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411’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report 9.20.12
Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.20.2012

Championship Roll Call:

411's IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT 9.20.12 (Episode 428)

-Reminder, I do not rate matches that are under three minutes long…

-Opening video package.

-We are LIVE in Orlando!

-Taz and Tenay welcome us to the show.

-Hulk Hogan meets with SHAQ backstage! Shaw knows about the Aces and Eights problem, and since they tried to go after Brooke, he has Hogan's back tonight. Shaq flexes for the camera…


-AJ Styles and Kurt Angle make their way to the ring. Angle has the mic and says a few months ago they won the tag team titles. But they got screwed by Daniels and Kazarian two times. But last week AJ helped them earn them a title shot. But Chavo Guerrero earned himself and Hernandez a title shot as well. Since it is open fight night, and the fans deserve to know who the real contenders, they call out Chavo and Hernandez.

AJ Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Chavo and AJ to begin. Lock up to begin, some counters and a takedown by Chavo. AJ escapes, counter by Chavo and they stand off. Angle and Hernandez tag in, lock up and a knee to the gut by Angle. Rights follow, then uppercuts. More rights by Angle, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Hernandez gets 2. Tag to Chavo, slam by Hernandez and a sling shot senton by Chavo onto Angle. Uppercut by Chavo, Angle back with rights, trip by Chavo and into a chinlock. Angle to his feet, belly to back suplex connects. Rights by Angle, and then an overhead belly to belly suplex. Kaz and Daniels watch from the ramp.

~commercial break~

We are back from the commercial break as AJ works over Chavo with a side headlock. Chavo works to his feet, elbows out, and gets a backdrop on AJ. Tag to Hernandez, flying shoulder block connects. Clothesline to Angle, and then kills AJ with a POUNCE like shoulder block. Angle and AJ double team Hernandez, but Hernandez with the double clothesline. Chavo tags in, up top and gets a dropkick to AJ and Angle. Head scissors to AJ, AJ counters a suplex, kicks by AJ and AJ tags in Angle. Suplexes to Hernandez and Chavo. STRAPS ARE DOWN! Ankle lock on Chavo, Hernandez breaks it up. Enziguri to Hernandez by AJ. Capo kick by Chavo on AJ. Angle counters a roll up and gets the ankle lock on Chavo. Chavo escapes, tag to AJ and he gets the superman forearm. Hernandez in, drops AJ, Angle slam on Hernandez by Angle. Chavo in and starts the three amigos. AJ breaks it up, but then Chavo starts the suplexes on AJ. Chavo up top now, Angle up top with him, Hernandez stops that and to the floor they go. Chavo MISSES the frog splash! PELE by AJ! Daniels and Kaz run in for the DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 13:00
RATING: ***¼

-Daniels and Kaz beat down AJ and Chavo. Hernandez in to make the save. Daniels and Kaz celebrate their actions, but here comes Hulk Hogan. Hogan says every picture tells a story. He has been worried about which challengers want it more. So at Bound For Glory, it will be a triple threat for the tag team titles.

-Al Snow walks backstage and they discuss his haircut. He discusses Gutcheck. They discuss Joey Ryan, and Snow says Ryan keeps disrupting the show, Snow says he gave Ryan an opportunity.

-Gutcheck contestant Evan Markopolous warms up backstage.

-Hogan talks on the phone with Joseph Park. Hogan says he will get him in quickly since he has the "evidence" in hand, regarding Aces and Eights.

-We get a Bound for Glory memory, featuring Joe vs. Sting.

-We get a video package on Evan Markopolous.

-Dixie talks with Bruce Prichard backstage about the Aces and Eights drama. She says they need to know who they are. The sound is jacked and not in synch with the video. Al Snow arrives.

-Gutcheck time.

