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411ís WWE Smackdown Report 2.21.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.21.2014

Welcome to 411's WWE Smackdown Report 2.21.14
  • Match times are not exact.

  • Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring as we see footage of his matches from Raw, and the attack by Kane that inured his shoulder. Bryan's left arm and shoulder are wrapped up.

    Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger w/Colter and Cesaro

    Bryan tries to keep his left side away from Swagger, lock up, a break and kicks by Bryan. Drop toehold into the side headlock follows for Bryan. Swagger to his feet, off the ropes and a knee to the gut by Bryan. Leg kicks by Bryan, works over Swagger in the corner, Irish whip, counter and a charging clothesline by Bryan. Shotgun dropkick by Bryan, and another connects. Looks for a third but Swagger rolls to the floor. Dropkick through the ropes by Bryan, dives off the apron but Swagger catches him and slams him onto the barricade shoulder first. Swagger slams him to the barricade again, and then press slams him into the steel post, shoulder first, which had to suck. Back into the ring and Swagger covers for 2. Hammerlock by Swagger, into a knuckle lock; single arm lift and drop follows. To the corner, Swagger wraps the arm in the ropes and then delivers knees to the shoulder. Hammerlock belly-to-belly by Swagger, and then another and a cover for 2 by Swagger. To the corner, Bryan set up top and Swagger follows. Bryan fights him off, slips out and then hits the charging knee and that will be all!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniel Bryan @ 5:00 via pin

  • Vickie Guerrero is out with Kane, and informs Bryan he won another match tonight, against Cesaro!

    Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro w/Colter and Swagger

    Cesaro attacks at the bell and delivers knees to Bryan in the corner, and then lays the boots to him. Cesaro continues his attack, more boots to Bryan, and then chokes him out. Cesaro then slams the arm of Bryan off of the steel post, and then focuses on the arm with his attacks. Cesaro wraps the arm in the ropes, grinds on it a bit and releases, and then stands on Bryan's shoulder. Modified top wristlock by Cesaro, Bryan escapes and drop toeholds Cesaro to the corner. Kicks by Bryan, sets Cesaro up top but Cesaro gets a knee to the shoulder and drives Bryan down to the mat, and covers for 2. Hammerlock slam by Cesaro, and then the double stomp to the arm gets a cover for 2. Cesaro again slams the arm to the mat repeatedly, continuing the work on the injured arm. To the corner, forearm shot by Cesaro, off the ropes, caught and a shoulder breaker by Cesaro gets 2. Uppercuts by Cesaro follows, charges and gets low bridged to the floor. Bryan then hits the suicide dive! Rolls Cesaro back in and as he goes to get in Colter distracts him allowing Cesaro to kick him in the shoulder and send him to the floor. Swagger has a chair, but the ref sees it and sends Swagger to the back. Colter gets sent to the back as well.

    ~commercial time~

    Back from commercial as Cesaro works the arm. Bryan to his feet, but Cesaro maintains control. Kane is at ringside to watch the match now. On the App, Swagger and Langston brawled backstage. Cesaro and Bryan up top now, Bryan fights off Cesaro with rights and knocks him to the mat. Missile dropkick connects! Bryan fires up, and lays in the kicks to Cesaro. But Cesaro counters, and GIANT SWING TIME. Bryan rolls to the floor after the swing to recover. Cesaro follows, rolls Bryan back in and Bryan gets a small package for 2. Toss up uppercut by Cesaro gets a close 2. Cesaro to his feet, sets and charges and gets an uppercut in the corner. Rights and lefts by Cesaro, charge sin again and Bryan connects with the charging knee! Kane is in now, and chokeslams him for the DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniel Bryan @ 13:00 via DQ

  • Kane announced Bryan as the winner. Cesaro then returned to the ring hit the neutralizer.

  • Renee Young interviews Christian, asking about the new and aggressive attitude he has. Christian stated that when he got back from injury, he became a desperate man and understands that his window of opportunity to become champion is closing. He had to figure this all out before the Chamber on Sunday. Christian stated that the fans aren't winning the title for him, and that he will have to do it himself, because he will become champion if it is the last thing he does in WWE.

