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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 2.07.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.07.2014

Welcome to 411's WWE Smackdown Report 2.07.14
  • Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring to kick off the show. Says that the crowd is great, and last week on Raw, the Authority said they may make him the new face of the WWE, if he could beat Randy Orton. He did that, but he doesn't want to be the true face of the WWE. The Authority showed their true colors when Kane came out and attacked him on Monday. After we get some footage, Bryan says he left Kane a lone when he sided with the Authority, but not now, not after he attacked him on Monday. He wants to know how Kane turned into a corporate sell out.

    Citizen Kane makes his way out to the top of the ramp and tries to talk with Bryan, who says he cannot hear Kane from way up there, and invites him to come to the ring. Kane says that will not be necessary, and is here on behalf of the Authority, to apologize for his actions on Monday. He is not supposed to put his hands on the talent, and adds that it is improper, unprofessional and not allowed as part of his new job. Bryan wants to know what the hell happened to the devil's favorite demon, the guy he was tag team champions with. That Kane helped him, mad him a better person, and became his friend. The Authority tried to change him as well, but he refused, and hoped Kane would do the same, instead he embraced it. Bryan then says take the cheap tie off, get the mask, put it on and get rid of Corporate Kane. Kane admits that they have history, and that is al it is, history. Kane says that he traded it all in for a corner office, and they are not friends. Kane says they never were friends, and a wise man said you could make friends or make money, and well, he is doing very well right now. Bryan says he is doing well, and that is because he has an entire arena full of friends. Bryan then challenges Kane to come down to the ring, and they can settle this like two guys that are not friends. Kane declines, and books Bryan against Antonio Cesaro, on behalf of the Authority. "Good luck… Daniel."

    Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler

    Rollins is on commentary. Kofi and Ambrose to begin. Lock up, counters and a side headlock takedown by Ambrose. Kofi to his feet, Ambrose works the arm, Kofi escapes, snap mare and a splash gets 2. Tag to Ziggler, off the ropes and a double team hip toss and a cover gets 2 for Ziggler. Off the ropes, reversal and a shoulder block by Ambrose. Ziggler fights back with rights, elbow drops follow and he covers for 2. To the corner they go, Reigns tags in and delivers clubbing blows to Ziggler. Reigns chokes out Ziggler in the ropes, works the arm, tag to Ambrose and after the quick elbow drop, Ambrose covers for 2. Ziggler battles back, gets a diving tag to Kofi, who cleans house. Clotheslines and dropkicks for all. Ambrose stun guns him off the ropes, tag to Reigns, who gets a charging dropkick on Kofi, who was hanging through the ropes. Back in and Reigns covers for 2. We head to a commercial…

    Back from commercial as Ambrose lays in the knees to Kofi. Northern lights suplex by Ambrose gets a cover for 2. Chinlock by Ambrose, Kofi elbows out, to the corner and rights by Ambrose. He sets Kofi up top, follows, Clubbing shots by Ambrose, looks for a suplex by Kofi fights back and knocks Ambrose to the mat. High cross off the top by Kofi, and BOTH men are down. They battle for position; sidekick by Kofi and Ambrose is down. Kofi crawls, tags to Ziggler and Reigns. Ziggler runs wild, corner punches on Reigns, neck breaker follows and goes for the fameasser. Reigns counters that into a slam, backs off, sets and looks to go for the spear and Ambrose looked to tag himself in. Kofi takes out Amborse, DDT by Ziggler on Reigns gets 2. Rollins distracts Kofi, allowing Ambrose to toss him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Reigns counters a Zigzag, and hits the Superman punch and then the spear. Reigns then tags Ambrose in and allows him to grab the victory

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns @ 11:00 via pin

  • The Wyatts appear on the screen, and Bray says that the Shield are bickering like children to see who has the sharpest teeth. The Shield may think that he is a joke, but if they could only see the monster behind his eyes, then they would realize how real he is. Harper says those that deny tem will be the first to burn.

  • Sheamus walks.

