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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 1.23.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 01.23.2014

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: The Bro-Mans (Robbie E and Jessie Godderz)

 photo genesis_zpsfe642841.png


  • We get a video package from last week's show.

  • Dixie Carter is backstage and upset that EC3 is not there. Magnus appears, and Spud and their high-powered attorney is there. Creed is the attorney, and they discuss the fact that someone is going after TNA in a hostile takeover fashion. Someone has been buying stock and has been for months. Creed promises to take care of things, but Dixie is upset because they called a meeting today. The new investors are very interested in the wrestling side of things. Creed tells Magnus to play fair tonight, and the new investors have requested someone be in Sting's corner tonight. Dixie says they will cooperate, but Magnus says the match is NO DQ and NO COUNTOUT, so Sting will have no second chances. Magnus says this has Sting written all over it, but Creed doesn't care who the unknown investor is, but he will get to the bottom of it. Dixie says Magnus has to win tonight, and Magnus says he will do more than that.

  • Magnus makes his way to the ring with Spud and EC3. Magnus rants about Sting, noting that he is behind all of this investor stuff and politicking like a snake. Magnus thought Sting was a man, but now he wants someone in his corner. Sting now makes his way out, and says that Magnus is now ready to honor a deal, like he did against AJ when they wrestled "man to man". Magnus says this is all about Sting, and asks how much he paid this new investor. Sting says he has not sold out like Magnus, but says he was informed he could have someone in his corner tonight. Magnus says it is NO DQ and NO COUNTOUT, which means no second chances for Sting. Magnus says Sting has to pin or submit him, and he cannot do that. Magnus proved himself at BFG when he made Sting tap out. Sting says he is right, but he got back on his feet and got back into the game. He also watched the tape of their match and knows Magnus better than ever. That is what separates real champions from paper champions. Sting says Magnus never won anything, trading honor for greed, calling him a paper champion. Sting says Magnus lost the respect of everyone. Magnus slaps him, and they brawl. Spud and EC3 get involved, and they beat down Sting. Samoa Joe now makes his way out to make the save. Joe clears the ring and stands tall with Sting. Sting says Joe will be the man in his corner tonight.

  • Taz and Tenay hype the rest of the show.

  • Video package for Storm vs. Gunner, and that match is next!

  • Spud freaks out to Dixie about Joe being in Sting's corner tonight. She says they need to take him out tonight, and Dixie says they should have Joe in a match and also make someone famous. She makes Spud vs. Joe for later tonight. Spud is not thrilled by this development, while Dixie says he needs to wow people tonight. Spud goes to get ready and Dixie hopes he doesn't get killed.

    World Title Shot Briefcase on The Line: Gunner (b) vs. James Storm

    So this is a briefcase on a pole match, in tribute of Vince Russo. They tease climbing early, which leads to brawling. Off the ropes, right by Storm connects. Storm tries to work over Gunner, but eats a clothesline. Storm to the apron, Gunner slams him to the corner but Storm back with a kick. He goes up top, rights by Gunner slow the climb. Gunner up with Storm on the ropes, all the way up, Storm fights off the superplex, and they continue to trade rights. Gunner then hits the sack of shit slam off the ropes, and both men are down. Storm counters the slingshot suplex, and then hits the backstabber and both men are down again. Storm works to his feet, tries to climb the pole, and hits the lung blower on Gunner. Storm looks for the superkick, countered, and a Uranage by Gunner lays out Storm. Gunner climbs, Storm up and climbs the ropes with him and they fight on the ropes. All the way up top now, they trade rights, and they both nearly die as Storm kinds gets a super-rana on Gunner. That was scary. Storm to his feet, climbs once again, but Gunner is right behind him and as Storm grabs the case, Gunner gets the electric chair drop and the case goes flying. You have to have full possession of the case to win. Gunner grabs Storm, rights follow and then a head butt, leading to him grabbing the case and securing victory.
    OFFICIAL RESULT: Gunner @ 6:00

  • Storm is a sad panda and leaves.

  • Kurt Angle discusses his bad past few months, and the fact that Roode has owned him. If he loses, he doesn't deserve his Hall of Fame induction.

  • Highlights of last week's Sabin/Aries/Sky drama.

  • We get an Impact 365 video from Sky from her hotel. She got a gift from Sabin, and is going to open it for us. It is a gift bag, teddy bear and a piece of pipe. Ok then.

