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411s WWE Smackdown Report 2.28.14
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.28.2014

Welcome to 411's WWE Smackdown Report 2.28.14
  • Match times are not exact.

  • Batista makes his way out to the ring to tell the WWE Universe what he thinks of them. It's the Animal Unchained. We see clips from Monday, where Orton distracted Batista and Del Rio scored the win over the top contender. Batista says that he will start by stating that he loves the business and this company. He also says that he did not come back to be liked. He didn't come back to please all of the fans, he only came back to be the world champion. You don't have to support him, but you have to accept it. He can destroy anyone put in front of him, fact. He is the best representative of the company, better than Hogan and the Rock. He wants to know what happened to the business, to all the men and to the attitude. This place is full of 195 pound wanna bes, and you chant yes, yes, yes, but they will never be him and that is the truth so deal with it. Do you think that your heroes are as good as him? He takes off his shirt and says everything about him screams WWE champion. He gets it, he can sympathize, they look at the heroes and think they look like them and if they can be champion, so can they. So go back to hot topic and get out of his world. He will systematically destroy all of their heroes on his way to Mania to become the WWE Champion.

    He poses for the crowd, and Dolph Ziggler makes his way out. Ziggler says that he knows Dave has been away for a long time, but you do not tell the people who to cheer for or to support, they do what they want. Ziggler calls him a dinosaur. And sooner or later, they become extinct. Your looking for the real men, well there is one right here jack. Ziggler wants a match with him tonight. Batista laughs that off, and grabs the mic and says he got it. Ziggler then dropkicks him and bails. Batista is pissed.

  • The sound levels are all over the place, which is very annoying.

  • Ziggler vs. Batista is set for later tonight.

    The Real Americans (Swagger and Cesaro) w/Colter vs. Big E and Mark Henry

    Big E and Swagger to begin. Lock up, to the ropes and they battle around for a bit and to the corner. Big E then hits an overhead belly to belly, corner shoulder block to Swagger and a tag to Henry. Corner splash by Big E, head butt by Henry. A whip to the corner, boot by Swagger, but then runs into a powerslam. Back to his corner, tag to Big E, who hits the repeated side back breakers and covers for 1. Knee by Swagger, tag to Cesaro, but Big E with après slam, Cesaro escapes, and hits a boot to Big E. Slams him to the post and then hits the dead lift superplex, but Swagger had blind tagged in. Cesaro was going for the cover, and is not happy. Swagger beats down Big E, Swagger bomb gets 2. Rights by Swagger, tag to Cesaro and Swagger tosses him into Big E, and a clothesline follows, cover for 2. Big E fights back, backdrop to Cesaro and tags in Henry. Swagger in as well, clotheslines by Henry and then the running powerslam. World's strongest slam try, but Cesaro kicks Henry in the face. Big E takes Cesaro to the floor, but gets tossed into the corner. Chop block by Swagger, ankle lock by Swagger, and Cesaro blind tags in. Cesaro hits the neutralizer and that is all.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: The Real Americans @ 6:00 via pin

  • Del Rio is backstage meeting with Vickie. He discusses beating Batista, and she reminds him that Batista won at the PPV. He wanted the rubber match, but will not take the night off. Sheamus arrives and is looking for a fight, and figures he and "Bertie" can have another go at it tonight. That match, is next.

    Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

    Lock up to begin, to the corner they go and Del Rio with a cheap shot on the break. Sheamus catches his leg and then tosses Del Rio to the floor. Sheamus with the shoulder block off the apron to Del Rio, and then slams him to the announcer's table. Back into the ring, knee drops by Sheamus, and then uppercuts follow. Off the ropes and Del Rio sends Sheamus to the apron. Sheamus fires back, looks for the clubbing shots to the chest, but Del Rio stun guns him and then dropkicks him to the floor. Christian's music hits and he makes his way out to observe things.

    Commercial Time

    Back from commercial as Del Rio is in control and Christian has joined commentary. Del Rio up top, Sheamus stops that and looks for an electric chair drop and gets it. BOTH men are down, they slowly get to their feet and Sheamus back with shoulder blocks. A slam follows and covers for 2. Sheamus misses a clothesline and brogue kick, back stabber by Del Rio gets 2. Del Rio misses a superkick, and Sheamus gets the clubbing shots to the chest. Sheamus picks up Del Rio, who then escapes and slams Sheamus to the corner. Superkick to the ribs by Del Rio, and then the superkick to the face and a cover gets 2. Del Rio is pissed he didn't get the win there, and sets again. Del Rio misses the corner enziguri and Sheamus locks in the cloverleaf. Christian in and stops that for the DQ.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus @ 10:00 via DQ

  • Sheamus tosses Christian, Del Rio attacks the ribs and then looks for the arm bar. Countered, and a brogue kick to Del Rio. Christian sneaks back in and lays out Sheamus with the killswitch.

  • Highlights from Raw, featuring Daniel Bryan.

  • We relive Hulk Hogan's return to WWE from Monday's Raw. Dude, brother, Jack. We also see his appearance on the Today Show.

  • Lana appears and asks us to rise for the super awesome, super athletic, Alexander Rusev. He stands on a little podium and reminds us that he is awesome, super athletic.

  • Highlights of the drama within the Shield from Raw as well as the Reigns vs. Wyatt match.

  • The Shield is backstage, and Reigns asks Ambrose if he is with them or is he going rogue again. Reigns say they lost 2 times in 18 months, and then two times in a week. They bicker and Rollins calms the waters, and says Wyatt has moved on, or thinks he has. They need to show the Wyatts that it is not that easy to get rid of the Shield. Reigns says it is time to hunt some Wyatts.

