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411's WWE Wrestlemania XIX Report 03.30.03
Posted by Widro on 03.31.2003

WWE Wrestlemania X9 Report
Live From Seattle
Announcers are JR/King and Cole/Tazz
Report by Widro

Ashanti sings America The Beautiful

The setup is very cool, it’s a lot of scaffolding and it spans a large width.

WWE Cruiserweight Title
Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy (c) w/Shannon Moore
Facts: Matt is appearing in his 4th Wrestlemania. Matt often wonders how they did Wrestlemania without him. Rey is dressed like Daredevil. Back and forth action to begin. Rey goes to sunset flip Matt to the floor, Shannon kicks him in the gut and Matt takes control. Rey goes on offense, nice head scissors. Tornado DDT by Rey and covers for 2. Rey sets it up for the 610, but Shannon trips him up. Twist of Fate by Matt, but Rey kicks out! Matt sets up for a Razor’s Edge off the middle rope, but Rey turns it around into a top rope huricanrana and that was SICK. Matt kicks out! 619 by Rey! Goes for the West coast Pop, Matt ducks, some counters back and forth. Matt has Rey on his shoulders, Rey goes to roll through, Matt sits on it and holds the ropes for the pin.
Winner and STILL champ: Matt

The Miller Light Catfight girls arrive.

“WWE’s favorite band in the whole world” Limp Bizkit comes out and they are gonna play Rollin?

The Undertaker and vs. The Big Show and ATrain
Two on one, Nathan Jones was laid out on Heat. Choke slam on A Train. Undertaker holds his own for a bit. Finally, the numbers game take over, and the Big Show ram’s Taker’s back into the STEEEEL ringpost on the floor. In the ring, both do some moves on Taker. Taker reverses a Show slam into his arm bar submission. A Train breaks it up. ThenTaker locks it on A Train, who almost taps but Big Show legdrops Taker. More double teams. A Train and Big Show in control with some abdominal stretches, using the other to hold on to for leverage. Taker reverses and puts an ab stretch on A Train. Gutwrench suplex by Taker and both are down. Clothesline by A Train for 2. A Train slowly pounds on Taker. Taker gets some adrenaline and puts Big Show and A Train in opposing corners and runs back and forth clotheslining them. But The heels rebound and Big Show hits a chokeslam. But Nathan Jones is back, and Big Show leaves the ring to combat him. Albert goes for the cover, but Jones comes into the ring. Jones kicks Albert in the head, Taker gets up and hits the tombstone as Jones watches.
Winners: UT and Jones

Miller Light girls giggle backstage with Torrie and Stacy.

WWE’s Womans Title
Trish Stratus vs. Jazz vs. Victoria (c) w/Steven Richards
Jazz controls early. Trish is on fire now with some pounding on Jazz. Victoria and Jazz double team and knock down Trish. Jazz then turns on Victoria as Victoria was twitcthing. Victoria comes back and beats down Jazz in the corner, Trish attacks from behind and does a cool bridging rollup for 2. Back and forth action. Steve Richards runs in with a chair, goes to hit Trish, but misses and hits the top rope, bounching the chair into his face. Trish gives Richard Stratusfaction, Victoria goes for her finisher, Trish floats back, hits Victoria and gets the pin.
Winner and NEW champ: Trish

Coach interviews The Rock backstage. The Rock could care less about the people. He does a nice promo. He guaran damn teed to beat the bald jabroni.

WWE Tag Titles
Los Guerreros vs. Chris Benoit and Rhyno vs. Team Angle (c)
Los Guerreros have new music which continues their new stereotypical card lowering gimmick. Haas and Chavo to start, tags to Benoit and Eddy. Stalemate, Benoit tags in Rhyno. Rhyno hits a powerbomb. Eddy tags in Benjamin. Haas in and some double teaming on Rhyno. Team Angle works on Rhyno. Eddy blind tags the back of Benjamin and attacks Rhyno. Benoit tagged in, some chaos in the ring leads to Benoit getting the Crossface on Eddy. Chavo in, Crossface, no some rolling Germans instead. Two. Three. And four. Benjamin in and a stiff kick to Benoit, covers, but Eddy in and breaks up the pin. Match breaks down a bit. Rhyno gores Chavo and Eddy. Eddy pulls Rhyno out of the ring, Benjamin covers Chavo for the win.
Winners and STILL champs: Team Angle

Stacy and Torrie argue about who created Wrestlemania, Torrie saying Hogan and Stacy saying McMahon. The cat fight girls then have the same argument and then argue about settling it in the bed or in the ring.