    Ryback w/Curtis Axel vs. Sheamus

    Ryback gets the jobber entrance, as he and Axel are already in the ring. Sheamus defeated Axel on Monday, which led to Ryback talking trash to him. Lock up to begin, they jockey for position, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Sheamus takes Ryback down. Off the ropes, Sheamus with the counter, then picks up Ryback and hits the Finlay roll. To the floor he goes and lays out Axel with the Brogue kick. Sheamus back to the apron Ryback tries to attack, but Sheamus stops that and gets the clubbing shots to the chest. Ryback fights back and pulls Sheamus back into the ring and hits a powerslam. Corner clothesline by Ryback, sends Sheamus to the corner, and he hits and drops to the mat. Slam by Ryback, off the ropes and a running splash by Ryback for 2. Ryback works the arm of Sheamus, Sheamus slowly works his way to his feet, elbows out, but Ryback slams Sheamus down. Ryback up top, MISSES the splash. Sheamus with the big babyface comeback, but misses the brogue kick as Ryback snags him up and connects with a powerbomb, that gets 2. Ryback sets and looks for the meat hook clothesline, instead he runs into the brogue kick and that is good enough for the pin.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus @ 6:00 via pin

  • Legends House promo.

  • Alberto Del Rio is interviewed by Renee Young. Del Rio claimed that Batista stole his thunder, and essentially said he would make Batista his bitch.

    Antonio Cesaro w/Colter and Swagger vs. Daniel Bryan

    Lock up to begin, Cesaro plays the power game, takes him to the corner, and lays in some chops. Bryan fires back with kicks and knees. Off the ropes, knee to the gut of Cesaro, and then tries to work the leg. Cesaro back with uppercuts, and takes Bryan down. Some more counters, Bryan battles back but as he looks for a guillotine, Cesaro slams him down and covers for 2. Chinlock by Cesaro, off the ropes and shoulder block by Cesaro. Off the ropes, counters, arm drag by Bryan and now locks in a short arm scissor. Nice change of pace there. Cesaro tries to roll Bryan for a pin, but then Cesaro Bob Backlund power lifts up Bryan and slams him down. Strikes by Cesaro in the corner, a suplex connects and a cover gets 2 for Cesaro. Bryan sent to the corner, back flips out, and hits the running dropkick to Cesaro. Shotgun dropkick in the corner, sets Cesaro up top, follows, RANA connects and Bryan covers for 2.Kicks by Bryan, but Cesaro sneaks a roll up for 2. Cesaro follows with a tilt a whirl back breaker and covers for another 2 as we head to commercial.

    Back from commercial as is in control, hitting a charging uppercut in the corner, and covers for 2. Cesaro works a cravat, Bryan escapes and fires back with rights, but Cesaro kicks him in the face, stopping that. Cesaro charges, but Bryan pulls down the ropes and Cesaro flies to the floor. Bryan to the apron, Cesaro moves and hits the running knee to Swagger. He tosses Cesaro back in, Bryan up top and leaps off into another uppercut and Cesaro covers for 2. Cesaro goes for the swing, Bryan escapes, small package by Bryan for 2. Cesaro then turns Bryan inside out with the clothesline. Goes for the neutralizer, but Bryan counters. Tilt a whirl and Bryan turns it into the YES Lock and Cesaro has to tap. Nice finish.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniel Bryan @ 12:00 via submission

  • Citizen Kane makes an appearance and slowly walks to the ring. Cesaro attacks, hits the neutralizer and that allows Kane to come into the ring and chokeslam his former tag team partner.

  • Renee Young interviewed Randy Orton. Orton says he has beaten Bryan several times, and says the loss on Raw was a fluke. He will beat Christian tonight. He will then beat Cena, Cesaro and Sheamus and then remain the champion and greatest star of this or any other generation.

  • Ernie Ladd Black History Month video package.

  • We get an Alexander Rusev promo.

    Non-Title Match: AJ Lee © w/Tamina vs. Nikki Bella w/Brie

    Lock up to begin and Nikki tosses AJ down. AJ charges her, tries a sunset flip, but Nikki picks her up and slams her down. To the corner, Nikki misses a charge and AJ works a sleeper. Nikki escapes by slamming AJ to the corner but AJ kicks her down and covers for 2. Nikki counters a neck breaker, lands an uppercut and then a clothesline and dropkick. She slams AJ down, off the ropes and a backdrop to AJ. Tamina distracts Nikki while Brie and Tamina brawl. AJ tosses Nikki into both, kicks the rope into her throat and locks in the black widow and Nikki taps.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AJ Lee @ 3:00 via submission

  • Renee Young catches up with Titus O'Neil backstage, Titus says Renee begged to interview him. He says he teamed with Young for two years and carried the team. He has dropped the dead weight and now the only weight he will carry around is the world title. Darren Young appeared, and they brawled until referees broke them up.