    X-Division Title Match: Chris Sabin © vs. Austin Aries
    Velvet Sky is locked in a little cage like Lollipop during the weekly PPV days.

    Velvet has the bag of goodies that Sabin sent her, and took them in the little cage. Lock up, they exchange holds, Aries looks to work a cravat, but to the corner they go and Sabin gets a cheap shot on the break. He celebrates a bit, lock up and a headlock by Sabin. To the corner, chops by Aries and then an arm drag. Aries in control, several pinning attempts by Aries, and then looks for a submission but Sabin rakes the eyes. Aries manages to toss Sabin to the floor, Aries up top but Sabin gets up and crotches him. Back rake by Sabin, tree of woe for Aries and Sabin climbs up and stomps on his balls. Baseball slide dropkick follows and Sabin covers for 2. Sabin tosses Aries to the floor. Sabin then suplexes Aries back in, cover gets 2. Aries to the apron, forearms to Sabin, elbows as well and then slingshots in and hits a lionsault and covers for 2. Brainbuster try by Aries, Sabin escapes and looks for the shock treatment. That is countered, shotgun dropkick by Aries connects. BRAIN BUST, nope, countered as Sabin tosses Aries to the corner. Sabin gets the gift bag from Sky, and all that is there is the teddy bear. Aries flies off the top with a double axe smash. Back in and a big cross body to Sabin. Shotgun dropkick again and BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAAA~! 1…2…3.
    OFFICIAL RESULT: And NEW CHAMPION Austin Aries @ 5:00 via pin

  • Angle vs. Roode is next.

  • We get a video package from The Wolves. They made the deal with the new investor, and are not fans of Dixie Carter. They are the hunters, and next week, the investor will be revealed to the world. Check it out below.

  • A video runs on the Roode vs. Angle feud.

    Cage Match: Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle
    If Angle loses, he can never accept his TNA Hall of Fame induction.

    Roode has dropped the old robe, and is wearing a sleeveless, almost Christopher Daniels style robe. And here we go. Lock up to begin, they are so super seriously pissed off with each other that they are grappling. Now they open up with some rights, overhead belly to belly by Angle and then a clothesline. Angle lays the boots to Roode in the corner, mounted rights but Roode grabs him and powerbombs him into the cage. That had to suck. Snap mare and elbow drop by Roode, and a cover gets 2. Roode connects with a corner clothesline, and follows with a suplex and cover for 2. Roode looks for another powerbomb, Angle fights out and catapults Roode into the cage. Right into Germans by Angle, looks for the Angle slam, countered and Roode tosses Angle into the cage. A spinebuster follows for a close 2. Roode looks for the Roode bomb, countered, and the Angle slam connects or 2. STRAPS DOWN, and the ankle lock is applied. Roode fights to escape, to his foot and lands an enziguri to escape. Northern lariat by Roode, and he covers for 2. Roode calls for the door to be opened, Angle grabs a leg by Roode lays the boots to him to stop that. Angle slammed into the cage, and now Roode looks to climb to escape. Angle is up and looks to stop him, grabs a leg and pulls Roode back in. They battle along the top rope, Angle slammed to the cage and then Roode eats the cage and collapses to the mat. Angle climbs to the top, doesn't climb out, and goes for the SUPER ANGLE CAGE MOONSAULT AND MISSES! JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS! Roode slowly crawls for the door to escape, but Angle stops him and pulls him back in. Roode kicks Angle away, goes to escape again but Angle catches him again. Ankle lock applied as Angle pulls Roode back in. Roode fights, and slings Angle into the cage. ROODE BOMB connects! 1…2…NO! Roode to his feet, looks to escape by climbing out, Angle up and runs up the ropes and delivers rights to Roode… SUPER ANGLE SLAM connects! Angle covers, but only gets 2. Both men fight to their feet, Angle looks to climb out. He gets to the top, Roode follows and catches Angle. Rights by Roode, pulls Angle back in and they fight on top again. They trade shots, and Roode falls and gets crotched. Angle climbs again, Roode crawls for the door as Angle goes over the top. Photo finish… and Angle falls to the floor to win, but clutches his knee as he falls to the floor.
    OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 15:00 via cage escape

  • Angle walks out and celebrates.

  • EC3 meets with Spud, who is afraid of his match with Joe. EC3 hypes him up for the match, and says he is the British Bootcamp champion. He calls him he British Dream. EC3 reminds Spud that they took out Joe's knee a few weeks back, and Spud is a fierce lion. He has Spud roar like a lion.