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
Michaels has Johnny B Badd style confetti guns on his way down. And his cool in ring pyro. Then has AWESOME pyro on the top of the stadium. Big HBK chant. Some mat work to begin. HBK does the ‘relaxing on the corner’ thing to taunt Jericho. Jericho hits HBK in the face, Michaels responds with a punch and knocks down Jericho. Jericho to the floor, HBK skins the cat and then does a baseball slide dropkick. Jericho and HBK back in, Jericho with a spin heel kick. Back and forth, HBK takes control and puts Jericho in the figure four. Jericho breaks it, HBK does some knee breakers, then goes for the figure four again, but Jericho kicks him shoulder first into the STEEEEEEL ringpost. Jericho tosses HBK over, but HBK skins the cat and does a head scissors to pull Jericho to the floor. They brawl on the floor, and Jericho puts HBK in the Walls. HBK taps but they are on the floor. The ref counts them both out. Jericho rushes into the ring and yells at the ref to break the count. Jericho back out to beat on HBK. HBK into the ring and raises his arms to get some boos. Michaels writhes in pain on the floor. HBK up on the apron, and Jericho dropkicks him in the face to knock him to the floor. Jericho out to the floor and brings Michaels back in. Jericho controls. Backbreaker that HBK sells AWESOME. Jericho poses after more offense, and HBK kips up and attacks from behind. Another kip up, and an inverted atomic drop. HBK keeps going on offense. MOONSAULT by HBK. Some rolling pins each getting 2. Jericho goes for the Walls, but HBK twists Jericho off him. Bridged Northern Lights by Jericho for 2. Goes to pin again, and HBK bridges out of it. Jericho clotheslines HBK. Face jam by Jericho. Lionsault! But Jericho is hurt too and is slow to cover. Covers and HBK kicks out. HBK goes for a rana, Jericho grabs him and turns it into the Walls. Michaels is fighting in the middle of the ring. Fights to the ropes. And he gets them! Goes for the Walls again, but Michaels rolls him into a small package for 2. Tilt a whirl backbreaker off of a double underhook for 2. Jericho goes into the corner and tunes up the Sweet Chin Music. Then he HITS IT! Jericho goes to cover, but Michaels kicks out! HBK springboards off of the middle rope with a shoulderblock. Michaels goes for the Walls, Jericho counters. Jericho sets up HBK for a belly to back superplex! On the way down, HBK falls onto Jericho with a cross body. Both are hurt, Michaels goes to cover but Jericho kicks out. Michaels goes up top, but Jericho pushes the ref into the ropes, and that crotches HBK. Jericho up and goes to get Michaels. Goes for a superplex, but HBK tosses him off. Michaels goes up top! Big Elbow Drop!!! Kips up! He is on fire! Jericho down, Michaels tunes up the Sweet Chin Music. Jericho ducks the kick! Grabs Michaels and locks in the Walls of Jericho! Goes for the bottom rope, but Jericho pulls him back. Goes for the ropes again and GRABS them. The crowd is partially rooting for Jericho with a groan when HBK grabbed the ropes. Jericho rushes at HBK and HBK hits sweet chin music, but is slow to cover with only one arm and Jericho kicks out. Jericho attacks in the corner, HBK rolls him up out of the corner and HBK gets the pin. Super match.
Winner: HBK

Jericho starts to cry and wants a hug. They hug. Then they break the hug and Jericho kicks HBK in the balls.

The evil French Canadian ref goes into Vince’s lockerroom.

Goldberg promo for Backlash. Crowd chants Goldberg as JR hypes Backlash.

Limp Bizkit plays their new song which is not catchy at all.

Long Torrie Wilson Playboy ad.

Coach comes out and introduces the cat fight girls. They set up a bed in the ring for a cat fight. Stacy and Torrie come down to make it a 4 way cat fight. They have some girls clothes ripping and pillow. They pants Coach and pin him, then all leave together.