  • In set interview with the Rhodes Brothers. They are desperate now, Cody took a risk Monday that didn't; pay off, and tonight, Goldust takes the risk. They are desperate men doing desperate things.

    Goldust w/Cody Rhodes vs. Bray Wyatt w/Harper and Rowan

    And here we go. Lock up to begin and a toss by Goldust. Boot by Wyatt, to the corner and whips Goldust across the ring, Goldust side steps and Wyatt does his wacky upside down pose. Goldust backs off, and then they trade rights. Charging elbow by Wyatt off the ropes, and follows with rights as Goldust lays on the apron. Wyatt choke shim out a bit, and asks why Cody doesn't help him. Elbow drop by Wyatt and a cover gets 2. Nerve pinch by Wyatt, Goldust battles out, off the ropes and a boot by Wyatt. Goldust to the corner, back out with a back elbow to Wyatt, and both men are down. To their feet, rights by Goldust. Uppercut follows, and then to the corner and mounted rights by Goldust. Boot to Bray, off the ropes and a RANA by Goldust. Spinebuster by Goldust follows. Bray to the floor and Goldust cannonballs off the apron and wipes him out. Harper and Rowan attack Cody, Goldust distracted and that allows Wyatt to attack. Sister Abigail connects and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bray Wyatt @ 4:00 via pin

  • Cody in after the match and covers up Goldust. The Shield appears on the tron and Ambrose says the Wyatts are cute, but they need to watch what they say. They are talking to the hounds. They have a lot of pride, because they are the best in this industry. They will own them when they get into the chamber. Rollins will scrape the beards off their faces, because they were cost their chance in the chamber. Reigns says one of them would have won the title, but now, the Wyatts pay. Believe in the Shield.

    Non-Title Match: Randy Orton © vs. Christian

    Lock up to begin, they stalemate, so they lock up again. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Orton. Off the ropes again, leapfrog by Christian and then a clothesline connects. Rights by Orton, elbows drops as well. Clubbing shots to the chest by Orton, but Christian pulls him to the floor. Baseball slide dropkick by Christian follows. Slingshot plancha to the floor by Christian misses, and he crashes and burns. Orton tosses Christian back in, Christian with an elbow and then backdrops Orton to the floor. Christian up top and flies to the floor with a cross body to wipe out Orton We head to a commercial…

    Back from commercial as Christian sends Orton to the corner. Christian slides to the floor and tries to slam the knee of Orton off the post, but Orton pulls him into the post, which had to suck. Orton then hits a backdrop suplex onto the barricade, tosses Christian back in and covers for 2. Orton works over Christian in the corner, whips him to the corner, and Christian is down. Orton poses, because he's proud of himself, and as Christian tries to fight back, he eats a dropkick and Orton covers for 2. Orton works the chinlock, Christian tries to fight out, and does with a belly to back suplex. BOTH men re down, work to their feet, and they trade rights. Christian fires up, to the corner, mounted shots by Christian. To the other corner, and a clothesline by Orton. Christian on the apron, snaps Orton's neck off the top rope and climbs up top, and connects with a cross body for 2. Christian back up to the second rope and connects with the uppercut. Christian tries to get the crowd behind him, sets, but Orton gets the snap slam and covers for 2. Orton sends Christian to the corner post shoulder first, and then looks for the hangman's DDT, but Christian escapes, uppercut follows and now Christian heads back up top. MISSES the frog splash, Orton then gets the hangman's DDT and calls for the end. RKO countered into a backslide for a close 2. Christian with the kick, slingshots out of the corner RIGHT into the RKO, and that is all. They've done that finish before, but they do it well, so I don't mind.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Randy Orton @ 12:00 via pin

  • Orton stands tall.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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