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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 7.26.12
Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.26.2012

Championship Roll Call:


Leave the memories alone…

-Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Sting's music hits and he makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. He is pissed about the Aces and Eights for their attack on Hulk Hogan, which has taken him out of action. Dixie Carter has made him interim GM while Hogan is gone, and he is calling out the Aces and Eights.

Austin Aries makes his way to the ring, and the Champ has a mic. He says that he admires Sting's courage, but they have the numbers game, and they jumped on Aries last week. He has a statement to make, and says if they show up tonight, he will jump on them and make his own statement.

Kurt Angle now joins the party, likely looking for revenge due to the attack on him last week. Angle says last week Aces and Eights tried to take his health and his chance at the world title. So Kurt Angle wants to fight these sons of bitches too.

That leads to former TNA Champion Bobby Roode coming to the ring. He walks down the ramps and tells them all to relax, because he isn't there to fight them or to have their backs. He is here to point out that he knows who the man behind the attacks is. His mic gets cut and Angle hands him a fresh one. He says that the man behind the attacks has been hunting the title for a year, a jealous man. Jealous of both Roode and Aries. And a man that was to face Angle last wee, that's right, Roode says James Storm is behind the attacks. Roode says Storm manipulates people and is a piece of crap.

Storm rushes out and attacks Roode. He tosses him in the ring; they brawl as the others look on. Sting makes sure that Angle and Aries back off as the brawl continues, and Angle finally breaks it up by pulling Storm off of Roode. Roode says that the truth hurts as we head to commercial.

-Back from commercial and Tara is backstage discussing Chavo Guerrero joining TNA Wrestling. Kid Kash and Kurt Angle also comment.

-Backstage, Roode says that Storm is the man behind the attacks, but no one wants to believe him. He is out of here since no one believes him.

Gail Kim and Madison Rayne vs. Tara and Mickie James

Next week, these four ladies face in a four-way match with a title shot on the line at the Hardcore Justice PPV. Tara and Kim to begin. Tara escapes and works the arm, to the corner and an arm drag by Tara. Tag to James, basement dropkick to Kim gets 2. Kim runs up the ropes, lucha style arm drag but James rolls through and holds on. Off the ropes, Thesz press by James, rights follow. Rayne catches James with a shot to the back, Kim takes over. Kim chokes out James, tag to Rayne and she then chokes out James and then flirts with Earl Hebner. Facebuster and a clothesline by Rayne gets 2. To the corner, Rayne misses a charge and then James dives for a tag. Tara in with big rights, clotheslines follows. Spinning side slam by Tara gets 2 as Kim makes the save. Tag to James, Rock and Roll Express leg roll into the Boston crab, Kim dives in and as Rayne flirts with Earl, then make a wish on Kim's legs. James gets the roll up and shoulder up, but Earl favors Rayne and gives her team the victory. Shenanigans!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim and Madison Rayne @ 4:00 via pin

-Sting meets with Aries, and asks him to talk with the X-Division talent about who will get the title shot tonight. Aries then meets with Dakota Darsow, Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt & Rashad Cameron.

-Sam Shaw discusses his Gutcheck later tonight.

-Hernandez, Gunner, and Bully Ray discuss Chavo Guerrero joining TNA Wrestling.

GUTCHECK TIME. Jeremy Borash announced Shaw, in the ring, and his opponent, Douglas Williams.

Sam Shaw vs. Douglas Williams

Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Shaw. Counters a backdrop and gets a dropkick and back elbows to Williams. Backdrop follows, and 3.0 back breaker and then kips up and covers for 2. Slam by Shaw, he heads up top and Joey Ryan is in the crowd with an 87% sign, which distracts Shaw. Williams tosses him off the top and Ryan sucker punches Al Snow, who then chases him into the crowd. Williams sets, clothesline follows. Vicious rights by Williams, corner knee followed by an XPLODER suplex. Williams talks trash to Shaw, slaps him a few times, and then the CHAOS THEORY gets the victory.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Douglas Williams @ 2:30 via pin

-Aries talks with Dakota Darsow, Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt & Rashad Cameron about who will get a shot at the X Division Title. Cameron says he should be the champion and King says he has been getting his ass beat for weeks. Dutt says he has never won the title and it is destiny. The only reason Ion won at Destination X is because Ion cheated. Aries kicks out Ion and the guys continue to talk shit to each other. Dutt says he was cheated, and Aries then says Cameron is out of the mix.

-We get a video package for Chavo Guerrero.

-Bellator fighter Ben Saunders is in the crowd tonight.