World Title
Booker T vs. Triple H w/Ric Flair
Booker T gets some shots in, goes to the corner, but HHH takes control with an elbow. HHH goes up top, but Booker T catches him and tosses him off. Booker T beats on Hunter on the mat. Hunter takes control and goes to work on Booker T. Hunter chokes and slowly works over Booker T. Back and forth action. Booker T superkicks HHH as Hunter comes off the top rope. Brawling moves to the floor, and Ric Flair attacks Booker T under the guise of helping him up. HHH does an Indian Death Lock on Booker T in the ring. Hunter turns it over, its like a cloverleaf-type leglock. Booker T finally reaches the ropes on that odd choice submission. HHH goes for a knee breaker, but Booker T rolls through and pins HHH for 2. HHH back up and in control and stomps Booker T. Booker T with a flying elbow and then a scissors kick! Booker T still selling the deathlock, and is slow to cover. HHH sets up Booker T on top for a superplex. Flair gets involved and HHH is thrown off. Booker T then regroups and does a somersault elbow onto Hunter’s head. Booker T covers, but Flair puts Hunter’s leg on the bottom rope. Both up, Hunter hits a pedigree, and Hunter slowly covers. And pins Booker T!
Winner and STILL champ: HHH

Wrestlemania 20 will be in MSG

Hulk Hogan vs. Vince McMahon
Hogan takes down McMahon to start and pounds on his head. Hogan beats down McMahon in the corner. McMahon rebounds and kicks Hogan in the ribs. Vince rams his shoulder into Hogan’s ribs in the corner. Some back elbows as Vince controls in the corner. McMahon brings Hogan on the matt and works on his left arm. Test of strength and McMahon takes control. But the crowd starts to get behind Hogan and he is getting up! Its taking a long time. McMahon and Hogan brawl to the floor, and McMahon tosses Hogan into the ringpost. McMahon grabs a chair and goes to attack Hogan who ducks, and Hogan takes control. Rams Vince into the ringpost and then grabs the chair and whacks McMahon in the head. Brawling continues on the floor. Hogan going to town on Vince with the chair. McMahon near the Spanish Announcers, goes to hit Vince with a chair, but Vince moved and Hogan whacked the Spanish announcer!! McMahon has the chair and he whacks Hogan. McMahon grabs a ladder from under the ring. McMahon sets up the ladder, and continues to work over Hogan around the announce tables. McMahon bashes Hogan with a monitor. Chokes Hogan. McMahon climsb up the ladder and does some cups to his ears. Massive boos. Then McMahon does a legdrop onto Hogan (who was on the Spanish Announce table) through the table. Tazz says “Holy Shi”. McMahon scrapes up Hogan and brings him into the ring. McMahon covers but Hogan kicks out. McMahon goes to get a lead pipe. Comes back in and Hogan crotches him. Both are down, and down comes a random guy. Wait a minute, he takes off his weird outit and its…. RODDY PIPER! Out to a huge pop! He has the pipe, and motions that he will hit McMahon, but hits Hogan instead! HUGE boos. McMahon takes forever and goes to cover Hogan, but Hulk kicks out! The ref tends to McMahon, and Vince beats him up. McMahon has the pipe and signals for someone to come down. McMahon stalks Hogan around the ring. Another ref is here, it’s the French Canadian Ref, Sylvain Grannier. McMahon again hits Hogan with the pipe. McMahon hits a legdrop and Hogan kicks out and then comes ALIVE with the power of Hulkamania. Crowd is ELECTRIC for Hogan. Hogan does the finger wag. Hogan then attacks the evil ref and tosseshim. McMahon attacks from behind, but Hogan finger wags again. Big boot by Hogan. Big legdrop. Another and a third legdrop. Then he pins McMahon.
Winner: Hogan

After the match, Shane McMahon comes down in a suit. Shane and Hogan stare but Hogan leaves without incident. Shane checks on Vince.