GUTCHECK MATCH: Evan Markopolous vs. Douglas Williams

Williams is the perfect guy to be working these matches. Lock up to begin, Williams takes him to the mat and then slaps the back of his head and lets Evan up. Lock up again, to the corner and a slap by Williams to the face of Evan. Lock up, to the corner and another slap by Williams, and Evan slaps Williams in return. Williams takes control, lays the boots to Evan and then lays in the uppercuts. Side headlock and rights by Williams, talks some trash to him and as Evan tries a sunset flip, Williams rolls out and knees him in the face. Knees by Williams, he talks more trash to him, and then breaks. Standing dropkick by Evan, cross body follows. A clothesline by Williams stops that, and he then lays in the boots. Uppercuts by Williams, more boots, and then a suplex connects. To the corner, Evan sidesteps Williams and lays in rights. Charges in, eats a knee and Williams just eats him down in the corner. Judo toss and a neck crank by Williams and Evan taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Douglas Williams @ 4:00 via pin

-James Storm makes his way to the ring, likely to call out Bobby Roode. Storm says that this never gets old. He gets to come out and talk trash, and he is good at it because he backs it up. He said he would call out a coward, and that coward is Bobby Roode. Roode has taken this from personal to an ass whooping issue. Storm wants to see pain on Roode's face, and he wants his blood on his hands. Storm says that this will not be a wrestling match. This will be a man kicking a coward's ass match. The man is in the ring, so he needs the coward to come out.

Roode is out in his suit, and says Storm wants a fight and just expects him to come to the ring. Roode says he is not prepared for a fight, and Storm will never be as good as he is. He says Storm will never duplicate his success. And as long as Roode is around, Storm will never be the world champion. Roode says he will not fight Storm, because it is over and done. So fight someone else. Roode walks away. Hogan catches up with Roode and says he cannot refuse a fight on Open Fight Night. Roode tries to refuse, and Hogan says he will take away the title shots and the money if he refuses. He has three minutes to decide.

-Storm calls Roode out again, and here he comes.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

As Roode takes off his suit jacket and shirt, Storm attacks on the ramp. Storm then chokes him out with the shirt, and lays in the rights. They brawl on the stage and Roode battles back, but gets slammed onto the wall. Storm continues the attack, and Roode hits Storm with his shoe. Who uses a shoe, really? Rights by Roode as they battle back towards ringside. Roode tosses Storm into the ring, and Storm with rights and takes him to the corner. Mounted rights by Storm, and then a clothesline follows. To the floor and Storm lays in the rights to Roode, tosses him back into the ring and Roode shoots Storm to the floor. Roode with rights again, but Storm whips Roode into the steps. They continue to brawl ringside, and Storm gets whipped into the barricade. Roode grabs a beer, drinks some and Storm counters, takes a drink and gives one to a fan and then attacks Roode with rights. Roode grabs a chair, misses and Storm clotheslines him as they continue to braw on the floor. The ref begs Storm to get it in the ring, he refuses and Roode then tosses Storm into the barricade again. Storm fights back, looks for a suplex and Roode fights it and gets the suplex on Storm. Finally back into the ring and Roode shoves the ref away. More rights by Roode, and tosses Storm back to the floor. Storm now shoves the ref away and they brawl some more and they call for the bell.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 7:00
RATING: NR (was never really a match)

-Roode with rights on the floor as they continue to brawl towards the back now. Storm slams Roode into the wall below the bleachers, the ref again tries to break it up and he gets tossed into a wall as the brawl goes backstage.

-Hogan talks to a random guy, and the guy says Joseph Park has arrived. Hulk says to find him right now. His phone rings and it is Aces and Eights. They apparently have a lawyer of their own. Hulk says he will play their game if he knows the rules.

-Austin Aries meets with Jeff Hardy. Aries says he wanted Hardy to know that he gets Hardy's story, but Aries says he wants what Hardy has. Hardy has accomplished so much and Aries is still hungry, he wants the bank account, the fans, the fame; he wants it all. And Aries says he has to beat Hardy to do that. Aries says he is chasing what Hardy has, and tonight, Aries will prove he can do anything Hardy can do…

-Tara makes her way to the ring. She grabs the mic and says that she hears the chit chat, the knockout s asking why she did what she did to her BFF Brooke. She says the people disgust her, because they used her. You people with the signs, you use her to get on TV. It took someone special, a new boyfriend and huge star in Hollywood, to remind her that she is the best female wrestle there is. So tonight, she calls out her victim, Christy Hemme. "Get you little ass in the ring princess." Tara says she is allowed to challenge anyone, so get in here saddlebags. Tara says she is not stupid and knows she is an announcer, but she needs to show her some respect. She asks Christy who her favorite knockout is. Hemme says Tessmacher, and Tara slaps her and threatens her. Tessmacher hits the ring to make the save, and Tara tosses Hemme into Tessmacher and bails.