-Chavo Guerrero makes his way out to the ring, in a suit, for some promo time. Crowd seems happy that Chavo is there. Chavo says hello to the crowd and says that he is humbled to be allowed to be in a TNA ring, and thanks the fans. One thing the Guerrero family knows is how to conquer a ring and to be a champion everywhere they go. But that has not happened yet in TNA. He walked into the locker room and saw hunger in the eyes of the performers, the eyes of the best in wrestling and that is why he is here. He is here to beat the best. They say timing is everything, and he has always had great timing. So, everyone watching, look at the calendar, and remember this date. Because it is time, it is Guerrero time. It is time for Chavo to be a champion in TNA. Viva la Raza, Viva Guerrero!

Kid Kash and Gunner walk out, and Kash runs him down. Kash mocks him asks where he has been. Kash says that Chavo thinks that the Guerrero family is wrestling royalty, and Kash asks where his family is. Chavo says the fans are his family, and Kash says that the fans are jerk offs, and asks about his uncles and father, who were amazing wrestlers, and asks why they aren't here. He mocks them for being old, and then says maybe he Chavo Sr. is too drunk to be there. We get a brawl, and they start to beat down Chavo. Hernandez hits the ring and comes to the aid of Chavo. He tosses Gunner, and Chavo tosses Kash, with a dropkick in his suit and dress shoes. Difficulty +8.

-Storm and Angle discuss Roode's claim from earlier in the evening. Storm says if he had an issue with Angle, he would go to Angle face to face, because he is not afraid to take an ass whooping. Angle asks if Storm has his back, and he says of course. OR DOES HE?

-Backstage Snow is pissed about Joey Ryan and what happened earlier. They discuss Sam Shaw backstage, and Taz mentions that Ryan distracted him, but he is a good athlete. Prichard says he was distracted as well, but he thinks that Shaw looked good as well. Taz again says he looked good, and they have a decision to make.

-We get a video package on the AJ Styles-Claire Lynch baby drama.

BFG Series Match: AJ Styles vs. James Storm

And here we go. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Storm. Crack Ho Claire is in the crowd, back slide by Storm gets 2. Crack Ho Claire is trying to look angry as she watches on, but instead looks constipated. To the corner, chops by Storm. Slams AJ to the opposite corner, and then into a chinlock. AJ gets to his feet, tries to fight back but Storm with the butterfly suplex and covers for 2. Big backdrop by Storm, and back to the chinlock. AJ fights out, to his feet and chops to Storm. Off the ropes, and counters by AJ, Storm with the knee buster and then eats a dropkick by AJ. They trade rights, counter by Storm and AJ slams him to the corner. Snap suplex by AJ connects for 2. AJ now works the chinlock, Storm fights back and shoulder blocks AJ to the corner. Both men work to their feet, clothesline by Storm. Stun gun follows and then the flying forearm and a cover for 2. AJ back with leg kicks, Hammerlock backdrop suplex by AJ gets a close 2. To the corner, AJ misses the corner forearm, and Storm sets AJ up top. AJ fights back, Storm back over and AJ knocks him off. Storm then crotches AJ, snatches up AJ and goes for the whirly bird and it connects, Storm covers for 2. Rights by Storm, shoots him to the corner, Storm charges and gets a clothesline. Eight second ride countered and then rights by Storm. Tornado DDT countered by AJ into a suplex into the buckles and a cover by AJ for 2. AJ to the apron, springboard forearm connects and AJ covers for a close 2! AJ looks for the clash, Storm fights and gets an Alabama slam to counter, and both men are down. Storm crawls and covers for 2. They braw on the apron, and Storm gets a facebuster on AJ. Back in the ring and Storm covers for another close 2. AJ gets the PELE out of nowhere! He stumbles to his feet, clash countered and a lung blower by Storm! Storm calls for the superkick, countered and a PELE by AJ. Aces and Eights in and they attack AJ and the ref.

RATING: ***½

-They beat down AJ and the security, but never touch Storm.

-If the DQ stands, AJ gets 3 points and Storm LOSES 10 points.

-Back from commercial and we see replays of what happened before the break. It was ruled a NO CONTEST.

-Backstage Storm is accused of being part of Aces and Eights, and he gets pissed.

-GUTCHECK ruling time. Sam Shaw comes to the ring. Shaw admits that he loses, but says he has the tools and asks then to say yes. CUE THE MUSIC AND LIGHTS! Snow goes first and says he didn't get to see much of his match de to some jackass. But he would love to stick it up Joey Ryan's ass and say yes, but he has to say no. Prichard is next, and says that while Al was busy, he did see the match. What he saw he liked, and tonight he did a hell of a job and the answer is yes. Borash says it is up to Taz, and gives Shaw mic time. He tells Taz if he can show half of what Taz showed back in 1999, he can succeed. He wants the job and says, "Taz please say yes." Taz says he loves his energy and athleticism. But Taz says yes, and Shaw gets a contract. Shaw hugs everyone and is a very happy panda.

