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411's WWE Main Event Report 12.04.13
Posted by Michael Benjamin on 12.04.2013

WWE Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: Randy Orton
World Champion: John Cena
IC Champion: Big E Langston
US Champion: Dean Ambrose
Unified Diva's Champion: AJ Lee
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Goldust and Cody Rhodes


- The Miz and Josh Mathews are on commentary.

Goldust (w/ Cody Rhodes) vs. Ryback (w/) Curtis Axel
Ryback starts off slow with some methodical offense. Goldust battles out of that and arm drags himself to safety in the form of a standoff. Goldust delivers another arm drag after Ryback bounced off the ropes 4 times. Ryback rolls to the outside and Curtis tries to give him a little motivation. Goldy heads out there and slams his hand on the guardrail. Ryback isn't doing the hand job though as he battles back with punches. Goldust comes right back and goes for the arm of Ryback. Ryback powers him into the corner and gives him a shoulder thrust. Now it's time for some punching! Ryback gives him a scoop slam and charges at a cornered Goldust. No go, as Goldust gets an elbow up. He follows that up with a crossbody and covers for two. Ryback hits a very Cena-like shoulder tackle and sends Goldust to the outside. We're going to break. We're going to break. Tell the world... We're going to break.

-Commercial Break-

Ryback's in control. He hits a sloppy half clothesline half body tackle sort of thing. They should give him the pounce. Ryback delivers a big delayed suplex for two. They run into each other after some brawling, Goldust makes it to his feet first and kinda hot tags himself in. Goldust hits a nice looking spinebuster for two and clotheslines Ryback to the outside. Goldust launches himself to the outside onto Ryback. Axel tries getting involved and Cody cuts him off. Goldust gets back in the ring and Ryback finds the kick. Goldust breaks out of Ryback's grasp and hits a sick neckbreaker. In comes Axel to break up with pin and award Goldust the DQ win. Things break down and the heels end up on the outside of the ring staring at the lights after signature moves and tosses to the outside.

This was a pretty good match. Ryback is so dull on offense that I consistently lose focus during his matches and this was no different. At least Axel and Ryback are a team so we can get their offense over with in one segment.

OFFICIAL RESULT Goldust @ 10:54 aired via pinfall

- Kane books Daniel Bryan against The Wyatt Family at TLC

-Commercial Break-

The Usos vs. Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre
Slater's vocal chords are banged up and he's not there today. Jinder and Jey start us off. Jey. They go back and forth and Mahal gets taken out with a clothesline by Jey. McIntyre hits a dropkick from the apron and eats more of the mat in harder fashion than Jey. Mahal ends up back in the ring as Drew rests and takes it to Jey. They heels keep him isolated for awhile until Jey delivers a nice looking neckbreaker. In comes Jimmy with the hot tag at the same time as Jinder. Uso moves! The match breaks down. We see a plancha and some bodies running around. Jinder and Jimmy remain in the ring. They both end up on the top. Jinder gets tossed to the mat and Jimmy hits the flying splash for the victory.

Solid tag action per usual from the tag team scene. Loving the resurgence of the tag division but hating no Slater on my TV. It would have been better if it was longer but they used their time wisely and worked to the finish well enough..

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Usos @ 5:00 via pinfall
RATING: *3/4

- A lot of Cena/Orton hype airs. I can't say that I'm complaining about it. This feels like one of the biggest matches of the year so far. More high profile than any of their other contests I would argue. For like the 4th week in a role, the show cuts out during a Cole/Trips interview. My TV comes back and uh oh, never mind! Remember when I said I didn't mind the hype? Well now they're talking about this being the most important match of this generation. Hopefully he just means Q4 2013. Triple H says he guarantees he'll crown a new champion. Two pedigrees and fade out with Tripls holding the belt after 45 of Cena/Orton?

-Commercial Break-

R-Truth vs. Damien Sandow
Blah, here we go. R-Truth hits his weaker signature offense first before Sandow drop toeholds him into the middle turnbuckle.He gets aggressive with the stompin. Truth hits a jawbreaker to escape a headlock and hits a twisting shoulder block. Clothesline to the outside! Commercial break. Commercial Break. Gimme a break of that Sandow/Truth.

-Commercial Break-

Damien Sandow gets tossed to the outside lightly before getting aggressive an dominating with knees and strikes for a few minutes. Every time Truth tries to fight back is futile. There was a nice spot where he misses the scissor kick and Sandow charged him with a clothesline. Sandow drops the elbow of disdain for two. Wow, this is long and plodding. Sandow accidentally shoulder thrusts the ring post. TRANSITION~! The extra build did not make the crowd extra excited. Truth plants Sandow with the facebuster for two. R-Truth connects with the scissor kick on second go but only gets two. Sandow hits You're Welcome out of nowhere and wins.

This definitely felt... Long. They made two segments feel like four! DOUBLE THE VALUE! It was basically an extended squash. The crowd wasn't biting for the Truth comeback so the long heat sequence wasn't worthwhile in the big picture.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Damien Sandow @ 8:49 via pinfall
RATING: **1/2

OVERALL: Everything was solid at the very least tonight. Luckily, solid at the very least is a good thing more than a bad one for Main Event. Catch it if you have time, skip it if you're looking for anything particularly great.


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