-Brooke Hogan yells at Tara for what she did to Christy Hemme. Brooke says she is disappointed in Tara, and there will be consequences next week.

-RVD says his best TNA matches have been at Bound for Glory.

-Next week in Championship Thursday and the TV Title will be "determined," according to Mike Tenay.

-Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring. Hulk says that Aces and Eights grabbed Joseph Park and are holding him hostage. Hulk says he will play the game as long as he knows the rules. Hulk says he will play hardball with them, and says he will be in their clubhouse next week, and wants their leader to release Park. Park is just a man doing a job for Hogan, so let him go. The Aces and Eights leader is on the screen. He thanks Hulk for accepting their invitation. But when he comes there, it is clubhouse rules. He then says that Park is too close to Aces and Eights business. He says Park is good, because they looked at his laptop, and now they will destroy it. Park says he has the info in his head anyway. One of the guys the kills Park by hitting him with a fucking hammer in the head. Well then.

-We get an video package for Jeff Hardy.

-Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. Aries says it was nice of them to air the hardy video before he came out. He knows everyone is focused on Hardy, but Aries says he is hunting Hardy. He wants to prove that anything Hardy can do, he can do. Hardy has beaten Bully Ray twice in one month. Aries beat Ray before, but he said it was luck. Right now, Aries wants to prove that it wasn't luck, it's skill. So bring you and your big calves out here.

Ray makes his way out and says that he cannot believe that Aries actually called him out. Aries says Ray's hearing his just fine. Ray says he will beat the crap out of him, and that Aries has a lot of nerve for calling him out. Ray says he is the guy that calls people out. Ray then says it is obvious….but before he can get it out Aries hits a dive and wipes him out!

NON-TITLE MATCH: Austin Aries © vs. Bully Ray

Aries on the attack at ringside, rights to Ray and works him over. Into the ring they go, Ray tries to call a timeout, and Aries just continues his attack with rights and boots in the corner. Aries up top, and Ray tosses the ref into Aries crutching him. Ray with a big boot an sends Aries to the floor.

~commercial break~

We are back form the commercial break, and Ray is in control. And then we take an immediate commercial…

~commercial break~

We are back again from the commercial break, as Ray chokes out Aries along the ropes. Aries rolls to the floor, but Ray tosses him back in and covers for 2. Ray continues to control while yelling at Aries for calling him out. Aries with a boot to the gut, but Ray slams him down, gets the splash and covers for 2. Another slam by Ray and a cover gets 2. Elbow drops by Ray and a cover for 2. Ray continues to talk trash to Aries, who fights back with rights. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Ray levels Aries. Ray with elbows to the head of Aries, elbow drop follows and yells out, "DAMN THAT WAS TIGHT!" Ray covers once again for 2. he yells at the ref, Earl Hebner, telling him he is old and sucks. Earl yells back and then Aries fires back with rights and chops. Ray back with chops, dropping Aries, who keeps getting up and firing back on Ray. Eye rake by Ray, but Aries back with the spinning forearm. To the apron, stuns Ray off the ropes and up top goes Aries. Missile dropkick and a cover gets 2. Aries looks for the brain buster, Ray fights it, misses the dropdown as a counter and Aries gets whipped into the ref. Aries with the dropkick to the knee and last chancellery on Ray, who taps, but no ref. Ray gets the chain as Aries checks on the ref, and lays out Aries. Ray covers and pins Aries.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bully Ray @ 13:00 via pin

-Ray hugs the ref and says, "I told you so!" Ray grabs the world title and celebrates with it in the ring. He looks to lay out Aries with it, and Hardy runs in for the save. He cleans house, picks up the title and then Aries grabs it away and starts to yell at him. They jaw at each other as the show ends.

-End scene….


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