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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 8.23.12
Posted by Larry Csonka on 08.23.2012

Championship Roll Call:

411's IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 8.23.12 (Episode 424)

-Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-We see Aces and Eights arriving on their motorcycles, and then get a video package.

-Sting, Austin Aries, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Devon, AJ, Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy and I believe Gunner all hit the ring. Sting says he told security to allow Aces and Eights in, and he calls them out. He says it is amazing who will join forces when they have too, and tonight, they get even. We get a slide show of the beat downs that Aces and Eights did over the weeks. Crowd chants for Hogan, and Sting says that these men are all ready to fight. And one man, who has been doubted, is about to join them, ad that is James Storm. Storm is out to join them. Storm says that if he was on the other side of the fence, he may have believed the evidence against him. But last week they attacked him. So he has an idea, lets turn this show into an ass whooping show tonight. Sting says he is on the money. Sting then says they pissed off a big bad bear, and Hulk is mad and Hulk is here. Sting calls out Aces and Eights, and they begin to arrive. Sting says to let them in, and it is just two guys right now. They slide into the ring and they get the shit beat out of them. Daniels, Kazarian and the Robbies are also at ringside now. Sting asks if this is all they brought, and demands the rest arrive. One dude got a busted lip, and thanks Sting for allowing him to get "patched in." He then says Sting and everyone is in for a long and painful night. Sting takes a shot at him and Angle stomps the guy down as we head to a commercial.

-We get replays of the opening segment.

-Broke Tessmacher makes her way to the ring. She says that she thanks Brooke Hogan for righting a wrong last week. But tonight is personal, she wakes up every day and looks in the mirror, can she beat the one person that has taught her everything in wrestling. Her mentor and best friend. So tonight, she challenges Tara.

-Taryn Terrell will be the referee.

Non-Title Match: Broke Tessmacher © vs. Tara

And here we go, lock up to begin and Tessmacher with the arm drag. Lock up, and an arm drag by Tara. Another, and then a botched one from Tessmacher. Headlock by Tara, rights by Tessmacher, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Tara. Hip toss by Tessmacher, then one by Tara. Slam by Tara, into a cover for 2. To the corner they go, and as we get a break forearms by Tessmacher. Big right by Tara drops Tessmacher. Back elbow by Tessmacher, and then a clothesline. Another, and then a dropkick. Tessmacher holds up on corner rights, and then delivers shoulder blocks. Facebuster out of the corner by Tessmacher, and then heads up top. Tara up to stop that, follows her up and gets a superplex and covers for the win. That was not good.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tara @ 2:30 via pin

-Tara and Tessmacher hug after the match. Tessmacher leaves upset.

-Highlights of Aces and Eights beating down the Pope at Hardcore Justice. Due to that, Pope is out of the BFG Series.

-Sting is with AJ, RVD and Robbie E. Sting says they were supposed to face Pope, and they will face in a three way, with points on the line. Sting bans Robbie T from ringside.

-AJ will find out the results of the paternity test tonight.

BFG Series Match: AJ Styles vs. Robbie E vs. RVD

AJ and RVD shake hands, and ignore Robbie. Robbie gets pissed and attacks. RVD and AJ work him over, and they send him to the floor. AJ and RVD face off, lock up and some counters as they try go behinds. Off the ropes and a boot by AJ. Round kick follows and then a float over by RVD and a roll up for 2. AJ goes for a roll up, RVD out and RBD kicks out. Robbie in, and RD beats him down. To the corner and AJ with the backdrop suplex. Robbie rolls to the floor. Side headlock by RVD, off the ropes and after counters AJ nails a dropkick and RVD rolls to the floor. Robbie back in, and levels AJ with a clothesline. Forearm shots and boots by Robbie, and then he chokes out AJ. Lays the boots to RVD as he tries to get back into the ring, and then back to AJ. Rights by AJ, to the corner and AJ with the corner clothesline. We head to a commercial @ 4:00.

