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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 6.21.12
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.21.2012

Championship Roll Call:


Let the Pigeons Loose…

-Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.


Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Hulk says when you ask for change, you make friends and you make enemies. Last week what happened to Sting was uncalled for, and he will not replay the segment because he will not give the masked men anymore publicity. It will be a great night tonight, because it is open fight night and the bound for glory series. Anything can happen tonight, but before that starts, it is time for Austin Aries to make his decision. And he is waiting for the answer…

Austin Aries now makes his way to the ring. Aries says business first. He has something important to say. Hulk gave him an opportunity last week, and he said Aries could have a title shot before the BFG series competitors. Hulk says the people want him to take the shot, but Aries says that he has to give up his X-Division Title. He can take option A, give up the title and challenge Roode. Or option B, keep the title and keep being the most dominant champion in the company. To be the man you have to beat Roode, but by holding the X-Title, that is what TNA was built on. The men that have held the title are the best the company has ever seen. He is afraid if he hands over the title that it will mean nothing. He has an option C for Hulk. Hulk says that no man will hold two belts here, because he respects the X-Division. Hulk says he better be a visionary with option C. Aries says he doesn't play games. Option C is that he will hand over the title for a world title shot, on one condition. He sets the standard. Each year, at Destination X, who ever is the X-Division champion will have the same choice he has, and those are his conditions. Hulk likes it, and says Aries is a visionary. Hulk agrees to the conditions.

Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring, and is NOT happy about this. He asks Aries who he thinks he is. TNA is Roode's company, and that title that Aries has means nothing. Roode says he has a real title and that Aries has made the biggest mistake of his life by challenging for Roode's title. But be warned, he is no X-Division wrestler. He is god's gift to pro wrestling, the it factor and the longest reigning champion in the company's history. And he will prove that at the PPV. He will embarrass Aries' ass. Aries makes fun of that line, and says if Roode is so sure, it is Open Fight Night, so come to the ring and prove it. They brawl ringside. Agents and refs are out to stop that.

Mr. Anderson is out now. Anderson says he could watch this all day, and they can continue when he is done. They are on notice, whoever is champion, will have to face him after he wins the BFG series.

-Anderson is still in the ring and is ready to challenge someone. There is a guy who he wants to call out. A guy that is trying to destroy a family, Daniels.

BFG Series Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Daniels

And here we go. Anderson slams Daniels to the corner, lays the boots to him and then delivers a back elbow. Anderson up top, gets crotched, and Daniels slams him to the mat. They let us know that the BFG series matches have a 10-minute time limit. Daniels works body shots, and then an abdominal stretch. Anderson fights out, but is slammed to the corner. Anderson with the clothesline, and both men are down. Rights by Daniels, working the body. Anderson to the corner, fires back and off the ropes and a boot by Daniels. Clothesline by Anderson, another and then the kamikaze roll by Anderson. Sets, mic check countered and Daniels gets the blue thunder driver for 2. Anderson manages a roll up for 2. Neck breaker follows, Mic check connects and Anderson wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson @ 3:00 via pin

-AJ and Dixie talk backstage, and they say they are doing the right thing. Dixie says it is not about Daniels and Kaz. AJ says they talked all week, and thinks this may be a bad idea. AJ thinks there may be another way, and the segment ends.

-The Knockouts are in Brooke's office.

-The Knockouts talk to Brooke backstage. She says one of them get a title shot and also that this is her first chance meeting ODB. She wants to know why they want a title shot. ODB discusses being different from the others, and slams Madison's crown. Madison says she is a former champion and deserves the shot. Brooke says make work their boyfriend. Velvet says she never got a rematch while ODB says she never got a singles title shot. Mickie James says she is the best in the world and held all the titles. Brooke says things are changing, and that all the backtalk doesn't matter. Brooke says Miss Tessmacher is busting her ass and that is why she is champion. Brooke boots Madison from contention due to her obsession on her new boyfriend. Brooke says she will see them later for another elimination.

-Robbie E says is isn't scared of anyone in the BFG series. Tonight is his open fight night, and challenges anyone for a match right now. That's never a good idea as Kurt Angle answers the challenge.

BFG Series Match: Robbie E vs. Kurt Angle

Robbie attacks as Angle enters, eats a German, another and a third. Angle slams connects and the straps are down. Ankle lock and Robbie gives up.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ :30 via submission

-We get a video package on Taeler Hendrix, tonight's Gutcheck challenger. She discusses being diagnosed with cancer at 21, and having to fight through that. She wants to come to TNA, be the next Knockout Champion, and she wants it all.

-Magnus makes his way to the ring to make his challenge. He has decided to call someone out tonight, right now. But first, a commercial.