    Batista vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Ziggler attacks at the bell and Batista has to retreat to the floor. Batista back in, rights by Ziggler and a dropkick follows. Batista bails to the floor again. Batista then pulls Ziggler to the floor and slams him to the barricade. He then slams Ziggler back first to the apron. Ziggler escapes a slam try and slams Batista into the steel post. Batista fires back and nails the knee of Ziggler. He grabs the leg and wraps it around the steel post. Batista back in control and hits a suplex on Ziggler and covers for 2. To the corner and Ziggler hits hard and drops to the mat. Batista wraps the leg in the ropes and continues the work on the knee of Ziggler. Shoulder blocks by Batista in the corner, but Ziggler moves and Batista misses and slams into the steel post. Ziggler tries for the mounted rights, gets tossed to the mat, but he is back up and gets some punches. Batista looks for a powerbomb, Ziggler escapes and slips the knee and then stomps away on it. The fameasser by Ziggler gets 2. Ziggler looks for the sleeper, Batista has the ropes and escapes. Spinebuster by Batista. Another spinebuster connects. A third spinebuster by Batista. Shake them ropes. Thumbs down. Dave bomb. Finish.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Batista @ 6:00 via pin

  • Highlights from Raw, featuring the Cena vs. Wyatts confrontation.

  • The Wyatts make their way out to the ring, and according to Cole, they have a message for John Cena. Bray says everything you think you know is all based upon lies. Men wake up and go to work, break you backs all in order to earn some cash. Why? In order to buy suits and spots cars to impress the women. Ladies, you wake up and look at yourselves in the mirror and coat makeup on your faces. You're wearing a mask that society makes you feel you need. It is all a pit of lies. They plaster your hopes and dreams on billboards, and who is on that billboard? The man behind the plastic smile, who tells you what you need to hear, and who plays the hero. What a wonderful world indeed. And society vilifies him, because he does what he does and says wheat he says even though they do not want him to. He will slay this dragon, and stand over his body and whisper "John Cena, it's time to end this lie". Follow the buzzards.

    The Shield's music hits and shit just got real. They hit the apron and stare down with the Wyatts, and then Triple H's music hits. He says that is enough because this will not happen now, because he has too much time and money in all six of them for this to happen tonight, at least without some promotion. On Monday the war can resume in a rematch from the Elimination Chamber PPV. Shield, stand down. The Wyatts exit the ring, and Bray says, "you heard your daddy". Reigns enters the ring and so does the rest of the Shield. Reigns and Bray go face to face as Rollins and Ambrose dive out onto Harper and Rowan. They return to the ring and Bray wisely backs off.

  • Highlights of AJ vs. Cameron from Elimination Chamber.

  • We get a Total Divas video package on Cameron.

    Divas Title Match: AJ Lee w/Tamina vs. Cameron

    AJ attacks right at the bell and just beats the shit out of Cameron. To the corner, and AJ with a clothesline taking Cameron down and AJ covers for 2. Cameron fights out of a side headlock, clotheslines follow. A bulldog connects and a cover for 2 by Cameron. To the corner, Tamina shoves AJ out of the corner and Cameron crashes into the buckles. Tamina gets tossed by the ref, and AJ is not happy. Cross body by Cameron off the second rope for 2. Kick by AJ to the gut, one to the head follows and she locks in the black widow and Cameron taps.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: AJ Lee @ 3:00 via submission

  • We get clips of Lesnar vs. Taker being set up on Raw.

  • Lesnar and Heyman respond to the Undertaker on Raw.

    Daniel Bryan and The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) vs. Kane and The New Age Outlaws (Gunn and Dogg)

    Bryan and Gunn to start out main event. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Gunn. Bryan fires back with kicks in the corner, tags Jey in and a double axe handle off the ropes. Gunn is able to rush him to the corner, tags in Kane, who slams Jey to the corner. Uppercut by Kane, and a tag to Dogg. Jabs by Dogg, he dances and misses a clothesline. Jey battles back and hits a clothesline. Tag to Jimmy, off the ropes and a double back elbow and elbow drops and a cover gets 2. Dogg bails as Jimmy tried for a superkick and Gunn follows him to the floor, Kane as well as they have a little conference.

    Commercial Time

    Back from commercial as Jimmy is working over Gunn. Off the ropes, Jimmy to the floor and pulls Dogg out and avoids Kane's attack. Gunn is able to get a tilt a whirl slam and a cover for 2. Tag to Kane, kick to the face of the downed Jimmy, and then slams him to the corner. A clothesline follows, another and Kane slams Jimmy to the mat and covers for 2. Rights by Kane in the corner, tag to Dogg and he lays the boots to Jimmy and Dogg covers for 2. Dogg chokes out Jimmy, and does the Fargo strut. Jimmy back with rights, hits an enziguri and BOTH men are down. HOT TAG TO DANIEL BRYAN... PEOPLE GONNA DIE! Dropkick to Kane, rights to Gunn and then kicks follow. Counters by Bryan and then the clothesline follows. Kicks to Gunn, tosses Dogg to the floor and hits a dropkick on Gunn who falls to the floor. Kane cuts off the suicide dive, but the Usos are in and double superkick Kane to the floor. Dives by the Usos onto Dogg and Kane. Gunn in with the fameasser on Bryan, but it only gets 2. Gunn argues with the ref, Bryan fights back and hits the running knee strike and that is all for Mr. Ass.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniel Bryan and The Usos @ 10:00 via pin

  • Bryan and the Usos celebrate.

  • End scene.

  • Thanks for reading.

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