  • The Bella Twins show us how to use the WWE Network.

  • Cole and JBL hype the Network and discuss the Wyatt Family vs. Shield feud.

  • The Wyatt Family makes their way to the ring. He says the Shield will fall like dominoes, and will be on their knees, looking up to the eater of the worlds. Follow the buzzards.

    The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper) vs. Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust

    Back from commercial and no entrance for the faces. Rey and Harper to begin, and Harper quickly over powers Rey. Off the ropes, blind tag by Rey to Cody and he gets control for a moment, until Harper levels him with an uppercut. Rebound clothesline by Cody gets 2. Harper back with rights and boots to Cody, tags in Rowan and lays the boots to Cody in the corner. Clubbing shots across the back of Cody, and a slam is countered, basement dropkick to Rowan. Tag to Goldust, rights to Rowan. To the corner, more rights by Goldust. Knee by Rowan, misses a charge, but catches Goldust and hits a sack of shit slam. Tag to Bray, whips Goldust to his corner and then hits a clothesline.

    ~commercial time~

    Harper with the gator roll on Goldust, but Goldust fights back and gets the hot tag to Rey. He runs wild for a moment, but gets cut off by a big boot, allowing Harper to cover for 2. Tag to Rowan, and a bear hug is applied to continue the attack on Rey. Sidewalk slam follows and a cover gets 2. Rey looks to tag in Goldust, but is stopped by Rowan. Corner splash to Rey, and a tag to Harper. Uppercuts follow, and he beats down Rey in the corner. A suplex follows, and a tag to Bray. Whip to the corner, huge corner splash to Rey. Another try misses as Rey trips him up. Rowan tags in and misses a corner splash. Tag to Goldust. Rights follow, atomic drop as well. Spinebuster follows, and then a right to Harper. Knee by Rowan, but Goldust fights back and gets a bog cross body off the ropes. Bray in and gets tossed. Boot and uppercut by Goldust. Rey in and hits a 619 into a snap slam by Goldust for 2 as Harper makes the save. It breaks down, Harper stops a RANA on the floor and swings Rey into the barricade. Cody with the run up the ropes to the floor dive. Goldust in, bulldog to Rowan. Looks for shattered dreams, but Bray had blind tagged in. Bray sneaks in and levels Goldust with the back elbow. Sister Abigail connects and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Wyatt Family @ 13:00 via pin

  • Cody did not look pleased with this outcome.

  • We see highlights of last week's show, where Sheamus accidentally brogue kicked Christian. Sheamus said he is partly responsible for Christian's new attitude, and is looking forward to a scrap tonight. Last week was an accident, but this week won't be.

  • We have a dance off next.

  • Santino & Emma come to the ring, as well as Fandango and Summer. Dance off time. Summer goes first and looks good. Emma goes next, she's Emma and it was what it was. Summer claimed she wasn't ready and goes again, and does well again. Emma then went again, her music played, she did her dance, and it was what it was. The fans sided with Emma, which pissed off Summer. The ladies went face to face, and Emma tossed Summer to the floor. Fandango attacked Santino, and then tried to use his moves to impress Emma. Emma shoves him and he falls out of the ring after a dropkick. Santino and Emma celebrated. Emma wanted to play with Santino's cobra. Yup.

  • We get the Back History month video package for Ron Simons.

  • We get an Alexander Rusev promo. Lana was with hi as usual.

    Titus O'Neil vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Darren Young is on commentary. No entrance for Ziggler. O'Neil controls early with the back breaker and then tossing Ziggler aside with ease. Some trash talk to Young follows, and then back to the attack on Ziggler. To the corner, rights by O'Neil follow as O'Neil says he is the next world champ. O'Neil lays the boots to Ziggler, and then works a sleeper until Ziggler hits a jawbreaker. Ziggler uses his speed, hits a cross body and rights. Corner mounted punches by Ziggler, and the neck breaker follows. O'Neil fires back with the bog boot and drops Ziggler. Young got O'Neil's whistle, and distracted him with it, allowing Ziggler to get a roll up and the win.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Dolph Ziggler @ 2:30 via pin

  • Young continued to blow the whistle and celebrate on his way up the ramp. O'Neil was pissed about the loss.

