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411's WWE NXT Report 9.20.11
Posted by Tony Acero on 09.20.2011

Word to everyone and they muthas! It's Tuesday so that means it's NXT day! Yes, we are on episode 956 of Season 5 and I still don't see an end in sight but regardless of such, I'm here to cover it and cover it I shall do!

This week's NXT Report is brought to you by the lovely Ms. Guerrero! Yes, this is Eddie and Vickie's oldest daughter who was signed by WWE earlier this year I believe. Let's welcome her to the NXT Report warmly, yes?

Viva La Raza!

The ring has the spiffy red carpet on it and Percy Watson comes out in a nice suit. It appears that tonight we are going to have a little Piper's Pit-esque segment with Mr. Watson. Let's see how this goes.

The Showtime Percy Watson Show
OH YEAH! Percy is on the mic, he welcomes everyone to the show and to Showtime! He speaks nicely about Titus and brings out the Barking Beast, Mr. O'Neil.

Titus tells Percy that he really looks forward to he and Showtime working together, but right now he needs to win NXT. Afterwards, how bout he and Percy go for the Tag Team Titles. Of course, JTG wants to pump the brakes on this mess so he comes out and wants to know why Percy and Titus think they are legit champs. Young says JTG is one of the best tag team specialists out there. Titus quotes Booker sayin, "What the heeeyeeelll?!" JTG takes offense of Titus saying he's the dominate one on the show as they proved last week. Titus brings up The Usos coming out and JTG says that they're just like Titus, Haters. JTG says that everyone is hating. Percy points out how he and TItus dress versus how JTG dresses. Then, Percy says the time is up and Darren Young takes that as a threat (eh...what?) and of course, the match is made, I guess because JTG and D. Young try to attack only to get tossed out of the ring.

Match 1: AJ vs. Maxine
WOO HOO! This i a rematch from last week, of course, where Maxine won. The announcers claimed that Maxine's mind games before the match were reasonings behind the loss last week so let's see if a clear mind helps out AJ. Maxine has a new, awkward gold outfit that I don't like.

Lockup to start and Maxine shoves AJ away. She hits a kick then whips AJ to the ropes but AJ gets a kick in then a dropkick. She hits some hard rights but is met with a kick to the gut from Maxine. Maxine sends her to the corner then slams AJ's head to her knee and goes behind for a chin lock...great....Maxine turns it into a cravat until AJ finds it in her to fight out of it with some blows to the gut. Maxine tosses AJ down for a pin but only gets a 2. Maxine locks in a unique version of the liontamer then slams AJ'hs head into the mat a couple of times before going for a slingshot, but AJ rolls it into a pin for 2! Maxine with a boot to the face of AJ and pins for 2. We get another go behind, this time with the knee to the back of AJ and a few blows to the chest. Maxine chokes AJ up then uses the hair to snap AJ's neck back into the ropes. She uses the lower rope to choke out AJ for a but then pulls her into the center of the ring. AJ kicks Maxine off of her but Maxine is able to lock in a cravat for what is now the third rest hold of the match. AJ fights out with some hits to the gut but Maxine sends AJ to the corner. She goes for a shoulder block but AJ moves and Maxine hits shoulder to post! AJ with a clothesline! Then a dropkick to the bottom corner of the turnbuckle! Aj hits the ropes, floats under Maxine and a spinning heel kick followed by a pin for 2. AJ gets pushed to the rpoes and Maxine gets ready to hit a DDT but Maxine kicks the knee, hits the ropes and BAM Shining Wizard...
Winner: AJ

The first half of the match was pretty much a carbon copy of last week and I really didn't like that. Also, I feel there were too many restholds that amounted to nothing and had little effect on the chemistry of the match (What little chemistry there was). An unfortunately boring match from my beloved AJ and that evil vixen Maxine.

The Raw Rebound features the Zack Ryder win...well I'll be damned.

In the back, Maxine runs into Hornswoggle who has a little love letter for AJ. She then makes it seem like Titus and AJ are doin a lil somethin somethin behind his back. Hornswoggle walks away and Maxine catches Bateman, asking him where the hell Derrick was during her match? Maxine says that they are very close to seperating Horny and AJ and they both need to focus then she pushes him against the wall and makes out with him.

