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411's ROH TV Report 2.15.14
Posted by Bob Colling on 02.20.2014

Kevin Kelly recently sat down with the 2014 Top Prospect winner Hanson for an interview. You can check out the interview HERE

Ring of Honor returns to internet pay per view with the 12th Anniversary Show on 2/21. The card for the event will be posted at the bottom of the report to avoid spoilers for some fans.


Ring of Honor TV
From: Pittsburgh, PA

Maria cuts a promo saying that she thinks the wrong women have power in wrestling. She's not afraid of taking anything. She taught Bennett his new finishing move. He is going to take all the power that he wants.

Opening Contest: The Romantic Touch vs. Michael Bennett:
Touch kisses Bennett's hand on the handshake and takes Bennett to the canvas briefly. Bennett hammers away on Touch after a Thez Press. Touch monkey flips Bennett out of the corner for a two count. Touch slides to the floor to trip Bennett and stalks towards Maria. Eventually, Bennett nails Touch with a clothesline on the floor. Touch is sent into the guard railing as we go to commercial.

Bennett misses a splash in the corner and is stuck on the middle turnbuckle. Touch rams Michael face first into the top turnbuckle. Touch continues with a backdrop and gets the crowd behind him. Touch gets a near fall after a springboard back elbow. Maria steps infront of Bennett to prevent a dive. Touch is about to kiss Maria but Bennett hits a superkick! Bennett nearly wins with a running TKO. Touch counters a side slam and hits a dropkick for a two count as Maria got on the apron.

Maris with a seductive dance and Touch gets a box he brought to the ring. Maria opens the box full of choclates. She throws them in Touch's face and Bennett gets the win with the Anaconda Vice.

Your Winner: Michael Bennett @6:39
A boring match between these two. I'm not overly into the whole Romantic Touch character and personally Veda Scott annoys me. Their angle is not a bright spot on the show for me. *

After the match, Veda Scott is bad mouthing Touch until she is scooped up. She breaks free and runs away from Touch.

We hear from the Briscoe Brothers. Mark reminds Jay that there is more than just Matt Hardy in the match. They are gonna whoop everyone's ass tonight!

Bobby Cruise announces that if anyone defeats ROH World Champion Adam Cole by pin fall or submission, they will get a ROH World Championship shot in the future.

Main Event: ROH World Champion Adam Cole & Matt Hardy vs. Michael Elgin & Chris Hero vs. The Briscoe Brothers:
This is an elimination match. Jay and Elgin start off the contest. Neither man is able to get a clear cut advantage in the opening moments. Cole and Hardy avoid being tagged into the bout by going to the floor. Mark tags in and trades blows with Elgin. Hero tags in to get some of Mark. Hero tries to tag in Cole but again he bails to the floor. Hero big boots Mark as he attempted a leapfrog. Elgin tags back in to continue the advantage on Mark. We go to commercial.

In two weeks, AJ Styles will wrestle Jay Lethal on ROH TV!

This is a rather slow match to start, which is kind of expected as the show had more than a half hour left to it when the match started. Cole and Hardy are trapped on the floor by Elgin and Jay, but Cole rolls into the ring. Looks like Hardy is in the ring and gets kicked by Hero. Hardy is now the legal man, I guess, and Hero delivers a big boot in the corner. Elgin goes for a delayed vertical suplex, and hits it despite Cole's attempts to break the move up, twice.

Mark tags in and hammers away on Hardy until Jay chokes Hardy over the middle rope. Hardy is now worked over by the Briscoe Brothers. Cole legally tags in as Mark is driven into the corner. Mark strikes the champ and Elgin tags in when Mark was shoved to a corner. Elgin pummels Cole in the corner with stomps. Elgin gets a near fall after a back suplex on Cole. Jay tags in to hammer away on the champ. Hardy clubs Jay from the apron to allow Cole to drop Jay neck first across his knee for a two count.

Hardy enters to beat down Jay in the corner. Jay is scoop slammed by Cole and Hardy delivers a leg drop for a near fall. Hardy comes off the middle rope to deliver an elbow strike to knock Jay back down to the mat. Cole does the same move. Jay fights out of the corner and tags in Mark. Mark enters and delivers several strikes to clean house. Hardy is sent to the floor by Mark, who strikes Cole some more.

Hero tags in as Mark was sent into a corner. Mark runs off the apron to elbow drop Hardy on the floor as we go to commercial.

Elgin big boots Mark but is met with a rolling fireman's carry. Elgin sends Mark into Jay to crotch Jay on the top. Elgin has both men and hits a double fall away slam! Cole tags himself in and goes to pin Mark but only gets a two count. Briscoe Brothers hit a powerbomb/neck breaker combo on Cole for a near fall.

Hardy tried for the Twist of Fate on Jay, but Jay hits a neck breaker instead. Mark comes off the top to his a frog splash elbow drop for a near fall. Hero is sent to the floor as we see Cole superkick Mark and Hardy hit the Twist of Fate to eliminate the Briscoe Brothers at 18:09.

Jay attacks Cole with right hands on the floor before leaving the ringside area. Hero nearly rolls Hardy up for a win. Hero comes off the middle rope to hit the Hero's Welcome for a near fall. Hardy plants Hero with a Side Effect for a two count. Elgin tags himself in and goes after Cole, but is sent into the corner. Elgin slams Cole in the corner but Cole knees his way out of a suplex.

Elgin nails Cole with a discus clothesline but only gets a near fall. Elgin kicks Hardy off the apron and is kicked by Cole moments later. Elgin rolls through a Canadian Destroyer attempt but Hardy enters to clothesline Elgin to the floor. Hero tags in and nearly pins Cole with a jumping kick to the face!

Hero has Cole all by himself in the ring. Cole fakes a superkick to kick Hero in the knee. Hero has Cole on his shoulders and delivers a discus forearm to the back of Cole's head to win the match.

Your Winners: Chris Hero & Michael Elgin @24:05; as a result Chris Hero earns a ROH World Championship match.
I don't know why, but I was really disappointed by this match. It started off slow and it really came across to me that the fans weren't overly into the match. Perhaps there were too many guys involved, but it just didn't click for me. Mark Briscoe is hilarious, but his Kung Fu strikes are absurd and effectively took me out of the match when he was doing them. There is a time and a place for the comedy spots, and in this match, which felt like a big deal, should have been kept out of it. I liked that we go clean finishes and Cole/Hero will be a big main event and an enormous title defense for Cole. **1/2.

After the match, Chris Hero knocks Cole out again with a discus forearm shot with his golden elbow pad on. Elgin has a stare down with Hero and they shake hands.

Final Thoughts:
A really average episode this week for ROH, despite the strong (on paper) main event. ROH TV show is probably the quickest hour of wrestling I'll ever sit through as there is far more wrestling than there is talking. So, even with an average episode, as a wresting fan, I was left satisfied.

Next week:
Kevin Steen squares off against ROH World Tag Team Champion Kyle O'Reilly.

ROH 12th Anniversary Show Card:
ROH World Champion Adam Cole defends against Chris Hero
First Time Ever... In ROH: Jay Lethal vs. AJ Styles
Grudge Match: Matt Hardy vs. Michael Elgin
UNSANCTIONED STREET FIGHT Kevin Steen vs. Cliff Compton
ROH World Tag Team Champions reDRagon vs. ACH & Tadarius Thomas
ROH World TV Champion Tommaso Ciampa vs. Hanson
Silas Young vs. Matt Taven
The Decade vs. Mark Briscoe, Adam Page & Cedric Alexander

It would appear that the Styles/Lethal match will be aired in two weeks from this event.

See you next week!


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