in AAA down in Mexico. She and Alex Koslov had a reign as AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions over the summer but just recently lost those belts to the team of Faby Apache and Pimpinela Escarlata.

Valentine drags Von Eerie off of the middle turnbuckle as Von Eerie is hyping up the crowd and tries to charge, but Von Eerie slips through the ropes and Valentineruns into the buckle. Von Eerie with a springboard clothesline off the top rope!! Von Eerie covers early on but only gets two. Von Eerie with some punches and knees and she whips Valentine across for a backdrop, but Valentine catches her and drops her with a DDT that gets a two-count. Valentine takes Von Eerie across the ring by the hair and tries a charge in the corner but Von Eerie gets a boot up in the face and charges for a clothesline. Valentine catches it and reverses Von Eerie into a neckbreaker that gets her another two-count. Valentine complains at the referee and picks Von Eerie up for a pair of kicks to the spine. Valentine with an Irish whip and Von Eerie catches her setting up for a backdrop and yanks her down by the hair. Von Eerie tries to set Valentine up for Snake Eyes, but Valentine drops out the backdoor and shoves Von Eerie into the corner before hitting her with a clothesline. Von Eerie with a kick to the gut out of the corner and she follows it up with a spinning neckbreaker. Valentine tries a kick to the gut and it gets caught and then she misses an enziguri, falling flat on her face. Codebreaker from Von Eerie and she covers....1.....2.....3!!

Winner: Christina Von Eerie (pinfall, Codebreaker) *

Not an outwardly bad match, but certainly not a good one either. Lots of single moves, no real selling and the finish kind of came out of nowhere. That's not even mentioning that it was odd to have Von Eerie have a valet as a babyface and even more odd that she was out there and did nothing at all. The face manager/valet has never worked very well for me and it didn't work here. With Amazing Kong and Sara Del Rey on the promotion's website, hopefully we get to see some of them in coming weeks.

Match Four:


Joey Ryan, Scorpio Sky and Willie Mack vs. Adam Pearce, Claudio Castagnoli and Rocky Romero

Half of the show left, so this one should get plenty of time to develop and should hopefully be a great match. Pearce gets on the microphone before the match and says that the people need to sit down and shut up because he's got something very important to say. Pearce bullies the referee and the ring announcer before saying that the team he's put together is the greatest professional athletes in the history of wrestling. He introduces Romero and Castagnoli before saying that the people should sit back and relax because what they're about to see is pure excellence. Ryan makes up for Pearce's shabby treatment of ring announcer Angelo Trinidad by putting his scarf and sunglasses on the baffled Trinidad.

After a commercial break the match begins with Mack and Romero kicking things off. Mack and Romero do a little Chippendale dance-off and while Mack is celebrating his "win", Romero attacks with forearms. He whips mack across and charges, but Mack puts a boot right into his face and then drops him with a big right hand. Mack whips Romero into the ropes and takes him down with a shoulderblock, forcing Romero into the corner where he asks for a time-out. Romero sneak attacks Mack and drags him down before tagging in Adam Pearce. Pearce comes off the top rope and drops an elbow to Mack's head before he slams Mack into the boot of Castagnoli. Tag to Castagnoli and he kicks Mack in the gut before slapping him right in the mush. Headlock by Castagnoli and he tags in Romero, who rakes his nails across Mack's back before laying in some chops and right hands. Mack with some right hands of hs own and he drops Pearce off the apron with a right hand before dragging Romero over to his corner with a front facelock.

Mack tags in Scorpio Sky and Sky comes in with a double axehandle to the back before he whips Romero into the ropes for a drop toehold. Another front facelock and Ryan tags in with a pair of right hands before hitting a beautiful snap suplex that gets a two-count. Ryan with another right hand and Castagnoli hits a blind tag, ducking under a right hand to get a single-leg takedown. Elbowdrop from Castagnoli and he hits a European uppercut that sends Ryan into the corner. Irish whip across and Castagnoli charges, but Ryan comes out of the corner with a clothesline before he mounts Castagnoli in the corner for a flurry of punches. Ryan gives Pearce a big one to knock him off the apron and then pops Castagnoli with another heater that gets him a two-count. Castagnoli with a drop toehold into a front facelock and Romero tags in and hits a kneedrop to the kidneys off the ropes. Ryan with a kick tot he gut in the corner and some right hands and he hits a European uppercut before stink-eyeing Castagnoli. Irish whip into the corner by Ryan and he charges, but Romero gets the boots up and Pearce takes him down with a clothesline from the apron. Pearce tags in and hits a BIG scoop bodyslam before he goads Sky and Mack into the ring. Castagnoli "tags" in illegally and starts just laying in the stomps on Ryan. Castagnoli knocks Mack off the apron with a forearm and Romero "tags" in illegally now to stomp away at Ryan in the corner.