We are back from a commercial @ 8:00, with Robbie covering AJ for 2. Robbie in control here, but AJ fires back with rights. AJ misses a corner splash, Robbie sends RVD back to the floor, and Robbie works a side headlock on AJ. AJ fights out, chops follow. Back elbow by Robbie, and then off the ropes, and RVD pulls him to the floor and stars to beat him down. AJ then hits a dive onto both men on the floor. AJ rolls RVD back in, and gets a DVD into a neck breaker for 2. To the corner, AJ levels Robbie as he tries to get involved, but then RVD nails a sidekick to AJ. Rolling thunder by RVD, spinkick to Robbie. Standing moonsualt on Robbie gets 2. off the ropes, RVD tosses Robbie to the floor. Asai DDT spot blown momentarily, and then AJ hits it and covers for 2. To the corner, boot by RVD. Superkick connects. Up top, AJ crotches him and then follows. RVD fights him off and sends AJ to the mat. Frog splash connects, Robbie in and rolls up RVD for the win. Not good.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Robbie E @ 13:00 via pin

-Jeff Hardy walks.

-Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring. Jeff says that this is not a BFG Series match, this is about recent history so he calls out Robbie T.

Jeff Hardy vs. Robbie T

Robbie in and Jeff attacks right away. Sick clothesline by Robbie turns Jeff inside out. Rights follow, and Robbie follows with clubbing shots to the back. To the corner, Robbie catches Jeff and slams him to the mat and covers for 2. The crowd chants STEROIDS at Robbie. Robbie sets, eats a back elbow and Jeff with whisper in the wind for 2. Clotheslines by Jeff, and he is finally down. Atomic drop by Jeff, and then Robbie kicks him away. Robbie misses a clothesline, twist of fate and Jeff now heads up top. Swanton connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 2:45 via pin

-We will find out the results of the AJ Styles paternity test. Kaz and Daniels are backstage and mocking AJ. Daniels has his APPLETINI. Kaz refuses to drink one.

-Sting calls out Aces and Eights. He says he is looking for them, and invites them to the back, because he isn't afraid.

-Video recap of the AJ-Claire saga.

-Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce the results of the test, but first announces AJ. AJ has the mic as the crowd chants, WHOSE YOUR DADDY? He says we are about to find out, and says he has to tell us how he feels about all of this. He is sorry to his friends, his fans and most of all to his family. There is a night in his life he cannot remember and he wishes he did not exist. Something happened, he doesn't know what, but he does know that if he IS the father, he will accept responsibility for the kid. He is a man, and he will do what he has to if it is his. BUT, if it is not his, Daniels and Kaz, they better not say another word to his as long as they live. Borash calls out Claire, but instead we get Daniels and Kaz. Kaz tells AJ to shut up, and says that they do not believe him. Even now AJ is all about protecting his brand instead of the demon seed he put into Claire. Kaz says AJ is a selfish prick and he is ashamed. It is guys like AJ that has ruined the youth of America, causing a bullying epidemic. Absentee fathers have caused the prison over population, and all those guys needed were kind words from their fathers. Kaz says AJ should be concerned with his little one. Daniels says that damage has already been done. Claire has been here, in a vulnerable state, wanting AJ to do the right thing. But all AJ did was turn his back on her. Daniels says it has turned into physical stress, and Daniels says Claire is not here tonight because she is in a hospital, suffering a placental abruption, and he and his fans wish her a speedy recovery. But Daniels wants to know if AJ is happy now, while he protected his brand. And now we get a random lawyer woman as Daniels calls AJ a selfish bastard. She is Claire's attorney, and she is here to read a statement. The statement from Claire says Daniels and Kaz approached her to frame and blackmail AJ Styles. She admits to putting sedatives in AJ's cola to make him unconscious. Photos were taken to perpetuate the fraud. Claire has agreed to contact authorities to answer for her crimes, and that he is not responsible for her pregnancy. She is NOT pregnant. This was all part of the plan to harm AJ's personal and professional life. The lawyer says Claire asks for forgiveness, and says that AJ is and always has been the man fans have known him to be. The lawyer leaves, and Daniels and Kaz are dumbfounded. AJ attacks them and clears the ring.

-Video package for tonight's Gutcheck challenger.

-Some of Aces and Eights walk. Sting finds them and asks where they are going. He gets all wacky with them and Hogan is there and attacks them from behind. He says if they come near Brooke ever again he will cut out their hearts and feed them to his dog. Sting says it is about time that Hollywood Hogan is back, and it's Showtime! Hogan's constant snarling was a bit, uncomfortable.

