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411's WWF Sunday Night Heat Report 7.22.01
Posted by Widro on 07.22.2001

Invasion recap.

Coachman and Al Snow are commentating for Heat. They go through the matches and such.

More videos.

Commercial Break

New match: Big Show/Albert/Gunn vs. Kanyon/Stasiak/Morrus

Tag Team Champions Collide! Videos.

Tough Enough videos.

Commercial Break

RVD/Jeff Hardy videos.

Ref vs. Ref videos.

What the hell am I watching here?

Yay a match: Chavo vs. Scotty 2 Hotty match… next!

Commercial Break

Hardyz and Bra and Panties video packages.

Commercial Break

Another Tough Enough promo.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Lockups and such. They both kip up and stare. Back and forth stuff. Brawling moves to the floor. Back inside, Chavo gets control. Odd headlock slows it down. Scotty up top, crotched by Chavo- top rope rana by Chavo! Back and forth brawling. Worm by Scotty. Chavo kicks out! Springboard by Chavo, caught by Scotty for a Powerslam. Brainbuster by Chavo and he pins!
Winner: Chavo

Mick Foley arrives here in Cleveland! Lilian is here to interview him. He's been beaten up by all three feds. Actions speak louder than words, he'll be the ref tonight for the refs match and has 'another reason for being here'

Commercial Break

Full Invasion Videos.

And we're out.


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