  • The BroMans and DJ Zema Ion hit the ring. They are out for a "Bro-ment." You only Bro once, and ask people to take images with their phones and tweet it out. Robbie then makes hashtag jokes, and says they are running things in 2014, they rule the world. They say that Ion will cash in and become the next X-Champion. Ions says the BroMans are jacked and tanned, but are also the greatest tag team champions ever. They make fun of EY and Joe Park, and promise to take them out with the BroDown. BBBBBBBBURN! EY now makes his way out to the ring and attacks, but the numbers get to him and they beat him down. EY and Park are apparently challenging for the tag titles next week. Abyss' music hits and the monster is back again. Chokeslam to Jessie, black hole slam to Robbie. Ion begs off, but then eats the shock treatment. Abyss faces off with EY, Abyss goes to chokeslam him, and the crowd tells him no to do it, and he stops. Abyss poses.

  • Joe cuts a promo backstage, saying Magnus went from his brother to a sellout. He is not surprised, and has been stabbed in the back before. Tonight, is about Genesis. His Genesis, he sends a message though pain. Spud will be his victim. He is Joe, the Samoan Submission machine, and it basically sucks to be Spud tonight.

  • Angle is worried about Sting's match tonight, and feels he is making a mistake. He says we may never see Sting again if things go wrong. Angle says that people love Sting, and if they lose him… he loves Sting and says he wishes him the best and he hopes he wins. If not, goodbye…

    Rockstar Spud vs. Samoa Joe

    They go face to face, and Spud mans up and Joe turns his back. Spud grabs him and Joe flings him down to the mat. Spud fires up with kicks and strikes, but Joe just chops him down. More chops by Joe and Spud is down. Joe chokes him out with the boot, facewash, Spud avoids the running boot. Up top, leaps, Joe catches him and looks to goozle him, eye poke by Spud. Dropkicks by Spud. Charges, STJOE connects. Knee strikes by Joe, to the corner, MUSCLE BUSTA and that is all as Joe locks in the choke.
    OFFICIAL RESULT: Samoa Joe @ 2:00 via submission

  • Joe tells Magnus that he has to go one on one with Sting, and if Dixie or anyone in Dixieland has an issue with it, they have to go through him.

    Title vs. Contract NO DQ & NO COUNTOUT Match: Magnus © vs. Sting w/Samoa Joe

    And here we go with the main event of the evening. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Sting. They circle, lock up again and a side headlock by Magnus. Sting fights back with a back elbow, and Magnus backs off to the corner. They lock up again, Magnus works the arm. Sting escapes, works a wristlock, Magnus rolls out and counters and back to the arm he goes. Sting escape and Magnus retreats to the ropes once again. Back and forth, Sting looks for the death drop by Magnus escapes. Off the ropes, they clothesline each other and both men are down. EC3 is out as Dixie Carter watches on. He goes face to face with Joe, and he backs off as we head to a commercial…

    We are back from commercial as Sting looks for the deathlock and has it applied. Daniels and Kaz are out and attack Joe, allowing EC3 to attack Sting and break the hold. Everyone in the ring now as we have a replay of the Magnus vs. AJ match. Joe starts to clean house as Magnus watches on. Sting fights back and tosses EC3. ELBOW SUICIDA by Joe wipes out the heels on the floor, leaving Sting vs. Magnus. Hip toss by Sting, eye poke by Magnus but Sting counters the suplex, death drop connects but Zema Ion pulls out the ref. Joe attacks, but the BroMans are out and slam Joe into the steps. The heels back into the ring and attack Sting as Magnus watches on. Kurt Angle now hits the ring and tries to make the save. Clotheslines and suplexes for all! Angle cleans house and it is back to Sting vs. Magnus. Magnus up top, Sting stops that and climbs up with him. SUPERPLEX by Sting connects! He covers, but no ref. A ref slides in too late as Sting only gets 2. Stinger splash hits the ref as Magnus moves. Sting gets the deathlock again, Magnus taps but no ref. Bobby Roode out, Northern lariat to Sting and he then bails. Michinoku driver by Magnus as Dixie Carter drags out Earl Hebner. He counts reluctantly 1…2…3.
    OFFICIAL RESULT: Magnus @ 13:00 via pin

  • Magnus, EC3 and Dixie all celebrate. Magnus then rips up Sting's contract and sprinkles the pieces over Sting's fallen body.

  • Has Sting's run in TNA finally ended?

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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