Match 2: Yoshi Tatsu vs. Derrick Bateman
Yoshi's music is still the same joyful stuff we are used to hearing which still doesn't comply with his new look...anyways, lockup to start but it's in the corner so the reg breaks it. Yoshi with a go behind then floats it into a pin for one. He works the left arm of Bateman then gives it a kick. Bateman reverses it then hits a knee to Yoshi's gut. He sends Yoshi to the corner for some chops then whips him to the opposite corner. Yoshi stops a run with some kicks to the head and goes up top for an axe handle. He kicks Derrick then drops an elbow for a pin and gets a 2 count.Derrick runs outside and Yoshi follows and hits a chop, and another. He misses the third and Bateman sends Yoshi to the post! Ouch. Bateman tosses Yoshi in the ring and pins for 2. Derrick with some kicks but Yoshi fights back with a kick and some rights of his own. It's short lived because Derrick hits a hard right, knocking Yoshi down. Bateman with a front faced suplex and a pin for 2. Bateman whips Yoshi and hits a hard knee and we get another pin for 2. Bateman with a whip and locks in an abdominable stretch. He turns it into a backbreaker and pins for 2. Yoshi is able to lock in an abdominal stretch of his own but Bateman gets out of it only to get tossed out of the ring by Yoshi. Back in and Yoshi hits some chops, then a combo of kicks ended by a spinning heel kick and a pin for 2. Yoshi goes up top for a nice looking cross body into a pin but Bateman kicks out. Yoshi hits the turnbuckle again for another cross body and a pin, but no it's reversed by Bateman into a pin of his own! 2!!! Tyson has had enough as he breaks the match up and hits some kicks onto Yoshi, causing the DQ.
Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

While Yoshi is very competent in the ring, Bateman continues to bore me. Whether accidently or not, it did appear that Bateman did hit a few of Tyson's moves, and I rather enjoyed that, but this was simply a run of the mill match of NXT...the wheel just keeps on turning.

In the back, AJ is looking for Hornswoggle. She asks Trent then Titus walks in. Titus tells AJ that she should know that Maxine is a crazy chick, yo. They hug it out and Hornswoggle sees it! GASP! He walks away from AJ and I wonder if we're not watching an episode of Degrassi...

Match 3: JTG & Darren Young vs. Percy Watson & Titus O'Neil
Percy and D. Young to start. They trade a few holds until Percy gets the upperhand with a whip into the turnbuckle and a double underhook suplex that looked more like a DDT, still nicely done though. Tag to Titus and we get a double shoulder block. Titus works the left arm of Young. Young tries for a whip but Titus holds onto the arm and lifts him up just to slam him down, still holding the arm. He tags in Percy and Percy with a whip and a hard clothesline into a pin. The feed is really choppy as of now so forgive me if the report isn't as thorough. We've got a key lock locked in by Percy onto Young. He turns it into a wristlock and sends him to the corner to tag in TItus. YOung is quick to truck Titus into his corner and tag in JTG. JTG hops in and is met with a piledriver onto the knee of Titus. JTG tags Young in and Titus with a suplex, then a whip to the corner so hard that Young flies outside.

After a short break, we come back to Titus hitting a bodyslam onto JTG. Titus takes JTG to the corner and tags in Percy. Percy hits a leg drop onto JTG then pins for 2! JTG with a whip but Percy hits a spinning clothesline then a dropkick and a pin for 2. Percy drops an elbow to the back of JTG then tosses JTG to the ropes but JTG slides to the outside. He yells at Regal then BAM gets hit with a baseball slide from Percy. Percy is outside and tosses JTG back in but Young hits Percy while the ref isn't looking! JTG runs out to shove Percy in the ring and pins for 2. JTG hits some hard forearms to the back of Percy's head and pins again for 2! We get a tag to Young and Young hits a neckbreaker then a pin for 2. Young with a chinlock. JTG is tagged back in and he's talking some trash to Percy in the corner. JTG sends Percy to the corner and runs right into both of Percy's feet. JTG recovers, knocks Titus down and drops a knee into Percy's gut. He goes for the pin and only gets a 2. JTG gets a front faced headlock and tags in Young. Young hits Percy to the gut twice before Percy tries to get out of it with a pinning combination for 2. Young hits a move of his own then goes for the pin. (Sorry, the screen is still choppy....)Young tags in JTG. JTG hits a right then tags back in Young...ok....Young with a side headlock but Percy turns it into a back suplex and reaches for the tag. He gets it! Titus with a clothesline to Young, one to JTG. Titus with a inverted atomic drop and a hard clothesline followed by a scoop slam and a pin for 2, broken up by JTG. Percy comes in to knock JTG out but JTG pulls down the ropes and Percy goes flying. Titus knocks JTG out giving Darren Young the opportunity to hit his gut buster and get the pin and the win!!
Winner: Darren Young and JTG

Percy is pretty exciting to watch. It's weird, because I feel that even Percy has lost some of his luster since the first time we've seen him (similar to that of Bateman's persona). While the excitement is still there, I can easily see how he is a bit toned down and I'm not sure that's a good thing. The match was average and that's what is expected.

Right after the match, The Usos run down to the ring and give Young and JTG some hard hitting kicks before hitting a double splash onto each man. Nice.

That's all for this week as we end yet another episode of this never ending NXT Season.

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