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411's WWE Superstars Report 06.07.12
Posted by Marc Elusive on 06.07.2012

Commentators: Scott Stanford, Josh Matthews & Matt Striker

Championship's roll call: WWE Champion: CM Punk… World Champion: Sheamus… Intercontinental Champion: Christian… United States Champion: Santino Marella… Tag Team Champions: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth… Diva's Champion: Layla

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Hunico (w/Camacho):   This match has potential to be really good; I'm not sure who is going to win since both are lower midcarders at best, although Hunico is on the main programs more often, plus he has a manager/bodyguard/amigo Camacho at ringside. Pre-match, Hunico says Mexicans are better than Americans. Tatsu is leery of Camacho as the bell rings; Yoshi tries a trio of quick rollups and sunset flips but to no avail. Hunico retreats to the ropes to break momentum. Hunico roughs Tatsu up in the corner but Yoshi fires back with a running crossbody block, for two. Tatsu hits a Japanese armdrag and a backdrop but gets momentum-ed into the bottom buckle. Hunico takes over clubbering more in the corner; Tatsu reverses a cross-corner whip but gets drop-toe held face planting him into the bottom buckle again. Hunico hits a gunshot dropkick causing Tatsu to tumble to the floor; back from commercial, Hunico has a chinlock. Tatsu makes a brief comeback with a crucifix but Hunico takes right back over with a bodyslam. He tries a Lionsault but Yoshi moves, Hunico lands on his feet however, and continues the assault until Yoshi scores with a backdrop suplex. Hunico drags Tatsu to the floor but he boots him. Back in the ring a top-rope Mongolian chop serves to fire Tatsu up. He hits a YAKUZA kick, which nets two. Yoshi hits a Shining Wizard and gets two; Hunico surprises with a snap-back suplex. He heads up top but Tatsu cuts it off and hits a Super Frankensteiner… for two! Hunico comes right back with a butterfly bomb also for a close nearfall. Hunico hits the ropes and runs right into a Michinoku Driver! Wow, haven't seen that move in a while, it only gets two! Tatsu NAILS a roundhouse kick but Camacho places Huncio's foot on the rope predicating the rope break. Yoshi to the top but MISSES the super spinning wheel kick and Hunico capitalizes with a snap-Olympic slam and a Swanton Bomb for the pinfall. 7/10 Innovative match with some moves "dusted off" for the occasion. Hunico wins as Tatsu's WrestleMania battle royal win a few years back seems like an eternity.

Here is your winner… Hunico @ about 13:00 (broadcast) via Swanton Bomb pinfall.

Alex Riley vs. Jinder Mahal:   Poor Jinder, stuck in limbo again, he was getting a mildly decent push fighting against Sheamus a little while back but that seems to have quelled. You know my opinion (and shock) of Riley's decent to jobberdom; Riley has some "it" in him, hence the major reaction he gets every win, despite losing over and over. Fans chant "Riley". Mahal backs Riley into the corner but noting becomes of it. They go through a wristlock/hammerlock reversal sequence; Jinder heads to the rope for a break but he attacks the bewildered Riley and applies a chinlock. Mahal knocks him down but runs into a beautiful dropkick followed by a lunging boot for two. The crowd is REALLY into A-Ry here; he tries the A-Bomb but Mahal slips free and shoves him down to drop knees. Jinder hits a swinging neckbreaker and then kicks away in the corner. Riley fights back but suffers a big boot from Mahal, which nets another two; he hits a snap-butterfly suplex and then reapplies the chinlock. Mahal misses a splash in the corner so Riley begins a comeback with leaping sledges. He hits an Anderson Drip spinebuster and second ropes clothesline nets two. Riley looks for You're Dismissed but Mahal slips free and hits a high knee. The Camel Clutch finishes shortly afterwards. 4/10 Fine match as I'm still amazed the crowd takes to Riley so much.

Here is your winner… Jinder Mahal @ about 14:25 via Camel Clutch submission.

The Raw Rebound is John Cena embarrassing Michael Cole; for my full review of that show, click here.

Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger:   There is some history here as Swagger unseated Ryder as the US Champion back when the WWE cared about Ryder. No Vickie Guerrero with Swagger. They lock up and Swagger wrests Ryder down with a rear wastelock and begins a victory lap. Swagger applies a front facelock. Ryder frees himself and headlocks Swagger down; Ryder adds a chinlock. Swagger reverses into an overhand wristlock. Ryder slips out of an Oklahoma and hits a pair of armdrags and reapplies the chinlock into a side headlock. Swagger uses a release German suplex to free himself. Ryder attempts a quickie comeback but Swagger ends that with a pair of running shoulderblocks. Swagger pounds him in the corner and hits a Big Show-like biel out of the corner, launching Zack across the ring. Swagger props Ryder atop the rope and slaps him a few times provoking Ryder to slap him and hit a missile dropkick; Ryder hits a flapjack and looks for the Broski Boot but Swagger retreats to the floor so Ryder pescados out onto him. Back from break, Ryder is working Swagger's arm with a bar; Jack frees himself and knocks Ryder onto the apron. He charges but Ryder is waiting and boots Swagger entangling him in the ropes. He looks for a move off the top but Swagger is waiting for a pop-up throw off the top. He slowly works Ryder around the ring and pommelling in the corner; Swagger settles in with a butterfly lock. Ryder tries another comeback, but his momentum broken, and Swagger gets a nearfall. Swagger does PUSHUPS to annoy the crowd and dusts off an abdominal stretch for tonight. Ryder fights back and hits a leaping DDT off the ropes. Ryder begins his true comeback and hits leaping crossbodies. Ryder hits a Broski Boot and connects a nearfall. Swagger fights back but his Swagger Bomb meets a pair of boots. Ryder hits a swinging neckbreaker for two; Swagger plans him with an uranage slam. Swagger tries the Dr. Bomb but Ryder slips free and retreats to the corner; Swagger charges but meets a pair of boots. Ryder tries the Rough Ryder but Jack twists it into a powerbomb and gets the victory. 5.5/10 Very good match which Swagger wins and is probably firmly trapped under the main event glass ceiling.

Here is your winner… Jack Swagger @ about 15:15 via powerbomb pinfall.

OVERALL 5.5/10 Not a bad show this week all three matches were good and may be incredibly telling as to who may be pushed (in the future) and who is going nowhere.

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