Ryan fires back with right hands, but Romero cuts him off with a knee to the gut and whips him into the ropes for an inverted atomic drop into a short dropkick tot he side of the head. Romero with a little more bump and grind and he covers for a two-count. Romero slams Ryan in his corner and tags in Pearce, who comes off the top rope witha BIG SPLASH!! The faces try to come in for the save and again Castagnoli makes the illegal switch, dropping a big leg on Ryan before covering....1......2........Ryan rolls the shoulder!! Ryan goes to the gut with some punches and tries to crawl through Castagnoli's legs to get to the tag, but Castagnoli cuts him off and gutwrenches him. CASTAGNOLI PICKS HIM UP OFF THE MAT AND HITS A GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!!! Incredibly impressive power there. Tag to Romero and he chokes Ryan across the middle rope before drawing in the referee to allow Castagnoli to choke Ryan against the ropes as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and Romero is working a neck crank on Sky as Pearce lays the badmouth on him through the ropes. Romero picks Ryan up and shoulders him in the gut before tagging in Pearce, who spits on Sky to draw the referee in again. Ryan with an inside cradle but there's no referee because Sky is trying to get in and get his hands on Pearce! Castagnoli breaks up the pin with a stomp to Ryan before Pearce tags him in. Castagnoli with a kneedrop off the ropes and he works a front facelock as Ryan fights to the corner for the tag. RYAN WITH THE HOT TAG TO SKY......but the referee was distracted with Adam Pearce coming into the ring! As the referee tries to get Sky out of the ring, the heels pummel Ryan in the corner and make an illegal switch with Romero coming in now. Sky is pitching a HUGE fit as Romero just stomps on Ryan in the corner. He drags Ryan to his feet and whips him into the ropes for a sleeper hold. Ryan starts to fade as Sky and Mack try to get the crowd behind Ryan. Ryan tries to fight up to his feet and does, hammering on Romero's gut and hitting a HUGE SPINEBUSTER OFF THE ROPES! Romero tries to prevent the tag but Ryan kicks him off...Romero tags in Castagnoli.....HOT TAG TO SCORPIO SKY!!

Castagnoli charges and Sky ducks it, coming off the second rope with a springboard cross-bodyblock.....1.....2......Castagnoli kicks out!! Sky with some leg kicks and a dropkick into the corner and he hits Castagnoli with a pair of Stinger splashes before coming off the ropes into a BEAUTIFUL SPINNING TORNADO DDT!!! 1........2........Castagnoli barely kicks out!! Sky is up on the top rope and he looks for a top rope hurracanrana, but Castagnoli catches him!! NEUTRALIZER!! Castagnoli has him locked in the center of the ring!! Sky clawing and scratching and he gets to the bottom rope, forcing the break. Castagnoli puts Mack off the apron with a forearm and he turns his attention back to Sky, who hits a jawbreaker!! Castagnoli with a headbutt to the gut and he tags in Pearce, who eats a big enziguri from Sky. Sky crawls over and makes the tag to Mack!! HUGE T-BONE SUPLEX FROM MACK ON ROMERO!! Charging corner clothesline and Mack slips through the ropes to the apron to climb up top....MISSILE DROPKICK ON PEARCE!! Mack drops Castagnoli off the apron with a right hand and then sends Romero to the floor. Castagnoli sneaks in from behind and tries to attack, but Mack turns around and Claudio begs off. Claudio with a boot but Mack catches it and lays in some right hands.

Mack whips Castagnoli into the corner and catches him coming out with a big backdrop before hitting him with a HUGE T-Bone suplex!! Mack tries to slam Castagnoli but Romero cuts him off and starts celebrating. Romero hits the ropes.....CHOCOLATE THUNDER BOMB ON ROMERO!! Romero rolls out of the ring and Mack tags to Ryan...TOPE SUICIDA TO THE OUTSIDE ON CASTAGNOLI FROM RYAN!! TOPE CON HIRO FROM SKY TO CASTAGNOLI AND ROMERO!! Mack revs up the crowd and tries to hit the ropes, but Pearce cuts him off with an axehandle to the head. Ryan in the ring now and Pearce begs off before throwing a right hand that misses. Ryan tries a roll-up off the ropes but Pearce blocks it and distracts the referee....LOW BLOW!! Piledriver attempt from Pearce but Ryan reverses into a backdrop, which Pearce reverses into a sunset flip attempt!! Ryan catches the legs and sits down on the pin.....1.......2.........PEARCE BARELY ROLLS THE SHOULDER!! I totally thought that was going to be the finish right there. Ryan charges Pearce in the corner and eats a boot to the face, but comes back with a huge superkick. Pearce on his knees and Ryan hits another superkick.....1.......2.......3!!! Ryan stands over Pearce and celebrates and HERE COMES THE SHEIK!! SHEIK STOMPING AWAY ON RYAN!! He picks Ryan up and starts choking him with his headdress as Pearce gets back to his feet and attacks Sheik!! Sheik and Pearce brawling on the mat and Ryan sticks in with right hands on both heels. Three-way brawl and Ryan is taking over on both men, charging in the corner and hitting kicks and clotheslines before Castagnoli drags out Pearce and Sheik takes a powder.

Winners: Joey Ryan, Willie Mack and Scorpio Sky (pinfall, Ryan's seated superkick on Pearce) ***3/4

This one was so old-school I think that it had a salt and pepper beard, but I absolutely loved it. It felt exactly like the type of main event that you would see on the TV show of any number of regional promotions from the 80's and all six guys played their parts to perfection. Consider this a psychology lesson for anyone who isn't used to seeing a ton of it in wrestling in this day and age and it's refreshing to see Castagnoli, Romero and Pearce just relishing in the heel role rather than trying to play it cool for the cheers of the smarks. Great TV main event and probably one of the best ways that thay could promote their next batch of tapings.

Final Thoughts: Solid stuff to open the show with Cabana and The Tribe, but the show kind of lost its way a little bit with the women's match. The show got saved again by yet another great main event with all six guys coming out of it looking great while Ryan is poised to either challenge Pearce for the title or feud with The Sheik. The promotion is doing a great job of setting up lots of challengers for Pearce's title and all of them are credible challengers at the moment, but I would like to see something more in the lines of an angle surrounding Pearce and the title while the rest of them fight it out to be next in line. A little more focus for the main event picture and this show would be better off for it.


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