The Rock vs. Steve Austin
They trade blows to start and Austin gets the better of it. Early stunner attempt, Rock floats off and goes to the floor. Austin follows and takes down Rock. Austin chops Rock and brings him near the announce tables. Austin sends Rock into the STEEEEEEL steps. Austin rolls Rock back in and Austin controls. Rock takes control on the floor and brings Austin back in. Rock pulls Austin around the ringpost. Rock climbs back in and goes to work on Austin, but Austin fights back. Rock kicks Austin in the legs and taunts the crowd. Rock twists Austin into the Sharpshooter. Ross puts over Bret Hart and WM13. Austin gets out, and Rock brings Austin again to the corner and around the steel ringpost. Rock puts on Austin’s vest! Both in, and up and a double clothesline. Both up, trading blows, and Lou Thesz Press by Austin. Austin them stomps a mudhole in Rock in the corner. Nip up and clothesline by Rock. Austin back up with Rock’s back turned, and Austin hits Rock bottom on The Rock! Covers for 2. Both up, Austin kicks wham, but Rock grabs him, taunts him, and hits a stunner on Austin! Rock does an arrogant cover leaning up against Austin. Both up again, back and forth ducking and posturing, Austin stunner and Rock sells HARD. But Austin covers and Rock kicks out! Rock hits a low blow. Rock stands over Austin and sets up for the People’s Elbow. Goes for it, but Austin dodges. Austin charges Rock and Rock hits a spinebuster and sheds Austin’s vest. Goes again for the People’s Elbow. Covers Austin and Austin kicks out!! The crowd is alive! Both stumble to their feet, and Rock hits Rock Bottom! AUSTIN KICKS OUT! Rock stands over Austin as Austin makes his way to his feet. Another Rock Bottom, Austin elbows out, but Rock hits another one and covers! AUSTIN KICKS OUT AGAIN! Crowd and Rock are shocked. Rock waits over Austin for a third Rock Bottom. Crowd is quietly waiting. Rock gets a dead-bodied Austin up and hits a THIRD Rock Bottom. Rock covers and pins Austin. Wow.
Winner: The Rock

Austin gets up and his music plays as he goes to the back.

WWE World Title
Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar
I’m glad they are putting this last. Cole’s voice is shot. Lockups and stuff start the match slowly and deliberately. Arm bar by Brock, and Angle reverses and gets one of his own. Some amateur stuff to begin, with switches and takedowns, holds and such. Both pacing around each other. Lesnar backs Angle into the corner and shoulderrams him. Whips to the opposite corner, Angle elbows, but Lesnar catches Angle with a powerslam out of the corner. Angle grabs a German suplex out of no where. Angle is the man. Lesnar pops right back up, and Angle flees to the floor for a breather. Walks around the ring, Lesnar follows, Angle back in and Lesnar follows and gets stomped. Back and forth, Lesnar catches Angle, military press slam. Tazz called Brock the Vanilla Gorilla. Is that a positive name? Moving to the floor, and Angle rams Brock into the safety barrier. Angle brings Brock back into the ring. Angle covers in the ring and Brock kicks out. Angle with a vertical suplex on Brock. Angle gets a submission on Brock, Tazz calls it a Bow and Arrow. They rest for a while in this position, and Angle switches it a bit into more of a rear chin lock. Brock onto his feet, Angle on Brock’s back with the chinlock/sleeper on. Brock backs into the corner, and Angle hangs on! Brock backs into the opposite corner and Angle drops off. Lesnar get some shots in, whips Angle across, who rebounds and hits a belly to belly suplex. Angle tosses Brock to the floor. Angle goes outside and gets Brock, brings him back in. Brock out of no where hits a spine buster! Ref counts both down. Both up, Brock hits some stuff clotheslines. Back him into the corner with shoulderblocks. Lesnar hits a belly to belly THROW across the ring. And another one. And Angle is a madman. Brock covers for 2. Brock goes for a third belly to belly, but Angle switches and hits a German. And hits two more. Wow. Angle goes for a FOURTH and releases it this time. Crowd is getting hotter. Angle Slam attempt, reversed into the F5, reversed into the Ankle Lock! Cool sequence. Brock gets the bottom ropes, and Angle pulls him off the ropes! Angle tries to twist out, but Angle grabs it again and has like a half crab/ankle lock. Angle releases the hold this time when Brock grabs the bottom rope. Angle charges Brock, who ducks and backdrops Angle to the floor. Back in, and they tangle, and Angle eventually hits a release German suplex where Brock flipped entirely over and lands on hits face. Angle Slam! Angle covers and Brock kicks out. Angle goes for another when Brock gets up, Brock rolls up Angle and gets 2. Lesnar gets up and hits F5! Lesnar slowly goes for the cover, but Angle JUST gets his shoulder up at 3. Wow! Both on the mat, Angle gets the Ankle Lock! Brock crawls for the ropes, but Angle pulls him back and then locks his legs with a grapevine. Lesnar then drags Angle to the bottom ropes to break the hold. Brock goes for F5, but Angle rolls him up and almost gets 3! Angle tries for the Angle Slam, Brock reverses to the F5 and hits it! Brock then doesn’t go for the cover. He sits in the corner and laughing. Brock grins, then goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope?! Could it be? Angle is so far away. Brock goes for the shooting star press, but misses by a lot, and rams his head into the side of Angle’s torso. Ouch. Angle covers, Brock kicks out. Brock hits a third F5 and gets the pin.
Winner and NEW champ: Brock


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