-Back from commercial, and Magnus challenges AJ, because his head is not in the game. He understands what it is like, since women are always lined up to get a shot at him. But he has never screwed around with another man's wife, especially when that woman writes the paychecks. He calls AJ selfish and a home wrecker.

BFG Series Match: Magnus vs. AJ Styles

AJ charges the ring and works over Magnus with rights. To the corner, counter and a side back breaker by AJ. AJ up top, Magnus catches him and then drops him with a suplex. Elbows follow and a cover gets 1. AJ fights back with rights, off the ropes and a dropkick by AJ. PELE by AJ misses and Magnus lays the boots to him, and then works the headlock. AJ fights to his feet, backs Magnus to the corner and escapes. Chops by AJ, to the corner and a corner clothesline by AJ. Clash try, countered and then an enziguri by AJ. To the apron, Daniels and Kaz are out to distract AJ with some papers, which allows Magnus to hit the Michinoku driver for the victory.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Magnus @ 2:40 via pin

-Gutcheck with Taeler Hendrix is up next.

-Taeler Hendrix is in the ring, and Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce the segment. Her opponent is…Tara.

GUTCHECK: Taeler Hendrix vs. Tara

Hendrix offers a handshake, that won't happen as Tara takes her down and slams her face into the mat. Another slam by Tara, and she talks trash to Hendrix. Roll up by Hendrix for 2. Snap mare by Tara, grabs Hendrix by the hair and Tara to the top and sits on the top rope to do the hanging headlock. Tara talks more trash and chokes her out. Hendrix battles back with a kick, headstand into the head scissors. Forearms follow, off the ropes and she fires back with a reverse kick. Clothesline follows. Chinlock by Hendrix, as she talks some trash now. She slams Tara to the mat by the hair. She sets, misses a high kick and Tara grabs her for the widow's peak, and it connects. That is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tara @ 2:30 via pin

-Backstage Joseph Park is brought backstage to meet with Bully Ray. Ray can smell the fear on him, just like last week. Park says Ray was more scared when Abyss appeared. Ray says he is the next world champion, and if he sees Park or Abyss one more time, it will be the last time either are seen. Ray also calls him a stupid bastard.

-Samoa Joe, who is back to wearing his fight shorts instead of tights, is out to make a challenge. Joe says no one has the guts to challenge him, he will make a challenge. He says Storm got lucky this week, and since he is back from finding his smile, he calls him out tonight.

BFG Series Match: Samoa Joe vs. James Storm

They start the clubbering early as Joe takes control. Joe beats Storm down in the corner, back corner splash and enziguri by Joe connect. He works for an arm bar now, but Storm gets the ropes. Joe work the arm in the corner, and then drops some Sakuraba double chops on Storm. Snap mare, and into the Vulcan nerve pinch. Joe remains in control, Storm fights to his feet and elbows out. Off the ropes and a snap slam by Joe and a cover gets 2. Joe works for a submission again, but Storm gets the ropes. Joe lays in the kicks, and then works on the arm again. Forearms to Storm, they trade shots now, and then Joe back to the arm. Cross face chicken wing by Joe, Storm escapes and delivers a few elbows. Off the ropes and a forearm by Storm. Atomic drop, another flying forearm and Joe is down. Storm sets for the superkick, decides to charge Joe. Joe fights back, locks in the clutch and Storm slams him to the corner. SUPERKICK and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm @ 4:00 via pin

-Storm celebrates with a beer. Joe grabs a beer bottle and looks to attack, but instead hands it to Storm and walks away.

-We get a video package, documenting the AJ-Dixie Carter angle. We see AJ and Dixie talking backstage.

-Brooke is back with ODB, Mickie and Velvet. Velvet says that she got screwed out of the title when Kim came in. Brooke wants to make sure they are focused, and questions if ODB is actually focused due to her marriage, and she is eliminated.

-Bully Ray is out now, and it is time for his challenge. Ray does his usual deal asking if we know who he is, and says he is the most hated bully in the world. He asks where Joseph Park is, and mentions he left. Onto business, he says there are three men are left, and says he will take the easy points. Pope has been off in Hollywood, so he chooses him to make quick work with him.

BFG Series Match: Bully Ray vs. Pope D'Angelo Dinero

Ray attacks early and beats down Pope. Ray slams him to a corner, and then levels him with a clothesline and covers for 2. Ray continues to work over Pope, but Pope with elbows to fight back until Ray rakes the eyes. Big boot by Ray, and then a whip to the corner and Pope hits hard and drops to the mat. Ray misses a splash off the ropes, Pope to his feet and they trade rights. Ray misses a boot, atomic drop by Pope and a flying shoulder block connects. Elbows follow, Ray down in the ropes and Pope hits the charge and looks to fire up the crowd. Pope up top, and Ray knocks him off and to the mat. Ray sets, corner splash connects. Mounted corner rights follow, and Abyss appears in the crowd. Ray is distracted, and Pope hits the double knees to the back. Ray sent to the floor and Abyss grabs him. Ray escapes and chases Ray, who runs into an STO and Pope wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Pope @ 4:00 via pin

-After the match Ray runs from Abyss.