    Road Dogg w/Billy Gunn vs. Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso

    Lock up to begin, to the corner and a clean break until Gunn distracts Uso, allowing Road Dogg to hit a few cheap shots. Off the ropes, hip toss countered by Road Dogg and then a boot to the face of Uso and a cover gets 2. Road Dogg talks trash as he works a Chinlock, kick to the back follows for Road Dogg. Boot to the gut, to the corner and a slap by Road Dogg. Snap mare follows and then a cover gets 2 for Road Dogg. Uso escapes and then hits a Samoan drop to turn the tide. Sidekick by Uso, off the ropes, jabs by Road Dogg. He dances a bit, but Uso with the full nelson bomb. Road Dogg into the corner, Samoan clambake stopped as Road Dogg rolls to the floor. Cheap shot from the floor by Road Dogg, and he looks to finish things with the pump handle slam, but Uso slides out and hits a superkick for the victory.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jimmy Uso @ 3:00 via pin

  • We got a replay as the Usos danced.

  • We get a video package for the Elimination Chamber match.

    Christian vs. Sheamus

    And here we go with out main event of the evening. Lock up to begin, to the corner and the ref breaks them. They circle, lock up and to the corner again. Sheamus breaks and wants to see Christian's aggressive side. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Sheamus takes Christian down. Lock up into a go behind by Christian. Sheamus escapes, off the ropes and another shoulder block. Christian to the apron, and slowly back into the ring. Lock up again, and then a slap by Christian. Another and a third, and Sheamus smiles and starts CLUBBERIN on Christian! To the corner, rights by Sheamus. Picks up Christian for a slam, escape by Christian and low bridges Sheamus, sending him to the floor. Christian misses a baseball slide dropkick, to the floor, counters and Sheamus ends up hitting the Finlay roll on the floor onto Sheamus.

    ~commercial time~

    Back from commercial as Sheamus is in control with a knee to the back and a modified half nelson. Christian to his feet, rights to Sheamus, and then slaps follow. Off the ropes, counter and a trip into the ropes by Christian. To the floor, Sheamus blocks the right and picks up Christian to the apron and looks for the clubbing shots. Christian escapes to the floor, and Sheamus spears him into the barricade. Sheamus then charges, but gets backdropped over the barricade. Christina peels away some of the padding and then used the exposed metal to work over the surgically repaired shoulder of Sheamus. Back in the ring, Christian to the second rope and hits a dropkick onto Sheamus and covers for 2. Christian works the left shoulder of Sheamus, and is in control. To the corner, Christian wraps the arm in the ropes and pummels the shoulder with punches. Christian cuts off Sheamus, and continues to work over the left arm and shoulder. Sheamus works to get back to his feet, but that is stopped as Christian works the arm. Head butts to the shoulder by Christian and a cover gets 2. Standing arm bar by Christian, but Sheamus fires back with rights. Off the ropes, Christian tries a killswitch, countered and uppercuts by Sheamus connect. They trade shots mid-ring, Christian with the advantage, heads up top but Sheamus catches him and tosses him to the mat. Sheamus in the corner, looking to fire himself up. Christian to his feet, and a double axe smash by Sheamus. Another, and then tosses Christian to the corner. Running knee connects, tilt a whirl slam follows and that gets Sheamus 2. Christian kicks Sheamus in the face, and hits a tornado divorce court and covers for 2. Rights by Christian, but Sheamus fights back and gets the clubbing shots to the chest along the ropes. Picks up Christian, he fights and then slams Sheamus to the steel post, and rolls him up for 2. Christian to the second rope, grabs Sheamus, but Sheamus stops the DDT and hits the Irish curse back breaker. Hits a second and both men are down. Sheamus is up and sets in the corner, pounds his chest, but Christian then rolls to the floor. Sheamus chases, avoids a spear, knee to Christian. Sheamus up top, but Christian pulls him off to the mat. Uppercut off the ropes by Christian and tries for the killswitch, but a counter by Sheamus and white noise connects and that is all!

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus @ 16:00 via pin

  • Sheamus celebrates his victory, but then Christian attacks and knocks him off the turnbuckles to the floor.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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