-Aries is with Dutt, King and Darsow. They joke about Darsow's dad being a Russian sympathizer, and it is time for them to plead their case to Aries. Dutt claims he was robbed and fought through a dislocated shoulder. King says he has good looks and skills, and wants to fill Aries' shoes. Darsow says he doesn't do anything pretty, and Aries says that is enough to cut him. Aries says, "Tell your dad hello, his repo business is great." Awesome.

-Zema Ion is introduced. Dutt and King are with Aries, and Aries says that the doctor is not sure about Dutt's shoulder. Tonight, Kenny King gets the chance. He says to get healthy and tells King to do his thing.

X-Division Title Match: Zema Ion © vs. Kenny King

Lock up, to the corner and Ion tries to use the hairspray, but the ref stops that. Knee to King, In off the ropes and King with the dropkick. Back elbows by King, a whip to the corner and a big back elbow by King. Savage like stun gun on Ion. Springboard cross body by King gets 2. King in control, back elbow again and to the 2nd rope, but Ion tosses him to the floor. Ion hits the big dive onto King, and discusses how great he is. Back into the ring and Ion up top, missile dropkick connects. King in the ropes, Ion chokes him out. Ion covers for 2. Ion works a chinlock, King fights to his feet and clubbing shots to the back by Ion. A whip to the corner and King hits hard and drops to the mat. Chops by Ion, and another hard whip to the corner. King with the float over into a roll up for 2. Ion with the facebuster, and a cover gets a close 2. Rights by King, spin wheel kick kind of misses, clotheslines follow. Back elbow as well, off the ropes and an atomic drop. King with a cool clutch suplex, which makes Taz happy. Ion to the apron, kick by King sends him to the floor. Big twisting dive by King connects. Back into he ring they go, King up top and Roode stops him and slams him to the post. Rolls King in, Ion with the second rope moonsault and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Zema Ion @ 6:00 via pin

-Roode says that he takes opportunity away. Aries is out and they brawl. Roode escapes.

-Ray is backstage and says he is not concerned with Aces and Eights, because they have nothing to do with him earning points in the BFG Series. Now, as for Angle, he respects him, but he is the one guy that can go through Angle.

-We see a replay of Aries beating Roode for the TNA World Title. They rematch at Hardcore Justice.

-Next week, Aries and King face off with Ion and Roode.

BFG Series Match: Bully Ray vs. Kurt Angle

And here we go with our main event of the evening. Slow start, lock up and they stand off. Lock up again, go behind by Angle. Ray escapes, Angle countered and tries for an Angle slam. Counter Ray misses a high kick and they stand off again. Lock up again, Ray with a cheap shot and then the full nelson. Angle escapes, tries for an ankle lock by Ray gets the ropes. Angle now works the arm, chops by Ray and then gets a piledriver on Angle! Ray covers and gets 2, as commentary plays up Angle's history with neck issues. Angle rolls to the floor and we head to a commercial @ 3:00.

Back form commercial @ 5:00 for like 20 seconds, and we get a near fall by Ray. Commercial again…

Back from commercial, for real this time, @ 8:00 as Ray is in control and covers for two after an elbow drop. Ray has been on the attack during the break since hitting the piledriver earlier. Rights by Ray, of the ropes and Angle fires up and hits a clothesline. Both men are down, they work to their feet and more rights by Angle. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Angle. Overhead belly to belly by Angle and a cover gets 2. Angle slam countered and Ray gets the Bully Bomb for a close 2. Elbows by Angle, German suplex connects. Another, and then the third. Angle drops the straps and gets the ankle lock. Ray fights, Ray rolls and escapes. Chops to Angle, they trade shots now and a big Uranage by Ray gets another close 2! Ray misses the boot, Angle slam connects! 1…2..NO! Angle to his feet, heads up top now, MOONSAULT MISSES! Both men fight to their feet, Ray gets the big boot and covers again for a close 2. Ray in the corner, charges and misses. Angle slam again! 1…2…3!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 12:00 via pin

-Aces and Eights hit the ring and attack Angle! Ray rolled to safety and here comes Sting, AJ and Aries. We have a big ass brawl in the ring and then Storm's music hits and here he comes. The Aces and Eights all throw up their hands and back off and leave. Angle and Aries look at Storm and accuse him of being in league with the Aces and Eights. Now playing the role of Sting vs. the nWo, James Storm?

-Next week, Angle vs. James Storm in a BFG Series match is set.

-End scene….

* Samoa Joe - 47 points

* James Storm - 45 points

* Kurt Angle - 34 points

* Mr. Anderson - 30 points

* Jeff Hardy - 28 points

* Rob Van Dam - 21 points

* Daniels - 19 points

* A.J. Styles - 16 points

* Magnus - 14 points

* Bully Ray - 7 points
* The Pope - 7 points

* Robbie E. - 5 points



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