-Hogan says that Hardy and RVD are an answer to his issues, because they are big stars and no one called them out. They are his main event tonight. RVD and Hardy shake on it.

-Time for the music video by Montgomery Gentry, featuring Velvet Sky…

-Brooke Hogan will choose between Mickie James and Velvet Sky for a Knockouts Title shot. Brooke is so proud of both of them and says that the cream rises to the top. She says Velvet had a big chance with her music video, but tonight, Mickie gets the shot.

Knockouts Title Match: Miss Tessmacher © vs. Mickie James

And here we go. Lock up, to the ropes and then they battle around the ring in the hold. To a corner, and James breaks. Lock up again, Tessmacher works the arm, and James escape sand works a hammerlock. Front facelock now, and Tessmacher escapes and now works the arm. James counters and into a cover for 2. James back to the arm, Tessmacher escapes and hits a dropkick. James gets the ropes and then a sneaky back elbow to Tessmacher. She covers for 2. James showing more heel tendencies here. Tessmacher back with rights, snap mare by James and then a basement dropkick and covers for 2. James looks annoyed, grabs Tessmacher by the hair and slams her to the mat. Snap mare by James, and then works a top wristlock. Tessmacher works to her feet, elbows out and then gets a boot to James. Charges in, flapjack by James. She kips up, goes up top and leaps over a charging Tessmacher. Clotheslines by Tessmacher. She fires up, kicks by James and to the corner. James misses a head scissors try, faceplant by Tessmacher and a cover gets 2. Tessmacher sets for her finish, James escapes and gets the kick to the face and covers for 2. James argues with the ref, sets, boot to Tessmacher, DDT countered and Tessmacher gets a roll up for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Miss Tessmacher @ 6:00 via pin

-James is PISSED after the loss.

BFG Series Match: RVD vs. Jeff Hardy

And here we go with our 6th BFG series bout of the evening. RVD tries a roll up early for 2. Off the ropes, Hardy sends RVD to the corner, but RVD with a kick to Hardy. Headlock by RVD, off the ropes and as RVD drops down with the split, Hardy nails a leg drop. Corner dropkick by Hardy, and a cover gets 2. RVD battles back, lays h Hardy out, Misses a leg drop on the apron, and then heads up top. He gets the sidekick to Hardy, and lays him out for rolling thunder, and connects. RVD covers for 2. RVD hits the split legged moonsault and covers for 2. Hardy fights back, bulldog to RVD. Back spin kick by Hardy, and then a boot, gourd buster suplex by Hardy. He heads up top now, MISSES the swanton. RVD up top, MISSES a 450 splash! Spike DDT by Hardy and gets a cover for a close 2. Sick looking twist of fate by Hardy, and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 4:00 via pin

-Next week, AJ and Angle defend the tag titles against Daniels and Kazarian.


AJ and Dixie come to the ring with no music, holding hands. Dixie grabs the mic and says that this has been going on for sometime, and situations like this never have a positive outcome. People get hurt, and lives are changed and destroyed. AJ tells her that they do not have to do this, and says who cares what anyone thinks. He says they can leave and urges her to leave. An identified woman comes out. She grabs the mic and says her name is Claire Lynch. She has known them for a while and says she needed help and Dixie and AJ were there. She knew that AJ would help her, because of his high moral character. She is here to tell the truth. Dixie and AJ are not having an affair. She is an addict, and has been trying to get clean. She used to drink, and got out of control. She would drink, do pills, and got so bad she would steal from her family. So she came to AJ and Dixie for help. AJ took her to rehab. They kept her secret. She didn't want anyone to know. They were there for her, and that is when Daniels and Kaz got in the way. The photo and video was about them looking over her. The crowd chants "JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!" Daniels and Kaz are backstage and pissed. She is sorry that Daniels is a liar. Daniels is out now, and tells her to shut up. AJ attacks and starts to beat him down. Kaz is out and AJ is fighting them both off. AJ tosses them around the ring, and powerbombs Kaz. AJ starts to beat down Daniels as we fade to black…

-End scene.

* James Storm – 27 points

* Kurt Angle – 10 points

* Mr. Anderson – 7 points
* Magnus – 7 points
* Pope D'Angelo Dinero – 7 points
* Jeff Hardy – 7 points

* Rob Van Dam – 0 points
* AJ Styles – 0 points
* Bully Ray – 0 points
* Robbie E – 0 points
* Christopher Daniels – 0 points
* Samoa Joe – 0 points



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