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On the Marc Reviews: WWE NXT 09.13.12
Posted by Marc Elusive on 09.15.2012

Commentators: Byron Saxon & William Regal

Championship's roll call: WWE Champion: CM Punk… World Champion: Sheamus… Intercontinental Champion: The Miz… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth… NXT Champion: Seth Rollins… Diva's Champion: Layla

Jey Uso (w/Jimmy Uso) vs. Kenneth Cameron (w/Connor O'Brian):   Cameron grabs a waistlock takedown; Jey answers him back with the same move. They brawl in the middle of the ring. Cameron hits a shoulderblock; he charges again and tosses Cameron over the top. He charges back in but gets backdropped. Jey charges in the corner but meets a boot. Cameron takes over and mauls Jey under the ropes and gets a quick one count; he applies a chinlock with a waistlock. He turns it into chinlock until Jey backs him into the corner. He charges out of the corner but gets hiptossed into the buckles, for two. Cameron stomps away and adds some mounted punches. Jey avoids a knee drop but Cameron maintains the advantage; he misses a high-angle elbow drop however. Jey begins to fire back with a savate kick and twirling reverse elbow. He was going to go for the Samoan Avalanche but O'Brian trips him up; Jimmy runs over and superkicks him. Meanwhile in the ring, Cameron hits a unique suplex/bodyslam looking move for two. Cameron checks on his downed partner on the floor and Jey comes back with a reverse diving superkick for… three! 5.5/10 Perfectly fine tag match that gets the Usos a win back; this rivalry will continue and should be quite a good one. The Usos deserve some recognition and the Ascension, they are entertaining as well.

Here is your winner… Jey Uso @ about 8:15 via diving superkick pinfall.

In his office NXT GM Dusty Rhodes is talking to someone when Rick Victor barges in and demands a title shot. Rhodes says Rick has to prove himself.

Chad Baxter vs. Big E. Langston:   I'm still not sure if Langston is a babyface or a heel. Byron Saxon confirms he's a heel with "he's [Langston] got a bad attitude". Langston starts with a series of clubbering; well that will get him in the good graces of the GM. Baxter tries a sunset flip but Langston uses the usual power wrestler counter. He tosses Baxter about the turnbuckles and hits a trio of backbreakers. He hits a Vader bear splash (running standing splash) and nails the Big Ending to complete the squash. Post-match, Langston hovers over the defeated Baxter and hits Big Ending again. He gives himself the King Kong Bundy five count! He grabs a mic and says a three count is normal; Langston is not normal and demands five counts in his matches. Fans begin to chant for him so he nails another Big Ending for another five count. 3.5/10 Squash match; I thinks someone should call Bundy and tell him someone finally has dusted off his five count gimmick. If this character supposed to be a heel, this gimmick will get him over as a babyface.

Here is your winner… Big E. Langston @ about 2:35 via Big Ending pinfall.

Next week Kassius Ohno plans on having a sparring match. A cryptic video package is shown for Trent Barreta, who has been "missing". Twitter hashtag of #WheresTrent have been used. Next week Trent… will be found.

Garrett Dylan vs. Damien Sandow:   Pre-match, Sandow gives Dylan the option of wrestling him or listening to a lecture he has prepared. You're welcome. The ignoramus selects to wrestle and gets his ass handed to him in a very eloquent manor. Sandow immediately pulverizes him in the corner with pugilistic endeavors and stomps. Back center of the ring, Damien drops a knee and gets a one count; he misses a charge in the corner and almost gets pinned with a schoolboy. Sandow fires right back with shoulderblocks in the corner and pounds Dylan down. Garrett fights back with a diving shoulder tackle and Sandow oversells it a little. He nails a lariat for two. Sandow quickly nails the Russian leg sweep and the Cubito Aequet; rapid fire kneelifts lead to Finis for three. 2.5/10 Intelligent squash for Sandow.

Here is your winner… Damien Sandow @ about 2:45 via Finis pinfall.

Briley Pierce talks to Seth Rollins. He says he'll fight anyone. Rick Victor approaches and Rollins does not know who he is. Hunter SLAPS him in the face pissing off Rollins; Seth now knows who Victor is and he's at the top of his list. After the Raw Rebound, Rollins talks to Dusty Rhodes and demands a match with Victor. Dusty grants his wish.

Tyson Kidd vs. Michael McGillicutty:   The winner here is said to be in line for an NXT title shot. These two main evented the first NXT episode (of this season). We get Jim Ross on commentary. Kidd starts with a go-behind and they battle over a waistlock. Kidd works a side headlock as they pace themselves well. McGillicutty uses a head scissors but Kidd rolls into an armbar and Michael retreats to the rope predicating a release. They wrest over a waistlock again and McGillicutty works the arm; Kidd uses the ropes to flip out into a suplex and McGillicutty uses the rope break again. McGillicutty works a chinlock so Kidd nips up and out and sends Michael to the floor with a dropkick. McGillicutty takes over with fists as we head to break; we return with McGillicutty pounding on Kidd with fists and a face rake. McGillicutty returns to his old friend, the chinlock but at least here is makes more sense than in a five minute squash on WWE Superstars. Kidd frees himself and gets a unique sunset for two; McGillicutty maintains his advantage with a reverse clothesline to the back of the head, for two. He slows the pace down with stomps but Kidd tries to fire back; he hammer-tosses Kidd into the ropes for a Bret Hart chest first bump. The battle over a suplex in the ropes but Kidd fights back with a pendulum kick. Kidd begins a comeback with kicks and a low dropkick (to the temple) for two. McGillicutty counters the spin kick, slipping to the floor, but that is right in Kidd's wheelhouse; he hits a baseball slide and a running kick off the apron. Back in the ring, Kidd tries the springboard elbow drop but McGillicutty gets the knees up. Michael nails a Perfect-plex… for two. Well, he's just the SON of Perfect. McGillicutty is frustratory. Michael heads to the top? Kidd crotches him and hits a Super Frankensteiner which only gets two. McGillicutty hits a jawbreaker but Kidd flips out of a back suplex. Kidd misses an enziguri and Michael hits the McGillicutter for three. This win makes McGillicutty the next number one contender. 7.5/10 This was a stellar main event as these two have great chemistry; perhaps it's in the DNA, a Hart and a Hennig. I like the NXT McGillicutty versus the WWE McGillicutty; for some reason he dives deeper into his bag of moves on this show as opposed to using a chinlock for 75% of his O. I know that McGillicutty wants to bridge his own trail but if he went with the same singlet as his father (as a tribute) I think it would help his look and differentiate himself from the other five thousand wrestlers in normal trunks.

Here is your winner… Michael McGillicutty @ about 11:50 (broadcast) via McGillicutter pinfall.

OVERALL 6/10 The usual good stuff from this show; I like that Dusty has finally been uses a little more as a GM figure, he wasn't earning his money up until tonight. Good main event this week and a entertaining opening sandwiching two squashes. This show remains one of, if not the best hour of wrestling on television/YouTube.

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