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411's WCW Monday Nitro Report 12.18.00
Posted by Widro on 12.18.2000

WCW Monday Nitro Report 12.18.00
Live From Richmond VA
Announcers are Tony,
Report by Wids

Ric Flair talks to us backstage. Buff- you suck. Buff vs. Goldberg tonight. Steiner- I have your next opponent tonight!

Nitro Open.

Shannon Moore vs. Shane Helms
They shake hands. Back and forth. Drop toehold by Shane. Bouncing around and such. Lots of missed spots. Shane picks up Shannon for a snake eyes, Shannon floats back. Shane with a powerslam for 2. X-plex bridged for 2. Back and forth stuff. Madden calls Shane “HB2K” after a superkick. Shannon hits a move for 2. Shane with a sunset flip from the top for 2. Shane hits a “vertebreaker” for the pin.
Winner: Shane Helms

Chavo attacks after the match, 3count fights him off.

Rection yells at Lash for being friends with Chavo.

Commercial Break

Big Poppa Pump and Midajah make their way to the ring. He runs down Flair for being weak. Steiner asks Flair to convince DDP to get a sex change so he can grow balls enough to face me. Calls DDP trash. Pleads with Flair to make the next opponent DDP. And here comes Flair. They have some witty banter. Sin will be headlined by a 3way dance. Steiner and ??. Flair says tonight there are two matches tonight, the winners fight in Nitro’s main event, and that’s one of the opponents at Sin. Flair has also hired a mystery guy, and that guy will be here tonight.

Commercial Break

Jimmy Hart crap.

Gene interviews Buff and Lex. Buff has Goldberg’s book. Buff complains about being screwed again. Steiner comes over and talks to them.

WCW Hardcore Title
Meng w/ Kwee Wee and Paisley vs. Terry Funk (c)
Funk on the Tron, calls out Meng. So Meng runs to the back. Funk and Meng brawl near a fence. This is odd, is this a match? Funk begs off, says he has a grand kid. Meng hits him with a trash lid after Funk insults him. Meng in control. They go into the ring. Weapons are all in the ring. Meng has a table. Meng has a very hard head! Hits himself with a trash can! Funk on the table, Meng to the top, splash but Funk moves. Meng back up, TONGAN DEATH GRIP! Here comes Crowbar, hits Meng with a wrench, Funk falls on top?
Winner and STILL champ: Funk

Crowbar on the mic, says he did what he did for a rematch at Sin. He says he is ditching 70s gimmick.

Commercial Break

Steiner yells at JJ to find out about the opponents for Sin.

Gene interviews Big Vito about the Stickball Bat. He talks about Reno or something.

Crowbar and Awesome chat. Mike is upset about the 70s stuff, Crowbar tries to tell Awesome to drop it, I think MA agrees?

Commercial Break

Mini Tournament Semi-Final
Can I Be Serious For A Minute vs. Baggie Pants Jr. w/Tygress
Storm on the mic, he wants the only singles title he hasn’t held. Hudson: The Ladies Title? Back and forth. Rey with a broncobuster early on. Storm goes to work. Backbreaker. Brawling to the floor. Storm in control, brings Rey back into the ring. Storm covers for 2. Clothesline by Rey for 2. Abdominal stretch by Storm! To the floor, Storm is knocked out, Rey rolls him in, guillotine legdrop from the apron, covers for 2. Storm back up, Maple Leaf.
Winner: Storm

Commercial Break

Mini Tournament Semi-Final
Mike Awesome vs. The Cho Cho Chosen One
Awesome on the mic, he wants the title. Back and forth, Awesome takes down JJ with a flying tackle for 2. Sick release German suplex for 2. JJ sends Awesome to the floor, MA hangs onto the apron, JJ snaps the neck. To the floor. Brawling around the ring. Awesome tosses JJ several times into the STEEEEEEL railing. Slams his head into the announce table. Back into the ring, dropkick by JJ. Awesome hits a pwoerbomb after JJ puts his head down. Cover for only 2. Awesome goes for a running Awesomebomb, JJ floats back. JJ gets the guitar, Awesome hits a belly to back suplex. Awesome has the guitar. JJ rolls to the floor, he gets the guitar back on the floor, hits Awesome.
Winner: JJ

Commercial Break

Steiner confronts JJ about lying to him, and JJ said he had to lie or Flair would have had him out of the tournament, and JJ needed to protect him.

Smiley sees a Glacier promo and gets excited.

Gene interviews Shane. Shane challenges MIA for Thunder, and he has a great team lined up, and here comes Kronic.

Commercial Break

Flair on the cell, telling someone to keep the mystery guy calm.

Backstage Awesome tears shit up. Animals come over and laugh at him.

Berlyn vs. The Cat w/Miss Jones
They both dance. Cat on the mic, runs down Madden and says he wants to see the fat ass dance. Cat goes to work on Alex. Back and forth, Alex takes brief control. Cat to the floor, Alex flies at him and gets hit with soda from Cat. They brawl. Belly to back by Alex back in the ring. Back to the floor! Miss Jones shoves Alex, Cat kicks him and takes control. Into the ring, and Alex gets a nerve hold of some sort. Alex slowly working on the arm. How slow is this? High knee by Alex to a silent crowd. Feliner out of no where.
Winner: Cat

Commercial Break

A Black Limo is here! It’s the Natural Born Thrillers!

Steiner beats up Evan Karagias and Yang backstage.

And the NBT come to the ring. Sanders has…. a mic. Jindrack looks like an idiot in a blue snow cap. Sanders brings out the “genetically j-j-j-j-j-jacked” catchphrase. Goes on about how great they are. They were screwed last night. Sanders, since he is the commish, goes to make a match for Sin. Here comes Flair, he talks about his conquests in this town. Whoooo. Horsemen whoooo. Flair says that Jindrack and O’Haire don’t get a title shot for no reason. Flair instead makes a tag team battle royal for Thunder for the #1 contendership for the tag team gold. Flair and Sanders with a little bit more on the mic.

Commercial Break

Goldberg vs. I Hate Buff
Match never really starts, Buff and Luger attack on the floor with a chair. Here comes SARGE to make the save. Goldberg and Sarge hug.

Commercial Break

Championship’s Contender Match
Can I Be Serious For A Minute w/Major Trash vs. The Chosen One
Wow they had a graphic for that. This is gonna RULE. Storm quickly on the mic. Lockup, backed into the corner, and brawling. JJ to the floor, Storm flies at him, JJ dodges and brings Storm back in. Figure four by JJ in the ring. Storm turns it over, and JJ grabs the ropes. Crucifix by Storm! For only 2. Back and forth. JJ has Storm on the top. Goes for a superplex, Storm fights off, JJ hangs on and hits it! JJ goes to work, Storm block and hits back. No heat here, with both being heels. JJ goes for an enziguri, Storm ducks, goes for maple Leaf and gets it! JJ gets to the ropes. JJ back up, Stroke.
Winner: JJ

Steiner comes down with the pipe. Steiner calls on Flair to reveal the mystery man. Steiner said he wont wait in the ring and goes to the back. JJ had a guitar with him. Every time they say “Sin” I think they are saying “Sid” and get confused for a minute. Steiner searching the back for Flair. Steiner grabs Jimmy Hart. Steiner finds Flair’s office and goes in, but Flair is gone. Some guy in a mask and straight jacket appears and attacks Steiner as we fade.


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