-Replays of Hogan attacking Aces and Eights.

-We see highlights of Alex Silva winning Gutcheck.

-It is Gutcheck time for Kris Lewie. He faces Gunner.

Kris Lewie vs. Gunner

They talk trash to begin and an arm drag by Lewie. Another, and then a shoulder block and cover for 2. Gunner backs off, then locks up and knees by Gunner. To the corner and Lewie avoids a right and he lands rights to Gunner. Cheap shot by Gunner, but a dropkick by Lewie gets 1. Clothesline by Gunner for 2. Back elbow lands for Gunner, stomp follows. To the corner and elbows by Gunner. To the opposite corner and Lewie hits and drops to the mat. Forearm shots by Gunner, misses the corner charge. Rights by Lewie and then a clothesline. Off the ropes and a high knee by Lewie. Samoan drop by Lewie, and he heads up top. MISSES he head butt. F5 by Gunner and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gunner @ 2:30 via pin

-Mr. Anderson walks.

-ODB on the phone with EY, wondering where he is. She says he needs to get back here and pleasure her. She then hits on a cameraman.

-Mr. Anderson heads to the ring. This is his last BFG Series match, so he calls out Bully Ray.


BFG Series Match: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

And here we go. Lock up and Ray shoves Anderson away. Lock up again, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Ray. Clubbing shots by Ray now, off the ropes and a boot by Anderson. Misses a right and a backdrop suplex by Ray, and a cover gets 2. We head to a commercial @ 2:00.

We are back from commercial @ 6:00, with Ray dropping the elbow and covering for 2. Ray remains on control, clubbing blows follow. Suplex follows by Ray, and another cover gets 2. Head butt by Ray, and rights follow. Ray beats down Anderson in the corner, Slam by Ray, to the second rope and MISSS the Vader splash. BOTH men are down here, Anderson fights to his knees and they trade rights from their knees. They work to their feet, more rights by Anderson. Clothesline to Ray, another, and then a neck breaker gets 2. Off the ropes, spin kick off the ropes by Anderson gets 2. Anderson sets, kamikaze roll countered, and a neck breaker by Ray gets 2. Ray to the second rope, Anderson stops that, and picks him up for the kamikaze roll for a close 2. Anderson up top now, Ray crotches him, heads up with Anderson now. SUPERPLEX by Ray connects, and BOTH men are down. We see Aces and Eights getting jumped in the back during the match. Back to action, and Ray to his feet, misses a boot, BULLY BOMB connects, and that gets a close 2. Tries it again, countered and DDT connects for Anderson. Up top he goes, swanton connects and a cover gets only 2! Anderson looks to finish things, counters and mic check by Anderson gets the win!

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mr. Anderson @ 13:00 via pin

-We see Aces and Eights in the back. They say they have played their game, and soon, they unleash hell. See you real soon…

-Back from commercial and here comes Sting and the troops. Sting says the time is now, and that Aces and Eights need to get out here. Sting says they will not no show again as the crowd chants for Hogan. Sting jokingly says they need to chant for them, and here comes Aces and Eights. They hit the ring and we have a big brawl. Brawling in and out of the ring, and the TNA guys are in control. The TNA crew in firm control here, one guy tries to run and Gunner slams one dude into a wall as the brawl spills into the audience. We see Hogan brawling backstage, along with AJ and James Storm. Aries, RVD and Hardy stand tall in the ring as we go backstage for more brawling. More guys hit the ring to brawl with RVD, Aries and Hardy. RVD works to clear the ring as Hardy brawls on the floor. Back in the ring Aces and Eights take control and they attack Aries. They have a guardrail in the ring and they crush his arm with a chair shot as he was held on the railing. Bully Ray makes the save finally and clears the ring.

Outside, we see the group escaping on their motorcycles…

-End scene….

* James Storm - 66 points
* Samoa Joe - 61 points
* Rob Van Dam - 55 points
* A.J. Styles - 50 points
* Bully Ray - 48 points
* Kurt Angle - 48 points
* Mr. Anderson - 47 points
* Jeff Hardy - 42 points
* Daniels - 33 points
* Magnus - 28 points
* Robbie E. - 12 points
* The Pope - 7 points (OUT OF SERIES DUE TO INJURY)



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