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411's WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 2.27.05
Posted by Alex P. on 02.27.2005

We open the show with a recap of Batista’s decision to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title. We open the show with Maven who doesn’t seem to quite have mastered being a heel just yet. On commentary we have Todd Grisham and Jonathan Coachman. And HELLO LADIES! We have our first match of the night.

Battle of the Baldies
Val Venis Vs. Maven

Almost a lock-up, but Maven slips through the ropes. Armbar by Maven, who clubs at the shoulder, then grabs a healock. Irish whip by Maven, but its reversed and Venis hits a knee. Maven tries to run, but no such luck Val hits another knee and a side Russian leg sweep. Val Venis taunts with the swinging of the hips, Todd: “he’s rubbing it in his face…literally!” HAHA. Maven comes back with a take down, and a series of elbows. Elbow to the back of Venis, and another, and Maven gives the Valbowski taunt a shot…MY EYES! Back drop by Maven, for 2. Irish whip by Maven, and a knee followed up by an abdominal stretch, Maven using the ropes for leverage is forced to break it. Shot to the gut by Venis followed up by a chop, and a series of clotheslines, and yet another knee to the gut for 2. Full nelson suplex by Venis, and the crowd knows whats coming, but Maven rolls away. Val Venis tries a suplex but Maven gets behind him, and hits what is now his new finisher, a falling double knee to the back (a.k.a. The Lung Blower used by John Walters in RoH) for the win.

Winner: *shudder* Maven


We’re back with The Coach in the ring with La Resistance. Sylvain Grenier tries to give a promo, all I could understand was that they cheated in Japan. Oh, ok here Conway. Apparently, it was unfair that they had to face them in Tajiri’s home country. Uh oh, back to Grenier, sorry guys. Here’s Coach. They have his support, and Bischoff’s support. He is interrupted by William Regal and Tajiri. Coach challenges them to a 6-man tag match for later tonight.


We’re back with a recap of Michaels and Orton Vs. Edge and Christian. It gives that warm nostalgic feeling to see them back together. As well as the backstage post match beat down by Edge.

Tomorrow nigh on RAW there will be a Street Fight between Edge and HBK


STAND BACK! There a Hurricane and his enormous side kick coming through.

Hurricane and Rosey Vs. Mike Yamaha & Sean Spears
Rosey and Sean Spears start it off. They trade arm wrenches, until Rosey hits a clothesline. Attempted sunset flip by Spears, but Rosey sits out, for 2. Tag by Spears, to his Yamaha. Yamaha attacks Rosey from behind, but Rosey clotheslines him and tags out. Hurricane goes up and hits an over the castle neck breaker. Hurricane gets distracted by Spears, and Yamaha gets a backdrop and tags out. Sean Spears in now, hits a backbreaker for 2, then tags out. Yamaha tries to get some offense, but it beaten down before Yamaha hits a northern lights suplex for 2, then locks in a rear naked chocke. Hurrican battles out and hits a clothesline, and tags out, and so does Yamaha. And Rosey cleans house. Rosey tags out, and they hit an Eye of the Hurricane/Sidewalk slam double team for the win.

Winners: Team Hero


Recap of the Contract signing from RAW

Up next is out 6-man Main Event!


Entering first is Coach and La Resistance. Then out come Regal and Tajiri, and their partner is….RHYNO!

La Resistance & Coach Vs. Tagiri, Regal, and Rhyno

Conway and Tajiri start it off. Series of stiff shots by Tajiri before Conway hits a clothesline, and another series of forearms. But Tajiri comes back with some kicks and standing moonsault. Tag to Regal. Knee to the face, for 2. Regal tags Rhyno, armwrench by Rhyno, but Conway hits a forearm and tags in Grenier. Rhyno hits a shoulder block on Grenier. But Grenier comes back with a flapjack for 2. Knees to the gut of Rhyno, who whips Grenier into the corner and hits a shoulder to the gut in the corner. Tag to Regal who gets a headlock. Coach distracts the referee while they double team rhino, and Grenier chokes him on the mat, then on the rope. Tag to Conway, bionic elbow by Conway who stomps away on regal, and locks in a modified chinlock. William Regal cleans house, but c6nway comes back with a clothesline, and tags in Coach. Coach stomps away on Regal, then goes for an elbow but misses and Regal tags in the Rhyno, who does the only things he’s good at, cleaning house. In comes Tajiri, and its anarchy in the ring. Double team on Rhyno by La Resistance, Coach slides into the ring, and gets a 2 and 7/8ths count, before getting The Gore from Rhyno for the win.

Winner: Rhyno, Regal, and Tajiri

Well there you have it folks. For 411wrestling.com I am Alex P. and this has been your Sunday Night Heat Report.
~Alex P.


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